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3 Reasons Reality Transurfing will Change Your Life (How to Apply it)

3 Reasons Reality Transurfing will Change Your Life (How to Apply it)
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    this video I'm gonna be showing you three reasons that reality Tran surfing
    will change your life I'm going to share with you why it's changed my life and
    the powerful way you can apply it so that you get a similar result welcome
    back to another video my name is Aaron and I help people expand their
    consciousness on this video we're going to be going more in detail to the
    reasons reality is your answer fin can be even more powerful then what we call
    the law of attraction now I still think a lot of traction is cool I've hundreds
    of videos on my channel about it and I'm not saying in any way that the law of
    attraction doesn't work however what I am saying is that there are certain
    paradigms certain ways we can go about understanding the process or just simply
    the way reality works and that when we start to apply these it starts to change
    everything because literally the world that we
    experience on the outside is a reflection of our internal beliefs and
    our internal focus so when we change the way we view ourselves when we change the
    beliefs we have everything on the outside can begin to change in a very
    powerful way now here's the thing with reality Tran surfing and I'll give a
    little bit of a basis of here in a minute but with reality Tran surfing
    when we are able to apply some of the principles we're able to see that as we
    make the process easier it becomes easier as we redefine the whole process
    of manifestation it changes everything it really does and that's the main thing
    that I've come to understand is how powerful simplicity is you know there's
    ways and the intellectual ideas can still be powerful we can go in detail to
    it that's what I've done a lot of my videos but guess what when we break it
    down really simple and we start to just believe that it can be that easy it can
    be that easy it's a self-fulfilling prophecy fulfilling prophecy so that's
    why I think reality Tran surfing can just be so much more powerful than that
    of the original processes we might be using and just to give it a little bit
    of a basis like I do it a lot of the realtor and surfing videos so it has to
    do with understanding that reality trance or if you first off it's a book
    that was written in Russia by a quantum physicist named
    Vadim Zeeland now he wrote this book has to do with understanding that there are
    an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and that what we want to
    experience exists right now in the present moment now our intention is the
    direction to which parallel realities we choose now this has to do with
    understanding the choices that we make in daily life and that as we set those
    intentions were going in a certain direction
    now most people they are kind of ran by that of social conditioning meaning we
    grow we learn things growing up we have certain beliefs and we just kind of let
    that take us in a certain direction but until we start to give ourselves our own
    intention we start to really decide what we want that's when we start going on
    our own path that's when it can be very powerful but wouldn't we just keep on
    kind of being like a leaf in the wind almost it's like we're just kind of
    going with whatever is given to us we kind of absorb in our environment in a
    way guess what we continue to get the same results over and over again so with
    that of reality transfer fee the reason it can be so powerful is because when we
    learn to really come from our heart that's not a part of reality transfer
    fee we must find goals that connect to our heart because the heart is thousands
    of times more powerful than that of the head and when we start to apply it we
    start to see that there's a feeling that comes along with it if you start to
    follow that feeling amazing things will happen that's what I did I simply
    started to make videos and I started to feel something when I made the videos I
    got like a flow state so I was like you know I'm gonna do this a lot more often
    and that's what I did is I said you know what I'm gonna go daily because I
    enjoyed so much and even though it's gonna be hard going daily because at the
    time I had a full-time job I still did it but guess what that passion that
    feeling grew more and more and then the side effect of that was an explosion of
    growth you know we went from like 3,000 subs to like a hundred thousand in like
    three maybe four months I forget but it happened very fast
    because I was aligned to my heart I was aligned to my goals so the powerful part
    of understanding also parallel realities is that what you want to experience
    exists at a certain frequency you're just not perceiving it because of the
    current choices beliefs and self-image that you currently have this is what
    quantum physics shows us as far as that every possible parallel reality exists
    right now and when we start to tap into this we could see it can be so much
    easier than we make it because we don't have to create something out of nothing
    we just have to choose and have our energy in the right direction we just
    have to choose the right choices and they go about it from that point of view
    I mean think of even the words reality Tran surfing
    literally what it means is it means this is gonna sound kind of complicated it
    means to glide through the space of variations now it's like that's even
    what is the definition of that well space of variations is kind of like the
    infinite number of parallel realities and gliding is kind of like surfing
    right Tran surfing so think of it like surfing dude you don't have to control
    everything right it's the idea that's like you're this
    wave is coming and you're just riding the wave it's easy
    it's something that once you learn to do it's like you you become very efficient
    at it and you just let it carry you you don't to try so hard you don't have to
