New The Last Jedi Deleted Scene, Star Wars Rebels Says Goodbye, and More!

New The Last Jedi Deleted Scene, Star Wars Rebels Says Goodbye, and More!
    This week we’ve got a deleted scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
    Do you really need more of a reason to watch then that?
    This is The Star Wars Show!
    From the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts Andi and Anthony!
    Hey everyone and welcome to The Star Wars Show, the only Star Wars Show on the internet
    who knows what the crushing defeat of losing a major award on national television feels like.
    It’s an honor just to be nominated.
    Of course it is!
    Let’s go to the news.
    On Friday, I will be traveling to the other side of the planet to sit down with one of
    my Star Wars best friends, Daisy Ridley, to ask her a couple of questions about Star Wars,
    live on the internet for everyone to see.
    The livestream chat begins at 6PM GMT, which is 1PM Eastern, 10AM pacific, on the Star Wars'
    Facebook page and it is to celebrate the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Digital and Blu-ray.
    But I’m not going to be the only one asking questions, oh no, you are too.
    How you may be asking your monitor in bewildered amazement?
    Well, thanks to internet video technology, you can submit your own questions on video
    to either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #AskDaisyRidley, and maybe just maybe
    you’ll see your shining face in the middle of the stream.
    I am going to submit 100 questions myself, and all of them about baking.
    I’m sure she’d love that.
    She would.
    And while we’re talking about Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    Available on digital and 4K UHD on March 13th with Digital Now and physical blu-ray and
    4K UHD on March 27th.
    The Star Wars Show has managed to get their hands on a deleted scene from the movie.
    Would you like to see it?
    I would like to see you say that street date information again.
    Rewind the video yourself on your own time, Carboni, they want to see the deleted scene.
    You’re watching The Star Wars Show!
    You call for order.
    You beat us down.
    But when your shiny neck was threatened you squealed like a whoop hog.
    The evidence blew up with the base but you and I both know the truth.
    When I put a gun to your head you shut down Starkiller shields.
    Now what would your troops do if they found out?
    Or your masters?
    Who would believe a story like that?
    You were always scum.
    Rebel scum.
    Today we have an author of all kinds of amazing Star Wars stuff with us today.
    Please welcome Cavan Scott to the show.
    It’s fantastic to be here.
    It’s slightly surreal.
    You have an extensive array of Star Wars books that you’ve worked on.
    A lot of them are centered for kids though.
    We were talking earlier about your daughters getting into Star Wars.
    What’s that like working in that sort of age group for you?
    For me, it’s a real sweet spot now because of the girls and the age they are, you know,
    nine and eleven, they discovered Star Wars for themselves.
    There was years of me going “watch this!” and their like “nah, dad.
    That’s what you watch”
    Then they found Rebels for themselves and pulled me into the room and said “is this it?"
    Is this what you’ve been talking about?”
    And from that point in its just they were in.
    So it’s really important for me to be writing for kids at the minute cause I’m seeing
    Star Wars through kid’s eyes again just as when I watched it.
    What are some of the challenges that you face when kind of putting yourself in the mindset of writing for kids?
    I think the important thing is not to talk down to kids.
    You can have fun with it.
    It was a comic before a film series for me because I started reading the Marvel comics.
    It’s really important to be working on things like the comics because I know there will
    be a lot of kids that will pick them up for the first time.
    The first thing I wrote was a Rey story, which is just so cool.
    And again, having two girls, writing for Rey was an amazing experience.
    And they were my focus group.
    I’d come in and say “do you think Rey would do this?”
    There would be moments where would go “yeah” or there would be moments and they would go
    “dad, shut up!”
    And the best thing was at New York Comic Con last year and we had kids coming up with their
    parents and the dad’s and the mom’s were saying, this is great, I’ve got them reading comics.
    What’s been your favorite one to work on?
    I think the stuff I have been writing recently for Han and Chewie.
    Writing Chewie in comics is the best thing.
    I have an entire page in my notebook of Chewie-esque lines that I can then use again.
    So you’re talking about your new story with Han and Chewie, a bunch of new books were
    just announced that you’re working on that line up with Solo: A Star Wars Story.
    Could you tell me what you have in the works?
    There’s the choose your destiny book, which is a lot of fun.
    Those books were a such a big part of me getting into reading and they said would you like
    to write one for Han and Chewie.
    Would I like to write one?
    I had no idea how to write one, that was a learning experience.
    It’s got to be a bit of a monster.
    It is, I have this big map, mind map of all the different rolls, ways you can go.
