Advanced Social Tip: How To Make ANYONE Think You're Cool 👫 *Live Demonstration

Advanced Social Tip: How To Make ANYONE Think You're Cool 👫 *Live Demonstration
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    ...yeah so I grew up in Iowa. I actually went to University of Iowa in Iowa City
    for my undergrad... oh well you're not one of those you know farm boys that
    wears cowboy hats all the time are you?!!? Did you catch it? What did she do right
    there? In this video we're gonna talk about a mistake that a lot of people
    make in conversation especially when they're first meeting someone that's
    setting them back they don't even know they're doing it right before I tell you
    exactly what the lesson is I want to challenge you see what you can deduce
    from watching this clip in your mind think about what did i do right what did
    I do wrong what would have you done if you were sitting in that chair talking
    to this gal and she said what she says to me so I work in math and I'm pretty
    sure like from a lot of the stuff that I've read that two plus two equals four
    that's ridiculous I actually have a friend who posted on
    Facebook that her friend is a mathematician and it said equals six
    that's that's ridiculous we know look I can grab two things you
    take two and you add two more you have four no I'm telling you that's not right
    yes why would he post that stupid I mean that's what you gotta do right when
    someone is so clearly and obviously dead wrong you need to correct them and put
    them in their place right so in this next video I want you to watch how I
    handle this differently note what I do and note the trajectory of the
    conversation what results from me handling it the way that I did and then
    at the end I'm gonna break down exactly what I did so you can use this in your
    life because tell me how often do you get in conversations with people who are
    so obviously dead wrong whether at work or just out in public it happens all the
    times it's gonna be a big one for you and if you want me to coach you walk you
    through all the different steps that it takes to get to a level where you feel
    socially invincible so you know at the workplace and you're out in public you
    can understand what's going on around you and make all the right moves at the
    right time I'd encourage you to take a look at my social invincibility program
    you can touch a click up here in the right corner and I'll give you more
    information about it so let's watch this next video notice the different things
    that I did and notice what happens in the interaction and then I'll jump back
    on the mic we'll break it down so working in math one of the
    things that I'm pretty sure about is that two plus two equals four no you're
    wrong my friend who posted on Facebook that her friends a mathematician and set
    it equal to six that's interesting see one of the reasons that I got into math
    is I love the way that it can kind of help explain things that you see and
    also like you can make better decisions like you know for sure that if you look
    at the probability of something happening you can make a better decision
    if you stomach doing something like that that is a very advanced move cuz most
    people feel so compelled to check someone else when they're wrong
    why well it just feels kind of wrong when you know somebody's wrong to let
    them slide you like to feel a little bit smarter no I know and you did correctly
    du plus du it's not sex you you you completely confuse little girl
    everyone has the urge to correct people when they're very clearly wrong but what
    happened when I didn't and I just changed the subject well it kept the
    trajectory and the energy of the conversation going well and what did I
    miss out on does it matter to me almost regardless this this is the first time
    I'm talking to this lady the fifth time are overlong by not correcting them
    there's no downside you're not a professor at the Harvard School of
    Medicine correcting someone with an inaccurate dose for a dying patient just
    let it slide move the subject on to something else and keep that good energy
    because there's no way to correct somebody and have it not lower the
    energy of the interaction think it through every time you do even if you
    try to have the most couched way you say it in the most pleasant way oh you know
    I I see how you can get confused at that but actually two plus two is is four
    here's why it doesn't matter that's a better way to do it but it still brings
    the energy down because when someone has to admit they're wrong psychologically
    our brains just go wah Wow so don't do it the only time I ever
    correct people in that instance is if it has an immediate negative response in
    that situation which is very rare Street on to the nether subject no dummy
    two plus two is six my dad's also also a mathematician and he taught me this
    growing up you're an idiot oh that's really interesting if your dad is
    interested in math you know one of the things that got me in the field was the
    fact that you could write on to a different subject that is an advanced
    move that is a socially savvy person who can handle themselves in any situation
    and when you know that you can get people to want to be around you the core
    of that is good energy you always they can always rely on you for being someone
    that they feel good around and when you correct someone they don't feel good
    about it now let me ask you this how do you bring
    good energy into a conversation that maybe has gone bad maybe it's stalled
    maybe you're talking to someone and they're kind of losing interest you know
    their body language just kind of turn in the shoulders turn they're starting to
    glance around maybe they're checking their phone how do you create a spike to
    draw them back in how do you say something engaging it's a very important
    skill to have and I have a video that's gonna walk you through the exact steps
    that you have to do so next time you find yourself in that situation you know
    immediately how to get the other person re-engaged in that interaction you can
    click right here to watch that video and I'll talk to you there
    see you got your lipstick
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