    do all of these things so is this level of awareness now in general as our state
    of being increases so does the good that comes into our life that's when we can
    start to find ourselves becoming more lucky
    that's what amazing things begin to happen and the other part of
    understanding reality train surfing has to do with this thing of so first off of
    that social condition you know that I was mentioned that's where I was going
    with that pendulums thought structures the top structures of society even
    though we don't physically see our thoughts although we do see the
    materialization of our thoughts because that's everything we experience even
    though we don't physically see our thoughts they do have an electromagnetic
    type reality this is what they've thrilled with like the dr. Masaru Emoto
    where they put you know energy over water and they change the molecules it's
    been shown that there is an effect with our thoughts to what we experience so
    what we can begin to do is to realize there's a mass consensus reality so it's
    like we're individually creating our own layer of the world but all of us
    collectively have certain collective belief systems that run themselves out
    so many times we think we're having our own thoughts and in reality we're having
    the thoughts of the what's called the pendulum a pendulum is a thought
    structure we may may not be able to physically see it but there's thoughts
    if one of the most well known pendulums you can think of is whether you're
    Republican or Democrat if you're even a part of the system at all you may think
    that this is who I am and a lot of times when
    you watch the news or something it's sucking you into that energy flow
    pendulums feed on energy so what happens is these pendulums are draining our
    energy all the time because they're getting triggered with the media we're
    getting triggered with all these things and because we're getting triggered it's
    draining us it's draining us and then we don't have the energy to actually create
    what we want because we're being distracted by everything else so the key
    to this is to take our power back by being aware of the pendulums you know
    even if you go to a sports game you may say I like to go to a sports game
    because you know you can kind of feel the energy there it's funner to go to a
    sports game that is to watch it on TV now they're both pendulums but one of
    them you're actually physically there and you could feel the rush the kind of
    the high of the pendulum and then once the game is over it goes away and now
    not all pendulums are bad but in general pendulums will run people's life without
    them knowing the power is and when you take your power back and you start to
    say yo I'm gonna create my own layer I'm gonna create my own life and you start
    to kind of realize I'm gonna observe my thoughts when you observe the pendulum
    but you don't react to it that's when you have the power if you find a
    pendulum you'll always kind of lose because if
    you fight it you're still you're still affirming it right you're still
    resisting it and the resistance keeps it alive so taking the power back being
    aware of it observing it and then the last part I'll talk about the reality
    tramp surfing is what it's called the balance of coordination it's the energy
    from which everything comes if we put something to make it very important we
    immediately distance ourselves from it and it becomes much less attainable so
    when we start to instead see it as natural for us to achieve our goals
    it becomes very powerful now decrease in importance is one of the most powerful
    concepts from reality trans surfing that has changed my life it is one of the
    ones I think can also change your life if you apply it so in that most people
    have come to mean saying this has been the biggest game-changer in all of my
    manifestation results now decrease in importance is not that hard to do it
    simply has to do with a couple key principles of awareness of who you are
    and how you relate to the environment if you want a free guided meditation that
    will help you to decrease the level of importance you're giving to your goals
    I've created one it's absolutely free you can download it in the top of the
    description box below and it will help you to decrease the level of importance
    to then increase the probability that you experience what you want so the
    three reasons that reality transfer feed will change your life the first one is
    actually something to do with that social condition I was talking about now
    this isn't the most sexy thing social conditioning if I put it in keywords on
    Google it's not going to get the most views it's not going to be the most
    intriguing by people but if you D plug yourself from social conditioning it
    will probably be one of the biggest game changes you make in your whole life now
    what this means is you become aware of the pendulums the thought structures
    what you're paying attention to because that is controlling the narrative of
    your life now think about it we grow up sub thinking about this subconsciously
    we grow up under and watching marketing online that is all geared under this
    premise that you are not enough that you must buy the next product you must be
    better than your neighbor you must be always trying to get to some external
    place and you must always compare yourself to other people that is a
    pendulum that has always been given to us since we were young and we are always
    trying to buy the next you know women are trying to buy the next cosmetic
    product to make them look a certain way guys are trying to get the next best car
    so that they can impress their friends everyone is trying to do things to
    upgrade their status of the way they see themselves as if they're not good enough
    already you see this is a tricky thing but it's so in the background that most
    people aren't even aware of it so the key to this is to become aware of what
    that narrative is and to realize that you could start to take your power back
