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Phone Selfie Ring Light Review - BMK Selfie Ring Light on Amazon

Phone Selfie Ring Light Review - BMK Selfie Ring Light on Amazon
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    photography bag to take it so what you
    can do vlogs while you're on the go if
    you're trying to take selfies and
    parties if you're out and about you
    don't need to have a power plug for this
    at all so it's not tethered to anything
    it doesn't reduce the power of your
    phone it's not plugged into your trip
    into the charger on your phone so you're
    not draining battery of any other device
    other than the device itself which is
    awesome so the other awesome features of
    this guy is that it actually has an
    adjustable brightness setting so to
    adjust the lighting you turn the device
    on it's gonna automatically turn on the
    very first time in full brightness mode
    if you then push and hold the button
    again and hold it down it starts to go
    down in brightness until it's at the
    very bottom so that's a very bottom
    setting if you want it to go back up you
    push and hold it down again and the
    brightness starts to increase back up to
    maximum the cool thing is is that
    anytime you need to adjust the
    brightness up or down once it's on
    it's simply just pushing and holding to
    go down to the level that you're looking
    for let's say you went a little bit too
    far you let go push and hold again and
    it starts going back up to higher
    brightness so it allows you to kind of
    change the lighting on the fly based on
    your needs which is really great some of
    the other great features about this like
    I said is that you can use this in
    multiple different ways one obviously
    the main reason that it's built for is
    to clip it on to your cell phone just
    like this you can also clip it on to a
    laptop which is really really useful
    just like this and you can also clip it
    on to anything else if you would need to
    get light somewhere else so let's say
    for example you are you know you've got
    your small tripod out or you've got a
    mirror or maybe you're doing a makeup
    stream on a mirror you can clip this to
    a mirror you can clip this to you know a
    small branch if you're in the trees or
    whatever so you can really put this
    thing anywhere you need it to get light
    and one of the other cool ways that I
    found out to use this is if you use a
    camera that's got a flip-out screen you
    can also clip it to the screen to give
    yourself the same lighting scenario as a
    ring light on your phone so you can
    actually use this on a much nicer camera
    if your camera has a flip-out screen
    feature inside the clip itself there's
    two silicon little bands on the inside
    what helps you which helps you get a
    good grip on your laptop of your cell
    phone so it doesn't slide off or fall
    off if you're moving around alright guys
    so that's it that's the BMK selfie ring
    light review hopefully that was helpful
    for you and maybe it's something that
    you're interested in if you are I put a
    link in the description below to Amazon
    where you can check it out learn more
    about it and even pick one up for
    yourself but if you have any questions
    please feel free to ask in the comments
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    than that guys thanks for watching
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