    I think it’s about 20 endings.
    Oh, wow!
    Yeah, so, it’s a lot of fun.
    I kind of picture it in my mind like when someone is tracking a serial killer and they
    got, like, strings on the wall.
    That’s pretty much what my room looks like.
    My wife walks in and is like “I don’t want to know” and walks back out again.
    So another upcoming issue of your Star Wars Adventures series is coming out on free comic book day
    Yeah, free comic book day is amazing.
    I mean, again, especially for families.
    It’s that case to get into a comic store and there’s lots of free stuff.
    And the most important free stuff, obviously, is the Han and Chewie adventure.
    Which again teams him up with 4-LOM.
    It’s the beginning of the story that goes into Adventures.
    Basically the beginning issues of Adventures being chased by the bounty hunters.
    If you get the free comic book day one you find out why they are being chased.
    Well, thank you so much for coming by.
    I’m so excited to see what you have coming out in the future.
    Thanks for having me.
    Tonight is a very big night.
    We finally get to see the finale.
    Dude, I am so nervous.
    I’m stoked.
    For me the anticipation has been building for months and months and months.
    It’s exciting to see it with the fans because I want to see what their reactions are.
    I saw it last week at Skywalker and cried like a little baby.
    This is it!
    I can’t believe it.
    It is so exciting!
    You guys, I hope you know, I really appreciate you guys.
    And the support you’ve given me over the years, I love you drive us to do better and
    tell better stories.
    You guys, the Force is so strong with you.
    I hope you enjoy this.
    I know you’ll let me know.
    [Crowd cheering]
    It was amazing, just like the entire series.
    They did a fantastic job with it.
    I absolutely loved it.
    I thought it was so exciting and so surprising.
    I feel like Dave Filoni really sort of made George proud.
    They haven’t seen it until today, except for Steve, so it’s kind of funny to watch you guys.
    I’m really enjoying it.
    It’s really great.
    The way they tied it up.
    The way they went through was emotional.
    I loved it!
    Hit the feels.
    It was just some amazing storytelling.
    That’s what I loved about it.
    It’s been a long journey and when you have a lot of people banning together for the right
    thing you can move mountains.
    And I think that’s what Star Wars is and you put together a lot of good people doing
    the right thing and you can make some magic.
    That ending, just beautiful.
    I mean, just wraps up so nicely with potential for the future.
    Uh, hi, my name is Donald Faison.
    I’m a huge fan of Star Wars Rebels.
    Where are you?
    So, how soon can we expect the Sabine Ren Ahsoka Tano show, is my question.
    [Crowd cheering]
    Would you watch that show?
    I think everybody in this audience would, Dave!
    [Crowd cheering]
    Obviously it’s intriguing.
    It would probably make a good story.
    Man, that would be a good idea.
    Um, you know I have always felt that the best stories end and then other stories begin.
    I always like that in stories.
    It’s a special thing in Star Wars.
    It’s a limitless galaxy of imagination.
    Thank you for the past four seasons.
    Please give them a round of applause.
    [Crowd cheering]
    The captain says you are a friend.
    I will not kill you.
    I really am going to miss Rebels.
    Yeah but I really like the idea of Kallus and Zeb getting into all sorts of buddy cop-esque
    shenanigans on Lira San.
    Yeah, totally!
    And Sabine…ooooh, dude, her ending was so good!
    Yeah and speaking of Sabine, last week we asked about your favorite Rebels memories,
    and Bria said that:
    That’s wonderful!
    Yeah and Bria is wonderful.
    Megan said that the show helped her communicate with a community of people through roleplaying
    and fan fiction, while Sal and his cosplaying family embraced the show from the very beginning,
    and continued to grow up with it.
    Sarah Alvarez said, “Rebels is what got me interested in The Star Wars Universe again.”
    Going on to say that she connects more with Sabine because she went from relying on herself
    to someone who trusts the people around her.
    We’re growing with the characters!
    Finally, Mike Friesen said thanks to the cast and crew of both Rebels and Recon for four
    great years of inspiration for his toy photos with many more to come.
    Thanks to everyone who shared their memories, and thank you for watching the show this week.
    And as always, remember to like the video, subscribe the channel, follow us on Twitter,
    Facebook and Instagram, talk to us in the community tab on YouTube and download the
    Star Wars app.
    We’ll see you next week!
    Thanks for watching.
    May the Force be with you.
    …my babies.
    Now you like it!
    Now you legitimately like it!
    This week!
    Nap now.
    Blah. Blah. Blah.
    Shut up, Frank!
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