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Review + First Impression Peripera Inklasting Pink cushion

Review + First Impression Peripera Inklasting Pink cushion
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    So, today I want to make a review Inklasting pink cushion from Peripera
    A days ago, I bought the product to make this review
    and now, I have the packet in my hand
    So, let's open the packet
    I bought this product from shopee the store name is onniebeauty
    I will put the store name and the price in the description box below
    I buy the eyebrow pencil too
    I think this eyebrow pencil super good and I love it!
    This is my everyday eyebrow pencil, so I will not review this product
    Okay, like before I start from the packaging
    The outside packaging is made from plastic
    and at the top of the packaging written Ink cushion peripera
    I am sorry for the lightning
    Now let's move to the inside of the product
    There is a mirrror, so it's helpfully
    the puff is very cute, it have a polkadot motive
    The cushion still seal
    So, this inklasting cushion have 3 colour with a different fungtion
    Pink, mint, and lavender
    I think my skin compatible with this pink colour
    Because pink colour compatible with pallid skin like me
    The finished look our skin will have a natural brightening pink filter
    The mint colour compatible to combination to oilness skin
    The finished look our skin look matte
    Lavender colour for normal to dry skin
    the finished look our skin look dewy
    So, choose that appropriate with your skin
    My skin is a normal type so I choose this pink colour
    If I buy the normal to dry skin I afraid my skin would be very dry
    I buy the pink beige colour is it number 2 is it not very bright
    I don't want my skin look very brightening so I don't buy the Ivory colour
    ahhh I forgot to tell you guys that Peripera Inklasting cushion contain SPF50+
    so, is it worth it rite, to protect us from the sun
    I think this product very worth it with the price that not very expensive
    especially, peripera is a product that people in korea usually use it so, it's proven
    Now I will show you guys my face that use cushion and not
    Wahh, very brightening
    This product so good your face feel like moisturize
    the tekstur very nice and not heavy
    I recommended this product for a normal skin
    The finished look really good as you guys can see
    the left cheek will look more natural glowing than the right cheek
    So, that's it my review for today
    The store name and the price is in the description below
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