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San Antonio American Heart Month Review

San Antonio American Heart Month Review
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    - Our goal today is that you help us
    break the devastating impact that heart disease
    is having on our families and on our communities,
    and everyone in this room is susceptible to it.
    Here's why.
    Did you know that every 80 seconds,
    a woman loses her life to heart disease?
    Every 80 seconds.
    And did you also know that 80%
    of cardiovascular diseases are 100% preventable?
    From clean eating to exercising,
    there are so many ways that you can avoid having
    heart disease, at least 80% of those
    diseases out there are preventable,
    and we are really blowing the roof off,
    getting the word out, and making sure that
    people are healthy, that our daughters grow up
    to know what healthy lifestyle looks like,
    and it begins here, at places like this.
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    - I think one of my big takeaways
    from this program is that these young ladies
    really have their stuff together.
    I thought I would be going into it,
    having to help them out a lot,
    start from step one and figure out
    what their career path was going to be
    or where they were going to go to school,
    but the schools in this community
    have really done a great job of preparing our youth,
    and so it's been interesting to me to see
    what I need to help with and what I need to provide
    because my initial expectations
    and what I'm actually doing are very different.
    - Well hello, my name is Dr. Sandra Gheta.
    What an amazing event today has been.
    Just this sea of red here, of all these women
    coming together for this amazing luncheon.
    This has been a great testament
    to how people can rally around
    something that's important like heart health.
    We often forget about ourselves,
    taking care of ourselves, taking a moment
    to make sure that our health is as optimal as possible
    in order to protect and serve everyone else in our family.
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    - [News Anchor] One of those volunteers is Rita Barry.
    - My husband passed away five years ago
    from sudden cardiac arrest, and
    with the years that followed, I knew
    I wanted to be involved with the Heart Association.
    I saw the charity Little Hats, Big Hearts.
    It just spoke to me.
    - [News Anchor] But, to this day,
    she has yet to see a baby with one of those beanies.
    - So that's Charlie and his mom.
    - [Rita] See, I get teary, you know?
    But (cooing) see, that's why, that's why we do this.
    That just makes it worth it, look at that.
    (upbeat pop music)
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