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New Prime Bow! Full Review of the 2018 Logic

New Prime Bow! Full Review of the 2018 Logic
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    Hi guys Dan Pickar here with Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal. Today we're gonna
    take a look at the Prime Logic. It's new for 2018.
    Man it's a compact a little
    bugger. It's not really that little 31 inch axial axial but it's a nice compact
    bow. I almost feel like I could put it in my back pocket but they changed a lot
    this year. As you can see you don't see that with Prime is we have the split
    limb now. All their other bows from previous years or solid limbs. Actually
    brought the Centergy with me. Here's the bow from last year the Prime Centergy and
    you can see the different stance this year with the Prime Logic very wide wide
    limb pockets wide split limbs and even the dual cams are wider than what they
    were last year on the Prime Centergy right here. So that being said the Prime
    Centergy it was 33 inches axial axial and now we're 31 inches. This year we're
    still at 333 feet per second once again a compact a little bow and it's
    definitely a good shooter - one more thing that I forgot to mention is that
    you have the dual bridge riser down here by the limb pockets on each side which
    is also new for this year and so what that gives you is just a stiffer riser
    and less torquing and less flexing when you're shooting and at full draw with
    this bow you also notice this here that the brace height is 7 inches really
    forgiving and really easy to shoot very pleasurable bow to shoot. We have the
    centergy technology and what that is basically the the knocking point is
    above center of the distance between the two axles so in a result you kinda have
    a bigger cam up here and a smaller cam down here and that takes up the
    difference on the draw and the bow being able to shoot and tune above center. So
    what that does is it gives you more weight below your rest bolt and so at
    full draw it kind of just settles in right where it needs to
    be and it's it's a really stable platform and so you can't tell the
    difference and once again go down to your Pro Shop and shoot the bow because
    it's unlike any other bow that you'll shoot that's out there.
    Short bow
    a little bit stiff on the draw. It's 70 pounds so it's kind of be to be expected.
    The one thing with Prime's it has that nice limb stop on there. So you have just
    a nice rock-solid back wall which is very comfortable to me.
    I'll shoot one more here.
    Okay so we shot it a couple times. Let's go ahead and we'll move in
    and we'll shoot it through the chronograph see what kind of speeds we're getting.
    We're gonna shoot a Bloodsport Evidence 350 out of here. This
    arrow weighs 442 grains and as as always 29 inch draw length and 70 pound draw
    weight. We're about five yards or five feet from the chronograph. Let's see what kind
    of speeds we get here.
    283 283 okay we'll do one more
    Ooooh I hit my other arrow 282. Prime Logic there it is guys. It's a nice
    little bow to shoot. Be sure you like this video subscribe to our Channel and
    keep an eye out for more bow reviews coming up.
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