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    Hello. This time I have a review of the mystery OF ALL SAD WORDS by Bill Crider. I
    wanted to read this not only because I've heard so many great things about
    Bill Crider and have read a couple of his things that I really enjoyed,
    but because Bill Crider recently died and it was quite a blow actually to me. I
    wish I'd gotten to know him better. He was on my podcast the Crime Cafe and if
    you enjoy crime fiction, I hope you'll give it a listen.
    In fact, I'll include a link to it in the bottom of this video.
    In any case, OF ALL SAD WORDS is about a sheriff named Sheriff Rhodes in a place, a
    fictional place called Blackland County in Texas, and he's such a wonderful
    character. He's very funny, kind of down homespun without being corny in the
    least. And seems to be tasked with taking care of everybody's problems, but he
    finds a way of dealing with that and there goes my phone
    Sheriff Rhodes seems to be tasked with taking care of everybody's problems, and
    maybe that's a small-town thing. Because I was thinking, "My God, how many problems
    are you supposed to take care of in this place?" I mean there's a guy who thinks
    that aliens are stealing his electricity and he doesn't call the electric company?
    He calls the sheriff? But it's I think part of the charm of this particular
    series (and it is a series) that Sheriff Rhodes is the kind of guy who tries to
    take care of everybody and at the same time he's not ... he's nobody's fool. He
    has his shortcomings and he's very upfront about those. He's old-fashioned
    and, at the same time, not a fuddy-duddy. Does anybody use that expression anymore?
    In any case, the mystery concerns an explosion at a trailer and the death of
    one of the brothers who lived there and it gets into all this stuff about
    moonshining. There's a still. There's all sorts of things going on in addition to
    the death of the brother. And I particularly loved the cover of this
    because it has guitars on it. Guitars play a kind of tangential role, I
    suppose you could say, in this particular mystery. And as to antiques, which may or
    may not be a thematic thing. I don't know, but
    Sheriff Rhodes kind of comes across as a bit of an antique himself. And I think
    that's part of his charm. So I thoroughly enjoyed the book and
    would recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries. And, as for Bill Crider, when I
    look at his picture, I can't help but think, "Why did you go and die on us?"
    That's really it for me for now, and if you'd like to buy the book, I'll include
    the link in the description below. Thanks, and I'll talk to you later!
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