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How to add a poll to your Instagram story

How to add a poll to your Instagram story
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    If you want to create a poll on Instagram then what you do is go ahead and open Instagram.
    After that what you have to do is you have to tap on your profile picture here.
    You can either take a photo or you can just use a photo in the gallery.
    I will be using the photo which is in my gallery.
    So, I will select Gallery here.
    Then I will select a photo.
    So, once I select a photo then on the top I have, I have here icon which is something
    like a square with a face.
    I will tap on it and then I will select Poll.
    Now from here I can ask a question and then select "Done".
    So, once you created a poll then what you do is select "Send to" and then select "Your
    story" and then select "Share" and "Done".
    So, you have created a poll on Instagram.
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