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3 Types of Smoothie - How To Make Healthy Fruit Smoothies At Home - Summer Drink - Seema

3 Types of Smoothie - How To Make Healthy Fruit Smoothies At Home - Summer Drink - Seema
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    Hello welcome to Swaad Anusaar. Today we will make 3 different 'Smoothies'.
    First we will take a banana.
    Which I had kept in the freezer.
    Banana is must in smoothies because base is made from it.
    Now to this we will add frozen Pineapple.
    The reason to use frozen food is that we don't need ice later.
    Now we put 1 cup of mint leaves.
    You can use mint leaves also you can use spinach.
    You can also use basil or fenugreek leaves, you can use any greens.
    Now we put little water and then blend it.
    This is a chilled water.
    Now, we will add some more water to it.
    Thickness of smoothie depends on your taste.
    You can keep it as thick as you want. Add more water if you want it watery.
    As smoothie contains fruit it will be sweet automatically.
    But if you want more sweeter then you can add 1 spoon of date paste.
    Here is our green smoothie ready.
    Now let's pour it in the glass.
    Now lets make smoothie No.2 and that is 'Pina colada'.
    First we will put banana.
    Even this is the frozen banana.
    After this we add Pineapple.
    Now we add vanilla extract to it.
    You can also add Vanilla essence if not you can also add Cinnamon to it.
    Now we add chill frozen coconut water.
    Now we blend all this ingredients nicely.
    Here is our smoothie No.2 ready.
    Let's pour it.
    Now lets make smoothie No.3 and that is 'Coconut punch'.
    First we will take some dry coconut.
    Then we will add chilled frozen coconut water to it.
    Now we add 2-3 drops of lemon juice.
    Lets blend it.
    Our coconut punch is ready. Let's serve it.
    This are basil seeds, I soaked them in water for 10-15 minutes.
    Now we will add them on our coconut punch.
    Basil seeds are very cooling in summer.
    Here is our three smoothies ready.
    Green smoothie, Pina colada, Coconut punch.
    All three smoothies are made from natural ingredients.
    It doesn't have any sugar, preservatives or dairy products.
    No milk, No curd.
    For more such healthy drinks, keep watching 'Swaad Anusaar'.
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