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Dr. Paul Wilson on Achieving His Dream of Learning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Paul Wilson on Achieving His Dream of Learning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
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    - I would tell my mom that I cannot let you be afraid
    that you're gonna lose me.
    My name is Dr. Paul Wilson and I'm a primary care physician
    in Camp Springs, Maryland.
    In 2012, I had my driver's license renewed
    and the office that I worked in
    had an old fashioned scale that only went up to 350
    and I remember I put my weight down as 350
    because I didn't know how much I weighed.
    For most of my life, I was overweight
    and in 2016, I weighed 420 pounds.
    I was morbidly obese.
    I thought I would never weigh over 300 pounds.
    It's about four major diets that I followed.
    I did lose the weight, but I gained it back.
    Dieting actually made my problem worse.
    And that's one of the things that attracted me
    to Ideal Protein when I first read it
    because it addressed all of the traps
    that I had fallen into.
    It's straight physiology and when you understand
    the physiology, and I have a higher level of understanding
    of the physiology of the body because I studied it,
    and when I read it, light bulbs went on
    all over the place.
    Oh, that's why I lost the weight and couldn't keep it off.
    Oh, this is how I could not just lose it,
    but keep it off permanently because it's all physiology
    working with your body, not against it.
    The fad diets I was on was literally setting me up
    to gain it back and I finally understood that
    after all those years and all those weight loss
    and losing weight and gaining it back.
    Because the key element is actually in the name
    of the program.
    That's essential.
    And now that I have lost the weight,
    I have revisited dreams that I've always had.
    I've always liked cars and my dream was
    to have a convertible.
    When my weight came down, finally, I could think
    of myself in a convertible.
    And it's been very therapeutic for me
    because it's the openness and the freedom of it.
    And patients of mine has seen me driving
    in my convertible.
    They say, "Oh yeah, I saw you."
    And I said, "Yeah."
    I tell them that's my therapy.
    Another one of my dreams was to have a motorhome,
    so when I started losing weight,
    I said, "I can, now I can get a Class B motorhome."
    I purchased one last year.
    I'm able to enjoy the lifestyle
    in my Class B motorhome.
    Because of Ideal Protein and all the weight that I lost,
    now I can fit in it.
    And in a Class B motorhome, the bathroom is pretty small.
    I definitely couldn't have fit in it before,
    but now I can comfortably use the bathroom.
    I'm able to put the bed out, sleep,
    and enjoy using the bed in the motorhome.
    When I go biking, I have a bike rack
    on the back of the motorhome,
    and I take my bike out and, yeah, it is definitely
    a part of my lifestyle now.
    The Ideal Protein program has helped me to realize,
    it started out as a dream, but the dream has come true.
    I knew that this was the answer that I needed
    so that I could tell my mother
    that she didn't have to worry about me anymore.
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