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Frank and Oak Review - Monthly Subscription Style Plan

Frank and Oak Review - Monthly Subscription Style Plan
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    I feel like I'm getting ready to go to the club right now I think I might just
    have to with this shirt all right here
    what's going on guys st. back here with another review on the subscription box
    guy I've tried them all at least I thought I tried them all we have Frank
    and oak calm now this right here is similar to a couple others I've done in
    the past you go online take a short survey pick out your style preferences
    your sizes let them know what would you like what you don't like then a stylist
    comes and curates you a package then you know you're gonna get to see the package
    in an email beforehand to let them know if you like it if you don't want to
    change some items right here we're looking at no monthly fee all right
    there's a twenty dollar fee for the stylist to create your package but then
    that 25 is automatically credited towards whatever items you decide to
    keep so you don't have to keep everything you try it on hassle-free
    really cool idea so you pay for what you keep and then you know you're saving
    some money as well about 20% off I believe on all the different items so
    not only are you saving time by having to go shopping but you're also saving a
    little bit of money so that's it for Frankie no command see you guys later
    just kidding now let's see exactly what's in the box
    alright guys so for all you guys have seen my other videos I've done similar
    type companies wasn't really a big fan of a couple of the competitors but you
    know I'm going to give Frank a no go try see what they got going on I do like the
    website I'd like to set up I like the whole it's a simple process like how you
    get to see the items beforehand I'll decide if you want to switch it with
    other things before you actually get sent to you alright so everything is
    free to send back you're not to worry about paying for that as well open it up
    it says thank you now I kind of remember the items I picked but I kind of don't
    busy so I I just looked at the email saw a couple things and there you go so
    thank you and then it looks like it was packed by Diane all right so I have a
    pricing breakdown in here for the items that I chose I didn't go
    with any jeans I want with all tops I got my jeans I was looking for some nice
    summer shirts some some you know I wanted some summer shirts so here we go
    Frank you know so now Frankie nope is their own brand a lot of the other
    companies they're sending you other brands may be like niche companies even
    some big box stores like you know Nordstrom type night type clothing but
    Frank and oak is its own clothing line so you're safe you're getting a members
    pricing you know you can't beat that so already I picked this shirt I really
    wanted to show but trial these things on as well so you guys could see but this
    is freaking oak let's see what we have here this top right here is 6950 all
    right this is a long sleeve it's thin it's nice for the spring is getting you
    know good nice shirt to wear out look at that I'm gonna try this on so you guys
    can really see it all right then I have a you know like a regular blue regular
    blue long sleeve with some wood it's stripe on it I all these shirts have a
    nice feel so I'm a trial like I said I'm gonna trial these on so you guys can see
    the fit of them I'm a medium I got all medium size clothes so this is a it's
    kind of like a nice little undershirt you know you can wear it forward and
    I've seen this form of shirt something fun for this summer short sleeve all
    right I like it looks like a nice gonna fit nice it's got a nice feel it is
    that's what what's the material on this right we're looking at 50% cotton 50%
    model all right I don't even know if I said that correctly but it's okay
    Frank enough look at that look at the logo these are all Frank and OH
    branded items I like that idea that at first I wasn't even aware of that but
    that is pretty cool all right so they have their own brand you're getting in
    and I have a thermal you know it's still cold out it's still cold out so this is
    a nice thermal sleeve shirt long-sleeve shirt and I'm gonna try to stuff on guys
    but that is the four times I received in my Frankie no package for this month I'm
    a I'm giving it a thumbs up I do a lot of reviews
    the idea I like this better than the other I won't say their names but I like
    this better than those guys because it's the wrong brand you're also getting I
    just feel like you're getting a better experience with Frankie Noakes so I'm
    gonna try this stuff on guys let me know what you dig all the links will be down
    below man have a good one so here is the floral pattern is the Franken Oh brand I
    really like the way the shirt feels I like the way it looks it fits perfect
    this is a medium I usually wear medium so this shirt right here fits great so
    let's see what here's the thermal for this time of year right now still cold
    out this right here's a nice little long-sleeve shirt it's got some you know
    roots of warp to it's a little bit thicker than a normal like you know a
    Long John feel so this shirt right here I really like weighted kids it's that
    perfect fit for me this is also a medium so the medium for breaking up Fitness
    like how would you like my meetups to fit so let's see the next show
    alright so I'm a little wrinkled right now what the way the shirt fits
    I do have longer arms so you know it fits good once I reach out it now I'm
    Tom that is usually most of my shirts feel like that anyway but this is a
    medium nice undershirt a nice you can wear with jeans like I have it all right
    now tuck it in where with the shoe so this show right
    here is very versatile I like the little you know stripe on the regular like
    Oxford blue so that's this shirt and my favorite shirts come on man so right
    here I saved the ship matches my favorite shirt I love it fits if
    a little slimmer than other the blue shirt I traveled Lucia was a little bag
    here in certain areas but this one if it's perfect is it's a nice thin
    comfortable feeling I might have an undershirt also it feels good on my skin
    you can know where it buttoned don't people wear this under sweet boy isn't
    the main part I feel like I'm get ready to go to the club right now I think I
    might just have to with this shirt all right here loving this shirt right here
    freaking off I liked everything I got in my box
    first worth trying it out really really you know a fan of Frankie know how you
    pay for what you keep your oh so saving money saving that trip to the mall and
    the store you know so Frankie no definitely a thumbs up from you guys all
    the links will be down below man everybody have a good one
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