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    let me see if we are are we online I think we are online more hello Youtube
    my name is Ricardo lino and I'm a wheel addict hi everyone I'm Raymond Fischer
    also known as Moe okay so let me tell you we today we were going to start
    streaming in ten minutes it's like eight minutes only so if you didn't start
    watching this from the beginning it's your own fault because if you were
    subscribing to this channel and if you would have clicked that Bell but and you
    would have got a notification so it's not my fault I'm sorry about that you
    may start two minutes okay so anyway what we're gonna do today Moe okay so as
    you all know well as I know Ricardo is a legend and legends use legions so yeah
    okay let me get mine I can't stay behind so these this is
    what's this it's the most affordable urban inline skate guys absolutely it's
    not just the most affordable urban inline skate essentially basically we
    are at lino skate shop we open the skate shop officially almost a week ago it was
    last Friday and not just from this shop even from the shop before this was the
    most affordable skate that we have in South Africa it costs one thousand and
    five hundred but if you are in Europe you can get them from around 70 80 euros
    something like that which what do you think of this I personally love it man
    so someone yesterday posted a comment yeah that's that's just a little
    interruption here and there's visca endo hi guys and then dragons got fire first
    like what else we got here they got a little bow that's love
    to the Mexico a Mexico thank you and I guys so here this Kate like I was saying
    it's actually the most affordable skating yesterday basically the person
    that I trust the most when it comes to skate Kiki his name is Camila is from
    Poland when I posted this skate on on the lino skate shop Facebook it replied
    saying that that frame is actually amazing I've been using that frame for a
    while I've tried several frames from even from other parts but skates and it
    this one it's been holding for over a year so it seems cool to me what can I
    tell them yes the wheels are used because I used them already and he saw
    the first time that I use them yeah it's it's what can I say basically I can
    slide them I would I won't say it's the same as an imperial which is the art the
    most known art boot skate from power slide but it's actually really really
    cool it has some some pros and some cons but we'll go there in a second so I'll
    let Moe talk a little bit more about the skate but do you like the most about the
    skate or what deep what do you don't like about this case is there anything
    that you don't really like about this case ok firstly I'm gonna we all of
    course we start by throwing everything that we like about the skate would be
    mentioned first then of course getting back to the not the negative side but a
    little bit about the things that we dislike about the skate so personally
    before we even get into the Legion I personally only pay of powerslide cons
    it is a above average urban scale but what I noticed was that the frames that
    come on the bailiff Legion is the exact same frame that came on the first power
    slide a little graphic rod yeah of course with a different graphic while I
    was playing and of course the name was on the PS con but I've been using that
    frame for not too long but I've used it and I can personally say it is a very
    good frame it's the boot itself it is very stuff I haven't used the
    but before I can watch on that side but the frame from me personally this is
    amazing film this is a video for this case something which is really important
    so you see mo talking about frames and about boots why is he talking about that
    because these well this is a 165 month for such an affordable skate like I just
    said before around 70 80 bucks I think it's around 70 or 80 I don't really know
    exactly but for such an affordable skate you mentioned you can get these and you
    can make these these would be possible highly possible so this is a 165 frame
    it's a SUV watch this is 5 frame and this skate like I just said it also has
    a 165 mount so that also means that if you're starting most of the times that's
    when you're gonna have a worst posture or like our worst position of your food
    basically a lot of times people don't put their feet the way they should and
    if your frame doesn't allow you to adjust it that can make it even worse
    because you can put your feet like completely leaning on the the inside of
    the wheels are on the outside of the wheels and if you are able to adjust it
    usually when you have an ax when you can change the frame you can also adjust it
    to the sides which means that I could I would be able to pull this frame more to
    one side and or more to the other side making it a lot better for someone which
    is starting so that's for me a really positive thing about this gate also what
    I like a lot is that this kit actually comes with with the sliders it's an
    urban skate so yeah they got it guys so as you guys know that from what Rakata
