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EGR Fender Flares for Dodge Ram 1500 Product Review

EGR Fender Flares for Dodge Ram 1500 Product Review
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    Hey there Kyle here with another Midwest aftermarket product review now I know who
    you are you stopped in the middle of arm wrestling a bear to watch this thing on
    your big 4k flat-screen monitor you're a rugged individual you're the kind of
    person that goes on riverboat gambling trips smokes your own beef jerky and
    goes to the bathroom with the door open you want that kind of awesome lifestyle
    to be reflected on your Dodge Ram 1500 well have I got the product for you
    BAM oh yeah the EGR pocket Style fender flare that's right these bad boys not
    only look good but they also add up to 2 inches of tire space on your vehicle
    look at how gorgeous and sexy the black color is I know what you're thinking but
    there might be a possibility that you'd like to paint this bad boy right well
    that's ok because they're very easily paintable to match your aqua purple or
    pink desires hey I'm not judging I'm into some weird stuff too but it's very
    easy to install I know what you're thinking to yourself man I'm running
    from the law I ain't got time to install this under my vehicle no no no it takes
    no time at all and the great thing is this plastic here is not gonna be
    rubbing up against your vehicle huh scuffing that bad boy up and creating a
    fire as you blaze down the road no no you got this rubber right here that's
    gonna go in between the product and your truck and you got some sweet nuts and
    bolts that are gonna go into this thing and just add to the increased rugged
    look of the fender flare now I know what you're thinking to yourself gall-darn I
    wish I could buy them in packs of four well you can and man I wish it wasn't so
    expensive well it's not I'm talking about $463.69
    right now for four of these bad boys making you
    look like the baddest mofo on the road it also has a limited lifetime warranty
    it's built out of an amazing durable material and it's made right here in the
    good old US of A so you're celebrating people just like yourself under Uncle
    Sam's stars and stripes I'm gonna start crying but I'm not because I have to get
    through this and tell you about this product so if you would like to pick up
    one of these bad boys right now it is super duper simple simply go to the
    website again that part number is seven nine two six
    five four put that in there or pick up the phone and give us a call and
    somebody right here in the United States of America is gonna answer your call and
    we're gonna send this out to you and again this does go on Dodge Ram 1500s
    between 2009 and 2018 except for the sports models okay and as an added bonus
    before you put one of these bad boys on you go to a party you can actually use
    this as a makeshift beer bong okay they can put some beer up top and you can
    just chug I would say a good three or four beers before you start to lose your
    stability and fall over but that's we're not responsible for that so check this
    out on the website for also like share and
    subscribe to the video and come and let us know what you think of this guy if
    you have it or how excited you would like to be to grab one I'm Kyle and
    we'll see you next time
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