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Belly Fat Reduction Tamil | How To Lose Belly Fat In Tamil | Guide To A Sensible Approach

Belly Fat Reduction Tamil | How To Lose Belly Fat In Tamil | Guide To A Sensible Approach
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    many struggle with this
    and this will be the main goal for most people
    so lets see how to reduce abdominal fat
    in a sensible way
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    before I proceed any further let me make one thing very clear
    if you think that I am going to talk about some abdomen workouts or
    or about some simple diet tips like a fruit juice or
    if you expect me to answer very briefly about belly reduction in less than a sentence
    and basically if you not ready to come out of your comfort zone and want to sit idle
    and think about hearing about some tips
    then this video is not for you
    I dont think this video would help for people with those kind of attitude
    you may ask 'Why?'
    everyone wants to learn about those kind of shortcuts
    so I want to make it clear that this video may
    not help for people with those kind of thinking
    BUT, if you think that you want to know about how
    this works and the patience you need to have
    and think that you are ready to come out of your comfort zone and do this
    then this video is DEFINITELY for you...
    So I want to tell you about the type of audience,
    this video is for so that Your time is not wasted..
    now lets see the details
    first ler me tell you why abdominal fat is so stubborn to lose..
    abdomen is the region
    where you get fat stored first there and
    and when you lose fat, its the last region
    from where your fat leaves your body as well.
    thats why when compared to other body parts, abdomen fat reduction is so difficult
    also your lower back and side region (Love Handles) as well..
    so all these regions are stubborn to clear out fat as well..
    this is because our body is genetically programmed like that
    so you cant do anything about that
    thats why spot reduction
    doing all these ab workouts does not happen in those region..
    so whatever time you spend doing your ab crunches, sit ups or leg raises
    wont help with ab fat reduction
    so dont waste endless hours trying to these workouts thinking that it will reduce fat
    20 to 30 minutes of ab workout is all you need
    basicallu all these workouts will strengthen and tone your midsection
    but fat is present on top of the abs
    and around internal organs
    so these workouts does not help with clearing out all these fats
    now lets see how to approach belly fat reduction in a sensible way..
    first lets see about workout
    you have to include cardio with weight training
    basically your fast walking, running all these comes under cardio
    and treadmill
    sprinting, swimming, skipping
    all these comes under cardio training
    but you have to perform these very intensively , like challenging
    you have to make sure that you give your body a reason
    to eliminate that fat in the body
    just walking 10 minutes is not going to help
    and I am sure many know this as well
    so as you saw there are many types in cardio and
    i suggest you take help from a qualified trainer for a program that best suits for you
    infact if you check my channel
    we have done a section for circuit cardio training
    including level 1 and 2 which will also help..and
    so check the link here or in the description
    many think weight training wont help with fat loss and do only cardio
    which is not true
    Especially ladies dont do weight training
    always you should include weight training in your routine
    and in recent studies
    it has shown that weight training is more effective in fat loss than cardio training
    so including a variety of strength trainings is important
    and dont give more importance to small muscle groups like biceps or chest
    doing full body workouts involving compound movements is important
    all these workouts gives a full body workout and should be included
    and dont waste much time on small muscle groups
    usually workout is the part most of them do properly regarding belly fat reduction
    now we have seen them
    so whats next?
    I'm sure many dont even like to hear the name
    but we cant avoid it..Can We?
    nutrition is the reason why 99% of people fail in their abdomen fat reduction goals..
    so how to approach nutrition?
    I personally think that many people are aware about the
    nutrition part in ab fat reduction by learning or reading etc..
    but the part most if them are unaware is that
    for abdomen fat loss
    nutrition plays a major part , around 90%
    many think that you dont have to give much importance to nutrition
    but that is the part you have to give more importance to..
    you do all thgese workouts....Right..
    all it helps is with burning your calories
    what about restoring with GOOD nutritious calories
    so how do you do it..
    but the good news is
    most people know what to do by themselves
    thet do their research, ask somebody and read and know these things themselves
    so I think most dont need any advise regrding this as they know themselves what to do
    and I also believe that this knowledge if executed properly will help them achieve atleast 50% of their fitness goals
    but the bad news here is
    most of these people dont follow what they already know well about
    trust me on this
    in this video I dont think I'm going to tell you much new tips that you dont know yet
    just ask this question yourself
    how many times a day have you eaten something
    knowing that it wont help for your fat loss goals
    so you would have done this quite often right? or
    else you would not shown interest in this video..
    if you know this and had consumed thise foods then its your fault..