    just said yes because it is a very affordable cheap skate it does not mean
    that the frames aren't interchangeable so basically you can customize this
    after you purchased it because the frame can be removed it's actually imported
    with two bolts one in the front one in the back axle sorry one in the front
    in the back of them I'll show the motion Ettore oh if they can see there's a yeah
    basically these trances and there's a whole there's the screw that goes here
    from the frame to the boot for someone which is really a beginner and the same
    in the back those two bolts are far apart 165 millimeters so there's two
    names for these type of frame mounting some people call it 165 some other
    people called SSM I don't really know what the other s means but I know that
    one of them means short and the other ones means mount so the first one I
    don't really know short skate mount short if someone knows
    please let us know in the comment anyway let me just interrupt to say there's a
    few shout outs here for roller gasm Gusman for a crystal Jan uh what else
    hey Bret there's a South African skater is there his breath he wants to buy
    these skates he sends me a whatsapp message yesterday and it just told us
    the following quit playing with my new skates come and get them we still have
    no I'm not gonna lie about these skates I'm gonna be as honest as I can
    basically as you guys as you guys know and we already stated in this video I on
    a skate shop which is where we are which is where Moore works Moe is basically
    the guy at the skate shop all day dealing with everyone I'm usually here
    too but he's the one with everyone we realized that we had too many of these
    skates we weren't selling it because of the price so I'm not gonna lie about it
    the main reason why I took these skates was let me try them why aren't we
    selling them and the reason why we're making this video it's because I really
    believe that they are a good skate I'm not trying to sell you something mainly
    because most of you guys won't even buy it from us but the truth is I tried it
    it feels like a solid boot yes again there's some things that I don't like
    that much but we'll go there in a second okay now keep going on the Brazil come
    back to Brazil and bring mo
    in Brazil soon I need to sort out my passport first yeah I love you watching
    from Portugal way we worry dragons got fire who is really dragons got fired
    because ultimate super to gauge pretend dragons got fire who are you - yo Marty
    no check we got here hey Janie so keep going there's three things there I like
    a little bit less about these skates and then there's some other things that
    actually surprised me in a good way the thing that I liked less in this skate is
    the top buckle basically it's the same ratchet as a 45 degree and the same in
    the top but the one that works here in the middle of your foot - 45 degree
    doesn't really affect me at all the one on top I don't feel like it's
    supportive enough so if you buy this from a skate shop whenever you buy it if
    you have the opportunity to get it with the extra buckle with a stiffer stronger
    buckle maybe just a button from an aggressive skate there will be a huge
    improvement for your skate especially if you're going to be skating it with
    something like this if you're gonna be skating it with a big wheel frame like
    if you're gonna make these a try skate even if it's off-road or just the
    regular even if it's just 100 millimeter wheels it's gonna be a little bit higher
    and that good buckle is gonna give you some extra support that you are going to
    need that's one of them then the second thing that I don't like that much but
    does it really affect me at all it's not adding a bolt in the cuffs it's just I
    don't know maybe just because I come from aggressive skating I have a big
    aggressive skating background and I remember seeing the having changeable
    cuff as an evolution now seeing a skate like without it without the possibility
    of changing the cuff somehow makes me think like a baby it's not that good but
    I didn't have a problem with that and then the
    that I after skating it especially last Tuesday which is the skating night here
    at the Shred the waterpark where is the skate a lot I took this case to the park
    I felt the wheels are a little bit slower I have to admit the wheels are a
    little bit slower especially because I'm used to matter wheels and under cover
    and under cover is my matter so I'm used to really really good wheels so maybe
    just me being a spoiled brat like the wheels slide really good not they're
    creepy but at the same time I can't slide with them as I would with some
    spinner wheels the ones that come the wheels that come on the power slide
    appears and I guess that's it now there's other good things but I'm gonna
    let most speak first and then I'm gonna go back to try and see what we got here
    yeah so as you guys know that we explained that the skate is actually
    interchangeable way by you can actually change the frame one thing that you
