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    but we can just dropped an album just like that out of nowhere just straight
    out of the oxygen in the air he's full we got a new weekend album I should say
    album it's an EP I'm sorry this had a weird release he didn't release that the
    typical you know midnight time he didn't post about it on his Twitter post burner
    on his instagram kind of anyways I don't know I'm talking with this let's just
    listen to it let's just go right into it here is the weekend my dear melancholy
    track number one call out my name
    didn't think I was gonna spend this Thursday night in my fields but here we
    are alright we can this obviously is a very moody album as you can tell from
    everything from the cover art to the title to the weekend himself this is
    what we got a buckle up for check number two
    we got some like kind of kind of vintage chords in there I like this I like where
    this is going sorry wasted times I like that one
    I like I like the beat that one that was weird is kind of like this whole album
    this theme is kind of got some 90s early thousands cores this is very interesting
    China before I was never there featuring just a full steam
    why is he doing here
    what hmm hello the weekend is done collabs with
    some really like kind of sleeping DJ's I don't pass a weird word to use but DJ's
    I really haven't made a comeback in a while his last album was mainly produced
    by Daft Punk he rose to Saperstein from the dead apparently this is crazy
    charmer 5 Hertz you also featured self-esteem lit but they also got me my
    feels hence B the weekend final fact check number 6 privilege well I was
    gonna I was gonna review rich the kids album and get late but I reviewed this
    and now I'm sad good that was good EP which obviously EPS are usually followed
    by an album so I'm very excited to see what the album has in the store but this
    I love that the weekend managed to bring just a 15 the German producer back from
    the dead thank the Lord I really liked the beats the feel this album was really
    you know the classic kind of retro field of the weekend likes to use there's only
    six tracks on this album that if I had to rate my top three triamese number one
    wasted times is number two that would too and hurt you missed number three
    those are my top three favorite songs this album I'm gonna have to rate
    certified pure pretty good if you enjoyed this music view please leave a
    like and subscribe it truly does help a time my Instagram is at better the we
    follow me for a light spam and have a great day peace out
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