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    hey everyone welcome back to my channel so today we are going to be reviewing
    and talking about the first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race Season ten I'm not
    really gonna talk about like Christina Aguilera being on there because I mean
    that was cool and all but that's not really the point I just want to talk
    about the episode itself the looks and what I thought of the Queen no no we are
    going to it get started I'm just making sure my camera is still recording
    but before we get into the review of the show I want to tell you guys about the
    lashes I'm trying out today they are the would I lie effortless
    lashes from above more lashes they come in this nice little plastic case to keep
    them in and with their lash glue I really like the lash glue so far it is
    like truly invisible and these are like a no trim no fuss no measuring kind of
    lashes and I got them in my Influenster box at this month so I will be reviewing
    these on my Instagram and all that will be linked down below so let's get
    started so the first Queen I wanna talk about these new Rita she is back from
    her injury of season 9 I'm not really like I was kind of underwhelmed I really
    thought that she was coming up in a look that was a little bit different I mean I
    understand the Phoenix reference but like I felt like the makeup was too dark
    and we weren't seeing like a lot of her face and we all know that she can paint
    beautifully so I was a bit thrown off by how dark the makeup was I think it
    really took away from the beauty that is your Rika I did like her runway look
    with the donuts I'll try and have pictures somewhere in here in case you
    haven't seen the episode yet you just want to get caught up I did enjoy her
    drag on a dime that's my favorite challenge it's the drag on time because
    I think it really shows like how you can make something from nothing um but I
    liked her donut look and on the like voguing a runway with all the other
    Queens I was really kind of let down because I really know that like Eureka
    can turn the party and she dances in Chetan you know splits and all these
    things and I understand with her leg like it's really hard to do all of that
    still but I think like she could have worked with it a little bit more I think
    she just has to get over that fear of like hurting herself again the next one
    I have on my list is Cameron Michaels I love her already like muscle Barbie all
    the way I I loved her look I know people keep comparing her to Kelly mantle but I
    don't I mean she kind of looked like her with the hair but that's the only
    similarity I got from them um I want more from her I thought her look was
    cute I thought she did really good on the runway the dragon the time was it
    was okay it was kind of cute it was very creative I thought it was much more
    creative than some of the other girls and like it definitely was like a safe
    look like I wouldn't put it in the top and I wouldn't put it in the bottom but
    I really want to see more from her I want to see more makeup skills I want to
    see more of what she does I think she could be really interesting
    kind of like an underdog next we have aquaria I am a fan of aquaria on
    Instagram but really her attitude in this first episode and I know people are
    like it's his drama it's just scripted like they're over it I'm just over it
    like girl bye like the whole makeup thing but her
    between her and Mitch cracker I don't think it was that similar like yeah they
    both had Finn I broke but I think the looks were completely different like
    aquaria had want like a doll look and miss crackers was more theatrical I
    don't know I think she just kind of needs to get knocked down a little bit
    because people put her up on a pedestal I think that she needs to like kind of
    get over herself and we'll see how it goes like who the rest of the season but
    I really think I think she's a good contender I just think she needs to get
    over herself a little bit um next is vixen I wasn't super excited about her
    at first I did not like her interns look I mean I got the whole like Chicago
    references and stuff but it did look very scrapbook II and I didn't really
    like it and it kind of fell apart but I did like her main runway look with the
    pool noodles I thought that was really cool it looked very neon but yeah I
    think that's all I have to say about her I don't I'm kind of excited I know if
    you guys watched untuk she is gonna be the the pot stirrer like just previews
    for this next episode it's gonna get heated I think this is gonna be like a
    season of shade like last season everyone got along and even season eight
    like for the most part they got along but like since season seven like violet
    and pearls really haven't had like a lot of shade
    and now I think we're gonna have all the shade and I think that gave us to get
    ratings up I'm sure but um it just makes a show more interesting whoa
    next we have Monique Hart oh my god her Queen of Hearts look for me was the
    winner I think she should have won a because she made hair out of it no
    trespassing signs like who has the creativity to do that I thought that was
    gorgeous I loved her entrance look the gold and the moving like when she moved
    it moved I think it really created like a nice silhouette but that Queen of
    Hearts look on her like I think that just put her above so many people I want
    to recreate the makeup she did and I think she's gonna be in the top four
    then we have a Monet exchange I didn't like her runway like with like bubbles
    and the sponges and like I understood the concept when she explained it but I
    didn't really like it was okay but I thought was kind of ugly but I loved her
    entrance look like the rosie the riveter the little bodysuit super cute with the
    broom it was memorable and that's what I think is so important is like even if
    you don't win you have to be memorable on the show or it's not gonna work like
    where Sasha Belle we don't know like you know I think if you have to make that
    good impression right from the start either you have to be a famous from the
    show or even the infamous from the show okay Asia
    she is so fishy I love it that is the one of my mom actually watch a show with
    me this time and I was trying to like explain terms to her and she was like
    she looks like a woman and I was like that means she's fishy so it's always
    fun like watching with your parents and trying to explain to them drag terms