    gotta actually I'm gonna emphasize on that and we actually failed to mention
    that you can use this for downhill you can use this for you guys so this frame
    could work here so imagine both together that would be the difference see the
    saddle the the difference in the wheelbase this would be a lot longer
    which means it's lots it's a lot more stable yeah a lot more grip - way more
    grip as you guys know so yeah so for those of you guys is basically starting
    off Daniel and you are put to afraid or maybe scared of falling and scuffing
    you're awesome skates that you're currently using this is a super
    affordable skate and as you guys know like I just said it's interchangeable
    and you can of course use it for some downhill fun okay there's there's the
    thing that we were practicing before this check this out check this we got to
    be fancy now
    we were practicing we were practicing this now going back to first just I'm
    coming to you okay so what we got here one Diwali l.joe Gatito okay kazoos
    these skates cost around I don't know in Mexico but I know that you can get them
    in Mexico I think it's roller Corp the
    distribution for power slide and they can get these kids I know that this case
    in Europe are around said like I don't want to say like I 70s low 80s
    heroes something like 100 bucks something like 100 dollars something
    like that and they really worth it now let's see what else
    hello sir I want to ask you if you knew or the Rose cell inline skates
    Jonathan figures I don't know can you please tell us what that is
    we never did you ever heard about Rozelle in landscape oh no it's actually
    the first time he about them okay Landon is telling me that he needs to show you
    this move wait let's did you move again wait give
    me a second leave me a second okay mo
    okay so now I'm gonna keep going with what I was saying that I like about this
    case so and now they're really good thing about this cake in my opinion is
    the shock absorber this red thing that is here on the side it's just like most
    of the urban skates if you take the liner off let me first take the liner
    which I didn't took it yet oh that's a good thing
    the reason why I didn't take the liner ha can I tell you it's a very good liner
    yeah the reason rising declines because I
    actually like it and again I'm actually if you watch the video yesterday I most
    of us right when it comes alive I got access to basically all the liners and I
    still kept this one so I can't really complain about it now check this out
    this thing here it's rubber and this rubber piece goes inside the skate and
    that's the little arrows let me see if I can put it back on now but it's kind of
    like a soft thing that's why it doesn't flip we good good
    don't tell me that I'm gonna make a fail a live fail no it's not good so keep
    going oh yeah so that piece is actually the piece of silicone nice soft rubber
    actually helps absorb all the vibration of skating on a half a terrain so tool
    of course eat the wheels through the frame into the boot it will absorb
    through the little piece of cushioning type of silicone rubber thing and output
    absorb being there vibration okay something else which is a positive thing
    going wait what camel said camel again it's
    the Polish guy that I just told you when it comes to going to skates on detail is
    like super super accurate and yesterday when we posted about this skate on Lima
    skate shop Facebook it told us that this cruise on D skate are actually really
    nice and they are if you look at it let me try to show it I know it's not gonna
    be in focus but they are some of those really really deep ones so basically you
    can put the allen key yeah the allen key really really dipping it which which
    actually helps a lot yeah avoid stripping the screw and and that's not
    something that any skater lives I'm skipping the ball in your friend and now
    that's what I see see this type of thing it doesn't happen you don't see these
    that soft when the line is when the liner is in when you don't have the line
    you see that probably cuff both would make a difference yeah
    yes another thing that you can also change you can also just get it from any
    aggressive skate and just put the cuff pole yeah now should we look at the
    liner yeah let's look at the liner guys it has it like super it's not it's
    nothing special it's just really really basic but it has this print underneath
    which is cool I like it goes with if you want to be fancy you can show your
    friends that your frame and your not make anything wrong here I don't know if
    it's on purpose but you tell me yeah you might be able to just push the inner
    sole on that frame and nice comes with it comes with a super basic insole the
    materials I'm gonna be as honest as I can here to these materials doesn't seem
    like it's gonna last a lot I don't know it's comfortable again like I just told
    you the material on top it's strong it seems like it's strong the liner is
    comfortable it's it's not too puffy it's not really really thick which sometimes
