Cómo tejer con cuentas - Tejer con cuentas y abalorios

Cómo tejer con cuentas - Tejer con cuentas y abalorios
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    Hi, dear crocheters!
    How are you? My name is Fernando
    welcome back to GanchiGurumi.
    In today's video we're learning a little technique
    or maybe a trick
    that is so quick and simple
    to add beads to your crochet works.
    Doing so, you'll be able
    to decorate the piece and create texture.
    You'll see it's really easy.
    So then, let's begin!
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    Ok, this was all!
    As you've seen, it's so easy
    and need to be made with logic.
    Remember to take beads before starting
    to be able to use them in the project.
    Once started, no more beads can be added.
    I recommend to take more beads
    than necessary
    or you think it will be necessary.
    This is just in case and you can take them out them.
    And as I already told, stay tuned
    in the next week to know
    what's the project belonging
    the piece of today's video!
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    Thanks for watching and
    see you in the next vid!
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