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    welcome to weekend voyagers where we do the reviews you're looking for today
    we've got the jakery explorer 500 this thing's a beast this is pretty sick
    the jackery company has been around since 2011 but primarily just online actually
    so now they're kind of revamping things and they're looking to get in more of
    your local retailers stores yeah I mean they're just kind of busting into it now
    links will be linked down below guys of where you can actually pick this thing
    up and the price for this for the the jackery itself $600 I think that's what
    it was $600 and then we've got the panel here this is an 85 watt solar panel they
    actually don't sell this one but we're gonna one-up you guys and the one that's
    gonna be linked down is the 102 watt and that one is $500 let's talk about if the
    price tag is really worth it I mean some of you guys out there might be thinking
    Oh guys that's quite a bit I mean I'm almost dropping a grand for all this but
    let's talk about the price tag if it's even worth it mm-hmm so we'll start
    with the cons here to give you everything right up front
    super unbiased so the first thing is it's only a hundred and ten watt AC so
    that can't power too much I mean it still can run a mini-fridge I guess
    they're saying it can run a mini-fridge for like nine hours charge your phone quite
    a few times but it'd be nice yeah to have a little more sometimes you know
    yeah I mean maybe we could push it a little bit there the other thing that I
    noticed with this was the weight guys this is, we're gonna get into specs in
    a little bit but it is a little heavy not the heaviest by far not the heaviest
    of what we've seen yeah you're not taking this backpacking if you're hiking
    for too far, for real. another thing is the charge time took quite a while so
    you don't want to count on using this charging it than using it again if you
    need it if you need to you know if you need it for extended use you're gonna want to take two of
    them or three of them because it was you know quite a few hours right to know it
    take it takes a bit and we'll get into the specs once again where we kind of go
    over how long exactly it takes so here's the cons that we found there was only
    one 110 AC port the weight that we just mentioned and then the long charge time
    yeah yeah. other than that though it's a solid little piece of equipment.
    I mean this has saved our butts quite a few times so I mean now we'll kind of talk
    about some of these pros here what we have really loved by using this and one
    thing that was nice for me is its intuitive so if im under pressure or if
    were tired it would have to like spend forever reading a manual yeah we kind of
    just kind of picked it up and said okay cool yeah you push the button turn it on
    and then you push a button next to what you want to use I mean they literally
    sent it to us we got lucky enough to get two to review
    and we did an in depth review you'll see some of the footage of all
    that but we literally pulled it out of the box we don't have time to read user manuals
    so we pull it out of the box plug things
    up and began charging it like that and didn't seem to be a problem what we kind
    of talked about there Pro and it's kind of funny because we just said the con
    was its weight but I'm gonna save it stronger the pro was its light weight
    yeah yeah it's still not like you know your little phone packs you know but
    it's definitely not like it's a 20 pound gas-powered Honda or anything yeah so
    yeah I think that's pretty sick along those lines I mean the size right that's
    just overall that's pretty convenient you can fit this pretty much anywhere I
    mean we sometimes take out a big van but if we want to throw us in
    the small little subaru or even put it in a backpack if you're crazy enough you
    probably could yeah I mean I really loved the design of this yeah show them
    the side view of that like pretty slim you could seriously fit it in between
    car seats at times or yeah down by your feet and it wasn't this huge block
    square belong exactly that's what I loved about that you got pure sine wave
    technology now I know that sounds like a big word it's like pure sine wave
    technology what in the world is that it sounds like one of those things people
    just slap onto products to make you buy them but guys this is all
    it is all that word means is sine wave technology you'll see this with some
    other generators is it's turning this product essentially into a home outlet
    which means uninterrupted power flow so when you plug your phone in at home into
    your outlet in your wall you have an uninterrupted flow from the power
    station all the way to your home all the way into your phone and that's what this
    does so when we're charging the devices you
    don't catch any interrupted flow you're not worrying about any
    power surges so you can really plug in your you know most cared-for
    devices and feel confident that this is going to take good care of them for you
    um just kind of a nice thing to have because obviously you're out and about
    is this LED light I think this was just like the extra little thought they put in
    so you push this button here then you've got access to this nice little
    LED which that sucker puts out that's right that's pretty bright that's cool
    and you honestly wouldn't think that that's a cool feature you're like oh
    cool LED light but I'm not gonna tell you how many times that came in handy
    walking around a campfire you're like oh I got my charger right here and
    light and to put it in the car or what not or to pull stuff out it was
    actually helpful surprised another thing if you'll switch that around for
    them so they can see it's got a cigarette lighter adapter in there
    so you can stick a cigarette lighter adapter right into there now
    you're probably not out there smoking if you're hiking but the cool function about that is
    you're able to start a fire which can be very handy I mean you've got a tool
    now that can give you power and it can start a fire that's that's pretty
    powerful I mean It can get you almost everything you need to get done out in
    the wild or off the grid. It's just one of those things that you know
    you won't miss it till you don't have it and with this guy you've got it you know
    that's just pretty sick Another thing that was pretty sick is
    that the LCD it's pretty cool so every time you touch this it's
    gonna give you a nice readout on how much power you're using what you got
    left. just kind of understand what's going on there.
