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LOOP RDA l by GeekVape l НОВЫЙ НЕДОРОГОЙ ТОП l ENG SUBS l Alex VapersMD review 🚭🔞

LOOP RDA l by GeekVape l НОВЫЙ НЕДОРОГОЙ ТОП l ENG SUBS l Alex VapersMD review 🚭🔞
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    Okay folks. I have two news for you - one good and one bad
    I'll begin with the good one - GeekVape is back
    And the bad one - someone of you will have to spend 24$
    And we cannot continue without interaction. Leave a comment - What GeekVape products are you still using or is it a new product? It'll be very interesting to read your thoughts after some time of using GeekVape products. I'm waiting for your comments below this video
    And we're heading to a review. And as always - intro...
    Let's roll
    Hey hey hey! Hello everyone! Alex from VapersMD is here
    And i'm glad to welcome you on my channel
    Today our guest is Loop RDA by GeekVape
    RDA for single and dual coils with pseudo-bottom airflow and side air intake, with leak-proof system and BF option
    It's been a while since I received really good product from a GeekVape and this RDA suprised me. It's surprised me by the flavor and the deck. And overall guys made a great job with it
    GeekVape is back. And it's great
    Let's dive down, disassemble and assemble it back, install the coils and wick it. And after we will speak of its pros and cons
    Okay friends, let's begin. This is retail package of Loop RDA. As you can see it's sealed
    On both sides we have first opening protection stickers
    On the rear side of the package we have a description of a features, Made in China and authenticity scratch code
    Under the plastic cover we are met by the RDA itself and under this cardboard cover we will find a bag with spares
    It includes a set of spare o-rings, T-shaped screwdriver, spare screws, BF pin and 510 drip tip adapter
    Also we have a 510 drip tip with 2 o-rings
    On the bottom of the package we have User Manual and envelope with warranty information
    By the way - User manual have Russian. Allen klyuch it's written. Great(nope).
    And now a little bit of technical specs - this RDA is made out of SS and available in SS, Black, Grey and Gold colors
    It have a slot for 810 and 510 drip tips with adapter.
    Also this RDA features side air intake and kinda non-standard deck with pseudo-bottom airflow and pretty deep juice well
    Diameter of the RDA is 24mm, height without drip tip is 26mm, height with drip tip is 34mm
    And as always we start from the top and in order, where we have ultem drip tip, which is branded GeekVape
    This is non-o-ring drip tip, which is held by the o-ring inside the top cap
    And of course you can use your favorite 810 drip tips
    Moving forward we see the airflow adjustment ring with Loop engraving and airflow slots on both sides
    By turning this ring right or left you can adjust the airflow. Also this RDA have airflow for single coil option as well - if you set it that way on the opposite side the airflow slot will be blocked
    The most interesting part is - this top cap is solid piece. And for all sake - how did you manage to put the ring on it?
    Inside of the top cap we can see a spherical shape machining and 2 keys, which is for correct alignment on the deck and help to unscrew the RDA from your box or mech mod
    And last thing we're going to talk about is the deck. Yes, it's non-standard indeed. It's completely different from all others
    I don't even know how to call it correctly. It's W-shaped, I guess
    We have 2 screws on both sides - 4 screws total which will tighten the leads of your coils inside of these holes
    In the center we have 2 angled bevels, which will help the juice get into juice well
    But the most interesting part is airflow, which is angled and air goes through it and comes out of this hole on both sides
    On the sides we have a space for cotton and reservoir for liquid in the center
    2 cutouts for matching the keys on the top cap, 2 o-rings which is holding it. On the bottom we have Loop engraving, made by GeekVape and gold-plated nice protruding pin
    I want to remind you, that this RDA can be used with squonk mods, but for that we have to unscrew the main pin
    By the way - the pin is holding positive post, which is look like so. As you can see it have insulator
    Now we need a BF pin. As you can see it's Phillips head, so we need according screwdriver
    Screw it down, tighten it and now we can use it on squonk mods
    Though I'll be using it with classic pin, which is perfectly fine for using this RDA on mechanical mods with hybrid connection
    That's all regarding specs and overview, now it's time to install the coils, wick it and try it
    So let's go
    In here i have a sample that I was testing - pay attention on the leads - I'm using fused clapton coils, since it's side tightening the leads will be deformed
    Yes, it's not much of an issue, but sometimes it's looks so-so
    To measure the leads length - put the coil on the deck and cut it by that angle or a little bit lengthier
    Basically it's all done, but let me tell you about some magic happening inside of this RDA - when you drip from the top it is filling the reservoir
    But since the airflow slots is angled - liquid does not get into it
    It's the leak-proof system. Of course you can overdrip any RDA, but this system works pretty well
    It's only left to put the top cap in place and match the keys with cutouts. If you didn't match it from the first time - simply turn it until it match
    Now adjust the airflow for dual coils
    And it's ready to vape. Let's get back to face-time and speak of pros and cons of this RDA
    Thanks for your attention in close up
    Let's roll
    It is tasty, but everything in order
    You know, while I tested this RDA i thought - what the hell I can tell about you? Where is the cons, Lebowski?
    The only issue of this RDA - it is deforming leads of the coils - fused claptons, staggereds, aliens and so on - it's because screws is from the sides - so when you tighten them down they're deforming the flat leads
    It's not affecting in any way on workability, cloud production, flavor or the voltage drop
    Overall, I don't know what I can complain about in this RDA - 810 and 510 drip tips - check. Single and dual coil airflow options - check. Bottom airflow and leak-proof protection - check. Deep juice well and BF option - check
    All of that is great. So let's get to a pros
    Some pros I already mentioned - availability of installing various drip tips
    Next pro I'll give for convenient airflow adjustment
    Another pro I'll give for fixation of a top cap. It'll be easy to unscrew this RDA from any mod
    Of course I'll give a pro for convenient cotton installation - simply cut the cotton by the end of the deck and it's done
    Also a pro for opportunity to drip through the 810 drip tip. Easy
    I'll give it a pro for a deep juice well. It's 6mm deep and it's a reservoir like RDTAs have and it works
    Also I'll give a pro for BF option
    Another pro for a leak-proof system
    And I want to mention flavor separately. Due to a pseudo-bottom airflow and slightly narrow deck this RDA delivers great flavor. I like the flavor on this RDA a lot
    Major pro for flavor
    And now we're going to talk about price
    You know what? It wasn't coincidence that I told you in the beginning of this video - someone of you will have to spend 24$
    With my coupon ALEX15, which is giving 15% discount of, this RDA cost 24$
    24$ for this RDA is a steal
    24$ RDA which delivers great flavor, fits 810 drip tips, have leak-proof protection, bottom airflow, BF option, deep juice well - 24$ is a steal
    This is great price for this RDA. And RDA itself is top device - I'm telling you right away - this RDA gets into my top, which will be released in the end of this month on the channel
    Overall, I can say - GeekVape is back. This comeback is beautiful - with affordable and overall great product
    I can recommend it to you without any doubts. So if this RDA got your interest - buy it
    At this point I'll finalize
    I want to say big thanks to GeekVape for sending me this RDA for this review
    I wanna thank YOU for your attention
    Don't forget - in this corner we have a voting going - do you like this device or no(да-yes/нет-no)
    Don't forget to hit that Like button if you liked my review
    Share this video with your friends and subscribe to my channel, if you still don't
    Also don't forget about that Bell button to get notified when new video is up
    And of course - stay good and let everything in your life will be great
    I wish you a delicious vape and let the vaping come into your life and stays there for long
    Take care of yourself and your mods
    And as Mihey says - hugged everyone, handshaked, vsem poka poka
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