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【Feng shui】How to gather good energy to your home.

【Feng shui】How to gather good energy to your home.
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    Hi! I am Kochi a Japanese Therapist and the founder of Kochi Shiatsu massage Method®
    Kochi Method uses a unique theory of Muscle Linkage.
    We also use test methods for finding the source of pain and numbness.
    By using these you can quickly relieve discomforts.
    Thank you very much for viewing today's Kochi Method free video column.
    Let's get right into today's free video lecture.
    Today will be different than usual.
    A Kochi Method Seminar is made up of 3 main categories.
    First is the Kochi Method treatment Seminar.
    Second is the Japanese Calligraphy Seminar.
    Third is the Four Pillars of Destiny Seminar.
    The Four Pillars of Destiny Seminar is about gather energy into your land, house, room etc.
    It is done through the Earth magnetic fields.
    It is a method that mixes that with an Eastern study of Feng Sui
    Today's lecture is some stuff we go over in Four Pillars of Destiny.
    First I will teach you how you can increase the energy in your house, room and a medical facility of.
    The main point of this is the entrance.
    Imagine his square image as the entrance.
    Place salt on the left and right of the entrance.
    Placing salt near your entrance is something that everyone knowledgeable enough with the Four Pillars of Destiny does due it it's effectiveness.
    Of course Kochi does it to.
    How to place the salt is first you get a small plate.
    Pile the salt onto it.
    Make sure it piles into a point.
    Make 2 of these and place them on the left and right of the entrance.
    Make sure to replace these salt once every week.
    The effect of the salt.
    1. Increases the energy of the building.
    2. Prevents unwanted energy from getting in.
    Do you know about Sumo in Japan's sports?
    A Sumo wrestler always throw salt before the start of the match
    By spreading salt onto the sacred ring they increase the energy and remove any negativity.
    Today we went over how to increase energy using what we teach in the Kochi Method Four Pillars of Destiny Seminar.
    Seem you next week
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