    It's nice so you're not guessing saying OK we used it for this long like you know
    maybe it will last that's pretty smooth I like that
    It's a bright LCD screen it's pretty sharp and it's clear and it's
    bright and that's what I loved about that one as well
    yeah another cool feature about this is in comparison to some other generators
    is its splash proof right so you got to kind of take that with a grain of salt
    we took this out to California but out on the beach yeah we got pretty close
    down into the water with it being up in the redwoods we had a lot of rain
    coming down on us and it withstood all that
    surprisingly obviously keep your ports and stuff closed up yeah
    you've got these nice little rubber caps you can throw on there so keep the
    obviously you don't throw a cup of water in there
    It's got the exposed fan on the side there so you don't want to be
    dunking this in water by any means it's not waterproof but it can withstand some
    light rain hitting it and whatnot definitely definitely one of the things
    that was pretty cool kind of my favorite thing about this is
    we're weekend voyages so we're out and about right we're not going to easy we
    don't let our gear hold us back so it has to be able to keep up right so this
    thing is durable I don't know if you can see but it's got it's got a little
    loving on her right and if she's still kicking dropped and drug you know
    I mean I'm impressed. He's not lying I mean when we haul this thing
    around we haul it around chucking it in the back of cars chucking it in our cases it's
    taken a few Falls like he said but it's withstood it so it's durability I mean
    that's what it's made me a fan of this one yeah is it can take a beating you
    betcha yeah and I mean what have we done with
    this so far we've gone hiking, gone camping, skiing, snowboarding I mean
    out in the desert. there's not really anything you can't do with this
    thing. it's got a ton of uses which is cool what he's mentioning here is
    if you're into the van life community automotive
    lifestyle perfect perfect for you clean energy it's efficient and not a great
    price a super great price to be able to do that we're gonna kinda jump into the
    specs for you guys now but before we actually do that just kind of want to
    mention the solar panels and what was unique about these. we've handled a
    lot of different solar companies and you'll see some more as we continue
    to put some up for you guys we've got a lot in testing right now one of the best
    things we saw about this jackery was check this out I mean this is it's
    all in one little thing yeah unfolds massive so that was something to me I
    love how we could just fold it up real quick boom boom boom boom snap it up and
    go it's it's a tight contained
    package not flopping all over feel safe secure like to kind of go back to the
    size factor on these is they're not odd shapes you can you can find a place to
    put this or a stack them and same with that I can go just about anywhere right
    no anywhere like you just slide it down like we said in between seats and
    it has a very good build to it the actual panels themselves
    I've been very impressed with these panels and how they perform especially
    in the rough conditions that we take our equipment to we're not gentle with any
    of our equipment and for these reviews we beat this stuff down to a pulp to make
    sure it's gonna work for you guys yes we want to make sure that if it's gonna
    fail we can tell you in this review before you get out there and your life's
    depending on it or you know your your enjoyment of you whatever your trip is
    right. All right guys so here's kind of the specs so when it
    comes to what we talked about the weight factor it's 12 pounds guys that you
    might think that might sound like a little bit it's not that much it's
    pretty lightweight it's 5 pounds lighter than the comparable goal zero Yeti 400
    while still producing a hundred watt hours more so like what we talked about
    earlier it's small it's 12.5 inches tall and about seven inches deep and 10.5
    inches wide so super nice slim and sleek design to be able to put this into trunk
    spaces into a large backpack or you know in your house somewhere you can tuck
    away in a closet when you need it for an emergency situation now when it comes to
    the actual cells inside here that power this bad boy it's lithium-ion
    cells about 500 watt hours that gets you guys about 40 phone charges which is
    quite a bit I mean you can have your whole crew charging up on this it gives
    you three to six laptop charges running a laptop from completely dead depending
    on you know the laptop you have and whatnot now we didn't test this one out
    but they claimed that it can give you three hours of TV that you could pull
    three hours of TV on there and you can run small appliances off this
    like a mini fridge or a small coffee machine now you can't be throwing
    anything massive on there don't be expected to plug in a microwave in there
    but small appliances you can get away with that so charging this bad boy it
    takes about seven hours to charge it with the solar panel and that's in
    optimal sunlight that's like noon bright day no clouds obviously if it's a
    cloudy day you're gonna see a longer charge time so just be aware of that and
    then plug it into a wall you're gonna get about six hours this thing has a ton
    of options for charging your devices so there's a hundred and ten volt or a 300
    watt continuous power has a 500 watt peak AC outlet a 12 volt or 120 watt car
    socket and then two five volt USB ports for your devices and then two 6
    millimeter DC ports as well as you can see you can accommodate pretty much
    anything on this thing and the last thing here is the surge protection this
    is a big point for me here I mean running our technology off of this our
    iPads, laptops, cameras, that's the equipment that we really want to have
    taken care of when it comes down to temperature and how this is gonna
    perform its operating temperatures are between 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 104
    degrees Fahrenheit. The recharging temperature is about 32 degrees to 104
    degrees Fahrenheit we haven't tested it out to its max heat yet but we did have
    the chance here to kind of we went out to the desert did some camping out there
    and to see what it's recharging capability was and we did see
    significant drop-off and its ability to recharge your devices below 32
    degrees Fahrenheit I mean there's not much you can do about that though right
    you can't have it all these are lithium-ion cells and so they
    are going to be affected by the temperatures you're going to be using
    this for quite a while I wouldn't advise using this product to charge your office
    and all that stuff funny thing is we actually did that to see if we could run
    our office and all our computers off of it and it worked we were able to run
    them off both our Jackerys but the cycle life of these cells is 500 full
    charges and depletions so you're gonna get a lot a lot a lot of use out of
    these all right Preston with all that with
    the cons with the pros with the specs that we've laid out our experience over
    the last few months with this product and the solar panels
    would you recommend it would you recommend it to our audience I'd say
    absolutely for sure I think I think all of us at weekend voyagers can say yes
    this is there's something we recommend you pick up for your next expedition
    it'll save your life it's got lots of options convenient and the thing is
    it'll work when you come home from all your trips and its durable
    guys go down in the links below check out the product take a look at it I
    honestly do not think this will disappoint you if you're in
    this community of outdoor lifestyle think you're gonna love this product and
    it's going to perform well for you guys thanks for tuning in and we'll see you
    next time
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