    that they don't really understand but I loved the white leather fringe look I
    thought it was it looked gorgeous on her skin with the hair her makeup was
    beautiful I want to see more from her I kind of liked her runway look some
    people that they weren't liking it um I like that she used the basket I thought
    that was really creative and then the rest of a look I don't know it did
    Kyle's like trash Don together but it didn't look like jiggly caliente trash
    Gordon together kind of look I thought was cute sure looks like a pinata or
    something okay Blair had me gagged like when she first walked in i was like
    okay she's cute she's young she's fresh um you know a very a Broadway baby but
    then when she walked out on the runway and that like dark lady thing the visors
    as the skirt I died my mom was like that's your winner right there like my
    mom calls it she said Blair is gonna take the whole thing and we'll see if
    she's right but I think she showed so much
    versatility you straight away that it's already showing the judges like this is
    what I can do you want more of me because you want to see what I can do so
    I hope she keeps that up she has definitely um like my Dark Horse winner
    I think she could definitely make Table four
    and then my picked away miss cracker I freaking adore her I am subscribe to
    our YouTube channel review what the jus is my new favorite show but I love her
    makeup flipbook like I'm I'm making one of those now that was so smart to have
    that in there for ideas and inspiration when your inner brush I freaking love it
    umm let's see I said she's my top form we could to win I love her just design
    abilities and the way she took the Hat and turned it into the collar of the
    shirt she had on and then the skirt was a shower curtain and just her mannerisms
    and her humor it's just amazing I mean she is bob the drag queens of drag
    daughter so did you expect anything less than absolute like perfection and
    creativity I wasn't a big Bob fan but as time goes on I'm slowly falling in love
    with her then we have calorie carbee - Ian and Williams aye I liked
    her entrance look I mean it wasn't anything super special like it was a
    sheer bodysuit with black underneath it and whatever but I thought she looked
    very glamorous I thought she looked very put together um and like maybe that's
    her style just like looking very simple but very like so glamorous with like the
    long hair I think she's gonna tap into a lot of
    Kardashian references so I mean you could tell with like the momager here on
    the runway I hope she does like to stray away from it but for the first episode
    it's like this my brand and that's what they always talk about so I think she's
    adorable I wasn't super excited about her money dress
    but I don't think it should have been in the bottom I think it should have been
    but yeah that's really all I have to say about it her makeup skills are gorgeous
    um okay dusty red bottoms I was kind of in about like I did like the entrance
    look but it did look very discombobulated I think if she didn't
    wear the gloves that I would have been like okay this is this is a really good
    look because I think the gloves made it look too pageanty I was not a fan of her
    look on the runway I definitely agreed with Michelle that costumey and I don't
    really like the dots on her face I mean I know that's her thing but it's kind of
    I don't know I'm all for weird but that one just seemed like not a great way to
    represent yourself on the very first one like to walk in and where the dots I get
    but then after that I feel like you should wear a different makeup look to
    show them like especially RuPaul versatility right from the jump
    um and I put dusty in the bottom two honestly I was not super thrilled about
    her look and then we have a UI Hamasaki and oh my god biological woman in and
    out of drag they keep saying she's like the Asian Bianca Del Rio and I can
    totally see that but out of drag she is gorgeous like her teeth are amazing her
    hair is amazing like that's her hair I love I love it
    I wasn't super thrilled with the caution tape dress I thought it was kind of new
    but I think it kind of got like overlooked because of the whole awk joke
    not landing if you haven't seen the episode you want someone to talk about
    but I definitely am putting you in my top four
    oh sure I think she's really gonna turn some lugs and be very funny because
    she's very quick-witted I think she's just gonna like take it all then we have
    Vanessa I was not super thrilled at the doll look I was kind of like I think
    we've kind of seen it before I kind of remind me of the Hello Kitty challenge
    where people just kind of stuck Hello Kitty on the costumes they already had I
    would put her in the bottom two I did love her entrance run her entrance look
    though the gold with the collar and the very queenly kind of look I thought that
    was very cool my mother is calling me um I'm surprised she didn't she'd better
    being from the matéo house but she still is very young and I really haven't
    wanted to see more from her but maybe she will be brought back as the you know
    like the bring back challenge hopefully she'll come back because I think she's
    super funny and then we have a mayhem Miller I don't think she should have won
    I think either Monique or Blaire should've won
    Emma how I feel about her she's definitely a pro her entrance luck was
    pretty but I didn't like the wig and I think that she's kind of getting like a
    pass because she has tried for so long and so many of her sisters have been on
    the show um I'm really interested to see what else she does and hope she doesn't
    rest on this first challenge one because that can can hurt you so from my top
    four I am going to say that Blair cracker Monique and Uwe are going to be
    the top four of the season and that might change as I do these videos come
    in do these every week and my bottoms I think the nest next people are going to
    go home are going to be dusty kaleriya Vanessa obviously are you at home
    and maybe a query a very unpopular opinion um but my final thoughts I love
    that they brought untucked back that's incredible I freakin love watching
    untucked because that's where all the drama really happens and I'm living for
    it already so if you guys have loved it the first episode of this season or you
    hated it or whatever I'll leave a comment down below tell me what you
    thought make sure you subscribe and I will see you guys next time
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