    all these tips Iam going to give are mostly
    known to you, but let me explain it further
    first is SUGAR
    many think that oil is the main culprit for preventing fat loss
    but many dont know that sugar is the no1 enemy for fat loss.
    if you are feeding your body with sugar your blood glucose level will raise
    and this increases insulin which prevents fat loss from happening
    more sugar = no fat loss
    and by sugar I not only mean about the 1 teaspoon sugar you add to your daily coffe
    I'm talking about the total sugar intake on the entire day
    all these chocolates, biscuits and prepackaged foods (hidden sugars)
    all these counts
    so sugar just stops fat loss
    even if its starting to happen in your body
    even artificial sugar sweeteners does the same trick
    even if its not a sugar
    so even sugar substitutes raises blood sugar and dont help with fat loss..
    so whatever sweet foods be it with sugar or with artificial sweetreners
    it wont help with fat loss
    but there is an exception here..FRUITS..
    fruit sugar (fructose) can be taken
    should not be overconsumed
    mainly for fat loss you cant take fruits from morning to night
    you can take 1 serving per day if you want and not more
    mainly diabeteic patients should not take much fruits
    particularly some fruits has a higher gycemic index and raises more blood sugar
    so you should be careful with fruits
    next is CARBOHYDRATES...Even sugar is a simple form of carbohydrate
    as you know more bad carbs are around us
    so the sources of carbs you take daily are mostly from bad carbs
    even bad carbs is one of the main reason for fat loss not happening
    you have bad carbs with all 3 meals a day
    all these wont help
    you have to replace this with good carbs sources
    infact I have done a detailed video on good
    carbs and bad carbs(link in the description)
    next is OIL
    oil coming from bad sources like fried foods
    increases saturated fat
    more saturated fat affects heart health
    cause fat accumulation on arteries causing heart diseases
    increases bad cholesterol
    your daily oil intake should not be more than 1 to 2 spoons
    again I have done a video on fat loss cooking (check link in the description)
    and you can iunclude gfood fats instaed of these fats
    and check out the next video about good fats
    next is SALT consumption
    causes water retention and water wont flush out from the body
    you just need 2300 mg per day of salt
    its less than a teaspoon
    but you know that how much we eat on a daily basis
    you eat 2 to 3 times more than this..
    you may get high blood pressure on later stages
    so make sure you cut down your salt intake
    next major issue is ALCOHOL
    you need to cut it excess alcohol
    as it stops fat loss
    I feel that general people dont take required amount of protein required per day
    even an inactive person needs some amount of protein per day
    orelse you will get protein deficiency
    protein is required for you skin, hair
    your body function needs protein
    and even tissue healing needs protein
    so do know that many body functions require protein
    and if you get correct protein your tendency for cravings
    may be reduced according to studies
    most of these details I think are known to many
    you dont need anybody's help
    so you can follow this
    first start by knowing the tips that you yourself know about
    changes will happen slowly only
    but you will see your fat levels dropping if you follow these
    then after sometime you can take a professional help personally..
    when you hesitate to follow some things that you know of, then
    you wont most probably follow others advise as well
    but while following these you should give importance to one important thing
    for example
    say you are strict in your diet for next 5 days
    and then when weekend comes
    you replace what all calories you lost in those 5 days in these weekend 2 days
    saying you want to enjoy those 2 days as you were strict those 5 days before
    what do you think will happen in the next monday
    you have to start from first
    and this cycle continues on and on from monday
    so you fat levels will only maintain
    and you wont lose fat in that process
    if you want to reduce your abdomen fat
    you have to be in a calorie deficit
    you have to consume less calories than before
    so if you keep on replacing those lost calories
    in the weekends as we saw your fat will not drop
    so after seeing all this you feel that fat loss is not that easy right?
    yes..Fat loss is not that easy..
    but if you want something so bad and take efforts for it
    you can get what you want
    so start working for it
    it will become easier
    its how much you want to dedicate yourself for that process that matters
    so this is the difference between the person who
    has achieved abdomen fat loss and those who didn't
    so its upto you to decide which person you want to be
    the person who comes out of his comfort zone
    works hard
    and transforms
    a person who wants to stay in their own comfort zone
    seeking for any shortcuts
    and dont see any fat reduction
    and one who complains at the end for no change happening
    which person do you want to be..You have to decide for yourself
    By this time you would have known why all these
    so called 'simple shortcuts' will not work
    if your mind wants something easy then you search for such shortcuts
    your mind does not know
    you have to train your mind that its not easy
    and you have to work for it
    so start training your mind in such manner
    nutrition helps with your fat burning
    its how good you correct your nutrtition that matters
    you only spend around 1 hour in gym
    but its how you are 23 hours outside your gym
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