    it's good for escape like this when you have like a thick liner that will give
    you a lot more support like we said in the video yesterday then it is a it's
    not a walkable liner but the material that it is and the meat is actually like
    this it seems to be quite usable guys so if you may be meaning to the mall to buy
    some groceries on you on your skates you can pop them out you can walk in on the
    towels and I'm pretty sure throw in the phone damage so in South Africa we don't
    use public transportation because you don't but but over like a lot of places
    in the world like in Barcelona as an example if you go anywhere by metro they
    do not let you go with your skates by metro o Indies you can actually walk
    it's actually like you can ever I believe that with ease you can even
    step on glass of course you're not gonna jump on glass with this but you can but
    yeah I guess that's it that again these materials doesn't seem like if I think
    if there's something pointy inside the liner it might be like it might not last
    that long I guess that's it yeah but the liner seems to be real little stuff and
    also the pattern that's actually outside on the liner I think they made that for
    reason so it doesn't actually slip inside the boot so it seems really Wow
    guys for the price point on the skate go and get some and now check this out if
    the basically the scale review it's almost over but if you made it this far
    I have something for you I'm gonna show you something each
    favorite dress can you I can't read this now so basically Bret the guy that was
    the skate is just buying skates already
    okay so if you made it this far I'm gonna show you something that I really
    want to do some caps and some shirts and so you tell me if you like it or not you
    can't really see it because it's not going to be in focus but basically if
    you ever saw if you ever saw the one of the first Macintosh they're the first
    Apple logos it's just like an apple the one with all the colors and the rainbow
    colors yeah yeah with the rainbow colors and then it says think different
    basically this is like a really old-school draw of a four wheel skate
    it's not it's not a rollerblade skate it's actually was actually an made by me
    so I don't let me see if I can see it like super retro with all the colors and
    then it says skate different in the exact same foot I would like to have
    some caps done and some maybe some polo shirts with a little low
    so far nothing too big just like something this crit but I like it I know
    you tell me if you like it the idea or not all it's cool apples exactly that
    was it yeah so as you guys saw that logo Israel it could work as you all know
    that we all skate different I guess and I keep saying the same it's just
    like a lot of people say that skating is not in the higher state that it has ever
    been man what can you do make it appealing like
    make people like what you do of course it'll do it for the others but if you
    like more if you want more people doing what we do doing what you do you need to
    make it look the best you can it's just I think it's an obvious thing
    right if you have only some points I'm a father knife I want my my daughter to do
    something I'm gonna show her the best that I can about something to make it
    want that I'm not gonna show her the bad thing so it's I'm not telling you to
    avoid showing her to anyone but try to make skate as good as you can or try to
    do your own thing somehow I don't know I guess you need to put your own little
    bit of spice and twist to it yeah exactly let's ask a different gas and
    let's just see what do we have here not exactly from Portugal from Denmark but
    we have a place in porch because that's what Dragons got fire just told me
    because these first set Portugal so maybe dragons got fire is in Portugal
    right now but they are from Denmark I should be in Portugal I didn't told you
    yet did I ok I should be near by the end of May early early June so you're gonna
    be working alone at the shop Israel is my seat sexy wheels on that frame let's
    see what else we got here follow come on follow Instagram eat done my turn let's
    ok ok because they made nice fun yeah
    111 woo may know if you heard that guys give that guy a follow show some love
    because that's what we all do as skaters skating and we love what we do and I
    guess that's it guys I guess we're coming to an end
    well let's see what else I heard Moe does real haha okay so Moe let's make I
    got a challenge for Moe right now here live he said to me before these later
    likes freestyling so let's see how much does he like free stuff so Moe once I
    made we made it the first play rail the one that we also made a video like three
    days ago we already at people let me show you something I did I told you
    yesterday that we got a message of someone saying that they already made a
    rail oh yeah yeah okay so someone sent me someone sent me a video let me see if
    I find it I don't know if whatever I did get it probably I got it through
    Facebook I don't really know where let's see give me a second yes so someone
