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XPLOR 600 Pro TTL Review (a.k.a. AD600 PRO) - Plus Quick Portrait Shoot Using It!

XPLOR 600 Pro TTL Review (a.k.a. AD600 PRO) - Plus Quick Portrait Shoot Using It!
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    hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez and today I'm reviewing the new Explorer
    pro TTL or as Godox is calling it the new AD600 Pro for those of you not familiar
    with the original Explorer 600 it's a 600 watt Strobe that offers high speed
    sync it's also battery operated and has wireless capabilities due to the fact
    that it has a built in receiver when that light came out back in 2016 it
    honestly was a game changer in the world of off-camera flash I know that word
    gets around way too often and videos and reviews but it honestly was because it
    offered so much at such a great price I still highly recommend that like to this
    day but today we're talking about the successor to that light which is the
    Explorer Pro TTL so let's get started talking about that so one of the major
    upgrades to the Explorer Pro TTL is the fact that it has a way improved color
    accuracy of plus or minus 75 Kelvin this is a pretty big improvement from the
    original for 600 which had a color temperature shift around plus or minus
    200 Kelvin you can tell that go doctors really want to compete with Profoto and
    brown color and I honestly think they did a great job considering the fact
    that the explorer pro can be found at around $900 or 950 with the original
    transmitter and the other two lights can be found at upwards of $2000 not
    including the transmitters that are needed for them I'm gonna be completely
    honest with you guys I don't you know that color accuracy isn't so important
    to my work but if it is important to your work especially if you do product
    photography or commercial photography where color accuracy different needs to
    be on point then this light may be something that you want to look into I
    did do a little bit of testing when it came to the color accuracy but I didn't
    want to put anything in the video there wasn't as good as what I was seeing
    online so instead I'm just gonna leave a link to a video or two in the
    description area below so you guys can check that out for more information when
    it comes to the color accuracy also leave a link to a diagram that I saw
    that shows the color temperature variances between the Explorer Pro TTL
    and the brown color Cirrus L and the Profoto b1 X and as I was pretty
    interesting because the Explorer Pro TTL showed the best results even though it's
    rated at being less accurate than the brown color see yourself another
    provement of this light is the improved ball design which is now in the shape of
    a horseshoe and it also has a frosted dome on the top the new bulb design in
    the frosted dome are going to come together to create a really nice even
    distribution of light which is gonna help avoid hot spots I did do a little
    bit of testing with the original Explorer and the new Explorer for free
    from a blank wall at the same power output I'm gonna go ahead and throw the
    images on the screen so you guys can see just how different the dish
    of light is from each light with and without their collectors bare and with
    each other's reflectors as you kick tail from the photos the original Explorer
    600 is pretty concentrated in the center and although that's good for powering
    you also have to consider the quality of light so it'll be powerful but it might
    have some hot spots as well when it's not modified in something like a softbox
    the improvement of the new bulbs design in the frosted dome on the new Explorer
    Pro TTL is gonna be helpful and evenly distributing the light when used either
    bare or with the reflector but if you're gonna be using both lights with the same
    modifier let's say the 30 inch glow pair pop then the differences between the two
    lights is gonna be negligible I really want to focus on that for a second
    because I know some of you guys right now are thinking that the Explorer 600
    is more powerful but it's only with the included seven inch reflector the
    changes made to the new Explorer Pro TTL remain so that you can use the light
    bear and not having to risk those extra deep hot spots another welcome
    improvement of the new Explorer Pro TTL is the improved modern lamp which is now
    38 watts this is FA something that a lot of the original Explorer users are gonna
    be happy about considering the fact that the original Explorer had a modern lamp
    around 8 to 10 watts it was also led which through a bluish tint and I
    definitely picked up on that because I would use the original Explorer as my
    lamp a lot when I didn't have a dedicated video light you can clearly
    see the differences in the light power between the two but you can also see the
    differences in the color temperature both videos are shot at the exact same
    color temperature of 5600 Kelvin the last major improvement of the Explorer
    Pro TTL is the improved recycle time of 0.9 seconds at full power the originals
    for 600 head of our cycle time around 2.5 seconds and I was perfectly fine
    with me but for fast shooters out there who wanted a faster recycle time then
    you'd definitely be happy about this improvement because of this improvement
    you're now able to shoot at 1/16 power and below instantaneously
    I didn't wanna quickly mention that because of the improved recycle time
    there was a little bit of a trade-off in the battery life so although the
    original Explorer 600 had a battery life around 500 full-powered shots the new
    Explorer Pro TTL has a battery life out of 370 full power shots I know that some
    of you you're thinking that there's going to be a big difference and it is a
    little bit of a difference but that's 370 full powered shots if you're using
    less power then you have a lot more shots to work with and even if you're
    using full power that's 370 full power shots so that's definitely gonna be good
    for at least a couple hours of use although it's not out yet there is gonna
    be an AC adapter option that you can buy in case you shoot in the studio often
    and don't want to have to worry about the battery life one more welcome
    upgrade that I want to mention is the improved handle design which no longer
    has any steps to work with so that makes it completely silent I'm personally
    really happy with this new design because one of the biggest complaints I
    had about the original Explorer 600 what's that handle because you had the
    possibility of stripping the handle and keeping it stuck in place which is
    exactly what happened with this Explorer 600 and I didn't do it it was my cousin
    and I had it for about two weeks he tying it too hard and it stayed stuck in
    place so the only way to fix it is to kind of remove the handle entirely and
    I'm not that new kind of technical first thing I'm not that savvy when it comes
    to doing stuff like that so this is something that I've avoided for a while
    I do have to explore six hundreds in addition to this one so that's why I
    don't use this one I use those other ones there are pros and cons to
    everything so I did want to mention the con of the new handle design and that's
    that you have to be careful about when you loosen it then you want to be able
    to grab the light so it doesn't fall too hard down or up and I did experience
    that I did smash my finger my middle finger here so you definitely want to
    watch out for that so if you're curious about how the case looks like for the
    new Explorer boots you see L this is it it's a lot smaller than the original for
    600 and that's gonna be a welcome addition in case you have small spaces
    to pack your stuff in you have an area for the Explorer pro TTL the battery the
    charging cords and one extra spot that I found perfect to put your AC adapter in
    case you want to get that although it's not out yet there is gonna be an
    extension hit option for this light just like there was one for the original
    Explorer 600 alright so that's pretty much it for my initial review of the
    Explorer Pro TTL I might do another one in about two months or so just in case I
    get updates on the light or if anything
    comes out that has to do with the Explorer pro TTL I am gonna be ending
    the video with a portrait shoot that I did with light with my friend and model
    Suzette so be sure to check that out if you enjoy the video and be sure to give
    it a like comment with anything that I might have missed and subscribe if
    you're new here because I do put out educational content every single week
    alright take care guys and I see the next one
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