    by observing what these could possibly be do you feel sometimes pull to
    reassert who you are in front of people maybe someone's talking about something
    they just achieved and you feel like I'm gonna get in there I gotta say something
    I done you know or maybe you just become aware that you know oh maybe I'm part of
    this political affiliation and now I'm becoming aware it's not like I'm telling
    you just ditch it but I am saying be aware of it if you're aware of it it's
    not it's not as big of a deal it's okay you know but if you aren't aware of it
    you don't know what you don't know and that will run your life for show so okay
    and that's what you have to become aware of it's just simply
    when you start to take your pouch you start to observe your thoughts first off
    observe your thoughts observe why you do what you do
    observe the collective beliefs that you may be a part of what triggers you what
    triggers you is it you know when some people talk about gun violence because
    if so whether you're on one side to the other if it triggers you that pendulum
    is carrying you you that is draining your energy of things that could
    actually be beneficial to you so social conditioning if you start to and it's
    really more so about just being authentic to you a lot of the thoughts
    and a lot of the social conditions you might align with aren't really you
    they're thoughts that have been here for a long time they're the thoughts of the
    mass consensus reality you may think they're important because the media says
    yo this is so important you look at all this negativity in the world this is the
    way the world is even though it's a skewed sample of something that's
    projected to you to distract you from who you really are that's why it's about
    waking up wake up to who you are wake up to the true power that you have which is
    to create your own reality from your choices from once you focus on the more
    you focus on that media the more you focus on those perspective the
    perspectives that don't serve you guess what the more you end up experiencing
    that your life so take your power back that's what I want to encourage you to
    do now I'll be doing more videos on this in the future
    it's not the most sexy thing you know talk about pendulums and social
    conditioning a lot of people don't like it because the it sounds negative the
    social conditioning but the truth is is when you take your power back you start
    becoming authentic to you you know we think that this is the goals I have I
    have this goal of living in this type of house and doing this is that really what
    you want or is that what you've been led to believe you want maybe it is I have
    goals of being very very successful and I'm on that path right now and I make
    you choices with it and I'm taking action and I love what I do but I'm also
    aware is if this is this my narrative or is this the social narrative because I
    can go straight to the feeling if I want I just have to focus on that level of
    awareness now the second one the second reason that reality transfer fee can
    completely change your life is it can make the process so much easier than you
    currently think it has to be so what does this mean this means that we have
    these beliefs that everything is complicated a lot of times with the law
    of attraction it's like we are intending to do things we are we have these
    beliefs that it's like oh this manifestation you know am I going to win
    the lottery hear that all the time on the channel I'm gonna win the lottery
    I'm gonna track this you know attract this into my life nothing wrong with it
    but ask yourself that question where is this energy coming from we'll talk about
    that more in a minute as well but the key is making this easy what are your
    beliefs about the process see reality tree of surfing gliding through the
    alternative space this is where the game changer was for me start to allow more
    into your life this is what I'm gonna talk about what it's called a reality
    amalgam I've talked about talked about this before back in the Venetian times
    what they would do is they would put gold tint into the mirrors so that when
    you looked at the mirrors you looked more attractive you had this glow hue
    and that in a way is a reality amalgam it's an overlay of that mirror that
    makes you look just a little bit better now a reality amalgam is a belief about
    life in general this isn't like a belief that like money's gonna bring me this
    and that this is a very general belief the world always takes care of me I'm
    always in the right place at the right time yo when we say things like that and
    we start to with that so general that we can connect to it right because it's so
    it's not specific at all for like oh I'm gonna attract a million dollars into my
    life that's like there could be a lot of resistance with that because maybe
    you're making currently like 50,000 a year I mean that's such a big jump now
    saying it can't happen but if you go more general like amazing things are
    happening for me right now amazing opportunities are coming into life guess
    what that can be very easy to connect to because the amazing things is perceptual
    depends on your perspective but start to set these reality amalgams start to set
    this belief that every day gets better that things get easier for you that it
    is easy for you to focus in the direction of what you wanted to see
    evidence of things coming into your life if you make it easy it will be easy the
    more intellectual you may get the more chopped up it gets
    I found that from experience and even though a lot of the YouTube channel and
    back in the day was on some of these like Cola you know the beliefs and all
    that and those are still powerful I still get people that emailing me
    every day saying that you know those videos have changed their lives
    however there's a paradigm that's higher than that and that higher-level paradigm
    is how does it feel to you break it down to the feeling you are already enough
    and as you start to feel into that realize this can be easy this is natural