    yesterday sent me this picture which is a few cans here too but someone made the
    exact same rail that we made the video and he said that the rail is cool we
    should have said something that we didn't we didn't say the measurements
    for the wood that's what I said I don't believe I don't think that's a
    problem the reason why we didn't say the length of the wood it's because then you
    can do it the way you want obviously there's all all those pieces of wood are
    going to be the structure of the piece of PVC that you F so if you have a 4
    meters PVC you can make a 4 meters rail if you find the wood with 4 meters
    that's why we didn't really say the distance but anyway he also his name is
    Mitchell sister of mr. Mitchell mr. Michael Michaud sister and he sent me a
    clip of him doing a contract so let's put that kind run playing here alright
    if you can't really see it but basically he said that he started skating not too
    long ago he made a trail so it can learn and they send me a clip of a kind right
    so now that mo knows one of the tricks let's see if you remember the last 12
    that's the challenge that are going to say
    because II learned quite a lot of Brad's let's see mo how many rides done with
    the grinds okay so it's actually a makya with Sol amis ooh a Shibboleth it is a
    Maki Oh a soul acidy mizu appoints the top side porn fish brain and yeah all of
    those things I just mentioned topside and of course the kind I install he's
    the one that caught me a bit but and then the one that you have the real here
    you go like this no backside yeah both sides just like reading you into the
    aggressive scene bathroom with recorder on my side I really appreciate being
    around him like most of the time the best part of my job is actually being
    around this guy come on like like learning everything that he does so I
    learnt a few grinds in I'm not gonna say in under whatever time but I learned a
    few grinds very quickly and if you guys insist we'll make a video and show you
    guys what's up we'll make a video we'll make a few versions about it cuz
    yesterday someone posted one of the comments that they did on that videos
    like come on let's see mo doing those runs so now we got to make this video
    stay tuned but the challenge needs to continue you know the names now we need
    to get more we need to test this memory so the challenge I believe that you can
    do more so the challenge won't be 13 but the challenge will be to make mo do 20
    grinds so let's see I'm gonna let's see if mo after after Easter from Monday
    from Monday let's see if you can we can do a video with you in one session
    inside the shop doing 20 grinds 20 that's 2-0 guys that's 2 times 10
    witnessed 20 guides for someone who started about six months ago doing 20
    grinds and I got this okay so there's the ends up for you from Alex and I
    would love to study they said I would say so static Alex so study and ever
    tailor the rail video school Thank You Edward Lanza let's see more
    doing his thing he's gonna do his thing is gonna do this
    thing with 20 grands let's see someone wants young ero says that he wants to
    see the logo that I just show you I'm gonna show you again just because he
    made it this far in the video I'm gonna show you this logo again and he wants to
    see these in a long sleep it's a skate different and it's basically a retro
    skate yeah if you didn't get to see that if we done with the livestream watch the
    video again please pause when it comes today and then you can have a awesome
    look at the logo okay and I guess that's it I'm starting to look too much to the
    computer to see all the comments I tried to interact as much as I could with
    everyone if you didn't watch this yeah well what's the best way that's let's
    see both doing your dance I'm just gonna stop and watch just kind of stop and
    watch this do the dance that's the reason if you are not subscribing if you
    didn't press on the bell on the side of that subscribe after subscribing that's
    the reason why I didn't watch this video from the beginning because we started
    two minutes okay guys thank you so much and let's see if Moe can finish this
    video okay so thank you all for joining thanks for the likes and comments if you
    did enjoyed this video give us a thumbs up if you didn't enjoy this video give
    us a thumbs down but please let us know what you did not enjoy your bath so we
    can change it in the next one also don't forget guys show some love by
    subscribing to this channel and more important than anything else like we
    make all these things about this gate about whatever you can do here whatever
    shirts you can make but in the end that doesn't really matter what it does
    really matter is you should never forget why we started skating because it's fun
    and it doesn't matter if you have these gates if you have the oldest skates you
    can find if you have gold skates it doesn't really matter as long as you
    have fun that's the most important yeah and another small little message
    from me safety is number one priority and skate to the future not for the now
    cheers guys