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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Episode 2: Conflama Is Abuse, PharmaRusical, Ho-Down Review

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Episode 2: Conflama Is Abuse, PharmaRusical, Ho-Down Review
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    Good evening j-l baits. Last week's premiere was like the perfect first date. Everyone
    looked their best and the conversation was fantastic. But this week was like the second-date
    nightmare where they complain about their ex and let Kylie Minogue's new single flop.
    Accusations flew between Miz Cracker and Aquaria. These two New York girls have a grudge, rooted
    in the fact that they look the same and people get confused with who's who. And in a flashback
    of last week's Untucked, they fought over who wore the same yellow dress first.
    The pot was stirred by The Vixen, who is turning out to be the rotten apple that spoils the
    whole lot.
    She loudly interjected to explain that Aquaria feels straight-up ripped off by Cracker, and
    she's done been feeling this way, even outside the competition. She goes on to shout
    at Aquaria for being fake and pretending to be unbothered when just moments ago she was
    capital-B Bothered. Rattled, Aquaria storms away from the whole situation, which the Vixen
    also calls out.
    She held a piece of paper which read, "The Vixen Will Fight You" up to the camera lens.
     If you thought her entrance line of "I'm just here to fight!" was played purely
    for laughs, ooooh bitch.
    For the mini-challenge, Rupaul was joined by Andy Cohen and conflate. Which means, quote,
    "conflict plus drama. That equals dollar signs!". They did a dance-off to Ru's
    "Lady Cowboy". They were given 20 minutes to assemble a "country" look and boost
    her plays on iTunes. The Vixen
    was named the winner of the challenge in a tie with Asia O'Hara.
    The winners were named team leaders of the maxi challenge called a "pharma-Rusical,"
    which means a RuPaul-branded musical parody of modern pharmaceuticals and the ads that
    push them. They chose their teams and Eureka was last standing and landed on Team Asia.
    Asia said "she talks a lot." And that she did. "Can I suggest something?" "Can
    we just read through it out loud?" "Can we have a team name?" She should've let
    the team lead do their job.
    Meanwhile The Vixen took a more autocratic approach and assigned the roles outright.
    Alyssa Edwards surprised the girls as guest choreographer for the pharma-Rusical. Team
    Asia prepared their moves in advance and seemed like a shoe-in for the win.
    Team The Vixen wasted valuable rehearsal time talking about the Cracker/Aquaria conflict
    and showed up unprepared. Blair St. Clair showed us that her dancing is not a threat
    – even though she claimed it to be – and her acting fell flat.
    Halsey was a guest job along with Top Chef host Padma. The musical was a flop.
    The runway challenge was "Best Drag" and I have some concerns. In nine seasons of this
    show, we've been brought to our knees over and over by the stunning, innovative creations
    of much lesser queens than those assembled on this runway. There were lots of uninspired
    body suits.
    The Vixen was declared the winning team and she was named the winner of the maxi-challenge.
    Eureka was scolded for her terrible lip sync and she revealed her anxiety over making a
    comeback. She sent both Kalorie and Eureka to lip sync for their lives to "Best of
    My Love" by Emotions.
    Kalorie's lip syn was empty compared to Eureka's and she sashayed away.
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