    people ask me all the time what do you manifest your life everything is a
    reflection of a manifestation does that mean that means more so what are you
    aware of in your life that you have created what have you consciously
    decided you know and it's like well let's see the YouTube channel grew I had
    an attention for that you know moving into a new place had the intention of
    that you know having a better relationship with like my family members
    and stuff and like connecting at a deeper level because I've been so
    focused on business things that it's like sometimes I find myself
    disassociated from it because I'm so focused done that done you know it
    really can be that easy but everything is a manifestation of
    what you believe to be true everything's a manifestation of your focus so pay
    attention to what that is and as you pay attention to what that is
    you start to more so connect to it you start to more so realize it all right
    the third part the third reason reality Tran surfing can change your life is
    because you will become more aware of where your energy is and how to increase
    your own state of being now this is the thing with the law of attraction in
    general this is where we are this is where we want to be so we do all this in
    the middle but the thing is this over here is where we are this over here
    anything that we want is because we believe we will feel better in the
    having of it it's because we believe there's this a certain emotion that
    comes from that thing so think about it you want
    more money what do you want you want freedom you want security and because of
    that that's an emotion if you want a relationship what do you want you want
    connection you want compassion that's an emotion anything that we want is because
    we believe we will feel the better half in the having of it that's like an
    abraham hicks type quote but it's so true so what we can be good to do is
    realize where is our energy coming from where is our questions coming from is it
    coming from lack because here's the thing people ask me all the time on the
    channel you say yo Aaron how do I attract a specific person to my life I
    get that question almost every day of my PMS they go into DM so like you'll Aaron
    I wants a specific person I'm not bagging on you but this is the thing
    where is that energy coming from it's coming from a place of lack it's coming
    from a place that I'm not already enough therefore I need to attract a specific
    person if you're trying to attract I get all the time as well can I track my ex
    let go up the outcome focus on you where is that energy coming from you start to
    become more aware of where your energy is coming from and how you can just
    exist in the emotions that you want to feel right now think about how
    ridiculous this is and I'm not bagging on the whole Pacific
    Pacific the specific person thing I'm bagging about this in general we give
    ourselves permission to feel the emotions we want once we get to some
    external time in the future so I say for example when I had a million subscribers
    I will feel this a static feeling it's going to be amazing so what I do is I
    get closer and closer to it eventually I hit a million subscribers then my body
    my it's mine it's manufactured by my mind and I'd say now you can flush
    serotonin and dopamine because you've hit your goal and then I'm feeling these
    emotions I'm like whoa this is really cool I feel this because I accomplished
    this when in reality I gave myself a rule in my head that said when you hit a
    million subscribers you can feel this type of emotion and you can start to
    feel the serotonin and dopamine mouth quite consciously I'm not like oh it's
    serotonin and dopamine however when it comes to the emotion
    that's what happens we give ourselves permission to feel it how about this
    instead though this is a game-changer this will change your whole life if you
    apply it you're here your goals are here instead feel what your goals would make
    you feel what emotions is it feel it now in the present moment if it's freedom
    you want money freedom and opportunity you have those in your life right now at
    some level focus on those focus on what you're already grateful for focus on the
    things that are already coming into your life and you will get more of it
    whatever you focus on grows you want connection to a specific person or a
    person in general focus on the relationships you already have focus on
    family doesn't have to be a romantic you just focus on what you already have and
    as you focus on connection you will get more connection as you focus on the
    connection with yourself you will proceed more of that in your life so
    this is a game changer but feel the emotions now and then paradoxically
    enough everything that you want to experience happens quicker because you
    resonate with it just like the process talks about parallel realities they
    already exist it's a matter of tuning into it you tune into it with your
    emotion with your state of being give yourself the permission to feel that
    state of be now and everything will begin to change in a very powerful way
    so remember as you start to decondition yourself from society's beliefs from
    trying to be good enough and that also intertwines into the other ones of
    where's the energy coming from am i already whole and complete start to
    focus on that make it an easy process this is so much easier it's a natural
    byproduct of who you are it's not this you know what have you manifested look
    around look around so you got to do it sits in front of your eyes it's a
    reflection of what you've been thinking
    so with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video feel free to like
    this video if you guys liked it subscribe if you haven't ready hit the
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    does things is you have to hit that in order to see my daily vids and on that I
    will see you guys tomorrow there's much love and
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