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Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 + Celestion V30 & G12T75 - review

Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 + Celestion V30 & G12T75 - review
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    Hello my friends !! How are you doing? Alright !
    Doing another video about amplifiers, speakers, gears and related ...
    This time I'll talk about this amplifier that came to replace some tubes ...
    here is it ... Mesa Boogie Nomad One Hundred ... 100 Watt amp
    I would even dare to say that this amplifier is a low-budget Mark V version ...
    because they both have the same panel layout ... although this amp is older than Mark V
    The factory took advantage of the layout of this very cool amp
    So it is basically a 3 channel all tube amp, like the others Mesa/Boogie
    100 Watt amp with 4x6L6 on power, diode rectifier and 5x12AX7 tubes on preamp
    Accutronics spring reverb (no reverb tube)
    some features: clean channel with pushed switch
    Overdrive Channels 2 & 3 with vintage/modern switch
    and the famous footswitchable 5-band graphic equalizer
    Solo knob adjustment (footswitchable) to increase volume on live performance
    Rear panel: Speaker out, parallel FX loop, independent reverb per channel, 100/50 watt switch
    recording/phones jack and speaker mute ... 6 button footswitch with DIN-7 pin cable
    So ... stop talking and let's hear it !!
    My rig: Gibson Les Paul Studio, Harley Benton 2x12 Speakers
    Celestion V30 with Sennheiser E609 mic and Celestion G12T-75 with Samson mic
    Starting on clean channel ... I'll not change the adjustments while playing
    I'll just turn on and off the eq on the footswitch to show how does it sound
    So ... lets hear it !! Clean without eq first
    Turning on the Eq (audio missed !!)
    That was the clean channel ... now I'll play the second channel on vintage mode ok?
    then I'll try the channel 3 on modern mode to show you how it sounds
    first without the equalizer and then with it
    a little reverb at the end ... on channels 1 and 2 the reverb is stronger
    on channel 3 on vintage ... sorry ... modern mode
    reverb is less effective even because this channel proposal is more modern and dryer
    channel 3 without EQ and then with EQ
    light reverb
    we can see that the proposal of this amp is clearly different from rectifiers .. single, dual and triple
    his sound is very smoothly and a non agressive type
    even in modern settings
    I'll vary the EQ controls on this channel to hear the variations on his frequency range
    so ... we've heard how does his crazy EQ works ...
    changes a lot the final sound ... let me return to clean channel
    I'll do a fast test on the other channels modes ... I'm on clean channel now
    switching to pushed mode ... and decreasing the volume
    I'll do the same on channel 2 ... it's on vintage mode and I'll change to modern
    without and then with EQ
    on channel 3 I'll do the opposite ... it is on ...
    ... on modern then I'll change to vintage mode
    ops ... wrong knobs ...
    from modern to vintage ... let's hear it ... without EQ and then with it
    nice ... on vintage mode the reverb sounds better
    I'll play some dry chords to hear the reverb on vintage and modern ... check it out
    less reverb on modern ... it's related to the channel mode
    finally ... a very cool amp ... lots of sounds, versatility
    cheaper than a new Mark V for example ...
    and works really fine with good speakers and nice guitars
    you can get a great Mesa Boogie sound ... cool clean
    setting your sounds !! Ok my friends?
    thumbs up if you like ... subscribe at my channel
    questions and suggestions please write below
    and I hope to see you soon !!
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