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Ghavan- Rice Dosa (Soft And Spongy)|How to make Ghavan|Ghavan-5 Ingredient Rice Dosa Recipe

Ghavan- Rice Dosa (Soft And Spongy)|How to make Ghavan|Ghavan-5 Ingredient Rice Dosa Recipe
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    hi friends welcome to my channel kitchen to kitchen today I'm gonna share with
    you a simple five ingredient rice dosa or Ghavan recipe it's a great substitute
    for a roti chapati or a bhakri and tastes extremely well with any of your curries
    or a side of a chutney let's see how to make it here I have taken about 2 cups
    of rice flour and to that we'll add about 2 teaspoons of salt next add about
    1/8 cup of semolina or suji and add about 4 teaspoons of oil next we are
    going to add water so here I have about 2 and 1/2 cups of water and we'll start
    adding it little by little and keep whisking it to make sure that there are
    no lumps this will take few minutes so keep whisking it as you add water we
    want to make a batter really nice and runny consistency
    here is the consistency that we are looking for so as you check it you know
    it's nice and flowy
    let it rest for about 30 minutes to make this Ghavan or rice dosa I'm using a
    nonstick pan to that I've added few drops of oil the flame is on medium-high add
    few drops of water to make sure that the pan is hot enough And it is let's start
    making the ghavan or rice dosa with a deep spoon spread the dosa batter in
    circular motion like this small bubbles start to form on the Ghavan we are going
    to cover it and let it cook on this side on a medium high flame for about seven
    to eight seconds after about eight seconds let's open and check you will
    notice that this layer has faded out and cooked well add about one teaspoon of
    oil and now we are going to start scraping it from all the sides since
    it's a nonstick pan the Ghavan or rice dosa will not stick to the pan just flip
    it and cook it on this side for about three to five seconds the carbon is now
    ready let's take it out in a plate
    follow the same process and make as many Ghavan or rice dosas as you need if the
    amount of batter that we made for this recipe it should be easily able to make
    about 10 to 12 Ghavan you can enjoy these Ghavan or rice dosas with any of
    your veg or non-veg curries or even as a great lunchbox breakfast or snack
    items hope you've enjoyed today's recipe please don't forget to Like subscribe
    and comment thank you
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