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How To Add A Webshop

How To Add A Webshop
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    Hi there, it's Anna from SimpleSite.
    In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add a webshop to your SimpleSite.
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    Let's get started.
    So start by going to SimpleSite and logging into your website editor.
    So you've created your website and perhaps you have products that you would like to sell.
    A great way of doing that is by creating an online store.
    So once you're in your editor, go to "pages",
    and here we can add a new page.
    From there you can select a template "webshop",
    which will let you create an online store.
    Everything is prompted so it's very easy to follow.
    Simply press "Continue" to start creating your online store.
    It'll ask you to create a product first,
    so be prepared and have some images ready to go.
    But don't worry if the first product is not right, you can always change that once the webshop is ready.
    So I'm selling cupcakes. So I'm adding cupcakes to my first product.
    And I'm selling that for 20 DKK.
    And you can add a description if you want,
    and a picture, of course, of your product because that is what you're selling.
    Once you've done that and press "continue", your webshop is online and ready to be edited.
    Simply press "Next" to start editing your webshop.
    So if you've decided that this was not correct,
    then you can delete the the product you've just added to it, and then start adding more.
    If you've decided that the webshop is not really what you want, you can go into "options"
    and delete the webshop in total, by pressing "delete online store" here.
    Just a small reminder that once you've started using the webshop and people have placed orders,
    it is impossible to delete the online store in in total
    but you can hide the online store so it's not visible for the visitors.
    Now let's say that you are done adding products to your webshop,
    then you can go back to your website editor and start editing your website again by pressing "back to site editor"
    And from here you can choose whether or not you want to edit the website
    or if you want to go back to editing the online store,
    simply go to "pages" again, pressing "online store" and "manage"
    and that'll bring you right back so you can start editing.
    I hope this tutorial was helpful but if you have any more questions feel free to contact us.
    And make sure you are always up to date by subscribing to our Channel.
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