How to Backup YouTube Channel

How to Backup YouTube Channel
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    today I want to go ahead and show you how to back up your YouTube channel this
    is extremely important thing to do in case anything ever happens down the road
    to so many hacks your channel and wipes everything out so what you want to do is
    go up to the top and we're gonna go ahead and log into WWE slash
    settings / takeout ok next thing you want to do is make sure on the upper
    right hand corner that you are logged into the account you want to backup so
    let me just go ahead and click on and if you're logged into multiple YouTube
    accounts they'll probably show right away if not just go ahead and click add
    account and log into it so let me go ahead and click on the one I want to
    backup now the next thing I want to do is come over here to where it says
    select none so let's click that and I'm gonna come all the way down to the
    bottom to where it says YouTube and let's go ahead and highlight that one
    that's it next now you do have an option of zip format or dot tgz but I would
    definitely keep yours in zip you do have the option of the gigabytes for the
    files so if your YouTube channels more than two gigabytes it's going to send
    you multiple files to download which is a better way to go because what I want
    to do is download these files into my computer and then I'm going to do is
    drag these files into an external hard drive and you can also upload these to a
    cloud service too and then you have a choice right here for delivery methods
    you can do send download link to via email here's where you can add to a
    drive add to Dropbox or add to onedrive so as of right now I'm just gonna do the
    link and I'm gonna hit create archive ok now you should see the archives starting
    to be uploaded so this will take a few minutes to do depending on the size of
    your account so we'll come back here and just a minute let's see what it looks
    like once it's completed okay once the archive has been created it should look
    like this right here and you can see on this channel I got over
    forty nine point seven eight gigabytes so this is gonna be a really large file
    so what I wanted to do now is go ahead and hit show exports so let's go ahead
    and click on that now I want to do is go ahead and download these so what they
    did is they broke them up into about two gigabyte files which is good and make it
    better for keeping your computer from crashing or going up into the cloud so
    what I'm going to do is just go ahead and click download and it's gonna want
    to verify that this is you so you're going to hit next okay it should jump
    you back to this screen if once again and you will probably see a file being
    downloaded into computer I'm currently using a Macintosh but if you have a
    Windows computer it might show just a little bit different on your downloads
    so what I'm going to do is hit show exports again and you can see downloaded
    checkmark so what I can actually do is just go ahead and start clicking on each
    one of these and each one I click on is actually gonna automatically go into my
    download folder so it's kind of a quick way of getting them in there and I'm
    just gonna click on just a handful of these and I'll show you what to do next
    and once these files get downloaded into my computer okay once the folders have
    been downloaded they look like this so I just downloaded four out of the
    several and they do take awhile depending on your internet speed
    now the next thing I did is I have a external hard drive and I'm actually
    want to do is take these files in store them on an external hard drive or you
    can also put them in the cloud service works really good too and what I did is
    I made a folder called MJ Bower photography that's for my youtube
    channel and I'm gonna create another new folder and I'll just call this one
    backup and this is with inside of this folder so open that one up now I want to
    do is just go ahead and click on these I'm gonna highlight each one here I'm on
    a Mac so I'm just holding down my command key and now I'm gonna do is just
    take these files and I'm just gonna drag and drop them right on to my external
    hard drive so this is just a really good way to backup your YouTube channel and I
    strongly recommend doing this so anyways I hope this video helped you out if it
    did definitely hit that like button share the video with anybody you think
    this could help them out and we'll catch you guys on the next video
    you have herself a really good one
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