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Arduino Tutorial: JARVIS v1 | How to make a Home Automation

Arduino Tutorial: JARVIS v1 | How to make a Home Automation
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    Hello friends! Welcome back to this video and I'm Rahul.
    It has been a long time
    since I made a video
    Today I'm going to teach you how to make a
    Voice controlled home automation
    Actually I was very inspired by Jarvis
    from Iron man
    and I strongly wanted a home automation system
    The existing systems were not cheap and
    so I decided to build my own home
    automation system using an arduino
    At present, the functionality is limited to switching the device on or
    off but it can process natural language at very basic level that allows you to
    use this technique to incorporate natural language processing capabilities
    into other Arduino projects
    Okay, now let's have a look at the components
    which we are going to use for this project
    Here we have an Arduino nano, a Bluetooth module and the relay board
    as discussed in the previous videos
    I use Arduino Nano for its compactness
    when compared to a Arduino uno
    the Bluetooth module which I have used in this project
    is hc-05 which has both master and
    slave configurations with six pins
    starting from State, RX, TX, GND, VCC and EN pin
    where VCC is supplied with 3.3 volt and
    EN and State are left open
    This is the relay breakout board having four relays
    and an indicating LED's for each relay
    The load is connected to the connectors
    and the ULN is used to isolate the
    microcontroller and the AC supply
    Now let's see how the components are connected
    At first we connect VCC of the Bluetooth module to the
    3.3v of the Arduino and GND - >GND
    Next we connected the TX of the Bluetooth module
    to the RX pin of the Arduino
    and the RX pin of the bluetooth
    module to the TX pin of the Arduino
    The Relay's i/p is given the digital pins of
    the Arduino D2, D3, D4, D5
    and finally the supply for the Relay driver is given
    Now let's power up the Arduino and upload the code
    I had already uploaded the code
    We will just tap into our mobile and control our
    appliances by our voice
    Trust me it's not going to be so hard to make it as it sound
    I had made an personal assistant Jarvis, an AI which is used to convert
    natural language into commands for the Arduino
    I have included some of the response for it
    Let's try it now
    *Command - Hey Jarvis
    *AI Response - Hello Sir
    *Command - ALL on
    *AI Response - Yes sir. Command executed
    As you can see for the command
    "all on" all the four relays are turned on
    and the LED's are at high state
    *Command - ALL off
    *AI Response - Yes sir. Command executed
    *Command - Bedroom Lights ON
    *AI Response - Yes sir. Command executed
    *Command - Fan ON
    *AI Response - Yes sir. Command executed
    *Command - TV ON
    *AI Response - Yes sir. Command executed
    *Command - Computer ON
    *AI Response - Yes sir. Command executed
    *Command - All off
    *AI Response - Yes sir. Command executed
    *Command - Goodbye
    *AI Response - Have a good time Sir
    Give me a thumbs up if you like this video
    and do share it with your friends
    Meet you guys in the next video
    till then peace out
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