Nutrigood™ Low Sugar Snax Review

Nutrigood™ Low Sugar Snax Review
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    JEN: Hi, I'm Jen. I work in Merchandising, and today I'm
    reviewing the Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax.
    I've been feeding these treats my horses now for a few months
    and they've really become my preferred choice.
    I really like that they're low in sugars and starches and don't
    contain any artificial colors or flavors.
    And the best part is that my horses absolutely love them.
    What really differentiates these treats from some of the others
    that I've tried in the past is that they're not crumbly at all.
    So I use these treats a lot when I'm doing groundwork
    with my horses, or even when I'm in the saddle so I always have
    some in my pockets and I really like that they don't leave
    a trail of crumbs behind. These treats are perfect for any
    rider who's looking for a low sugar option that their
    horse will love. I also really like that these treats come
    in a resealable bag so they always stay really fresh.
    I'm Jen, and your horse will love the Nutrigood
    Low Sugar Snax.
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