Claymore - Anime/Manga Review

Claymore - Anime/Manga Review
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    Hey guys, El here!
    I was looking for a soundtrack from the Claymore series and because I learned that it's unreleased
    I tried to extract it from the tv series.
    However, after re-watching some of the fighting scenes, I decided to rewatch the series...
    but I didn't stop there...
    I even reread the manga and ordered from Amazon the complete box set.
    Did I stop there?
    I decided to even make a video about it, despite being an old release.
    Just by watching the first minute of the anime you somewhat understand what this story is
    all about.
    The story takes place in a dark dystopian world, full of shape-changing demons that
    can take the form of a human, called Youma.
    By disguising themselves as humans, they go from town to town, feeding on them in secret.
    A nameless organization has found a way to deal with this problem, by creating the Claymores.
    The claymores are half youma, half human beings that are capable of sensing the youma and
    exterminate them.
    For reasons unknown, only women are selected to be Claymores.
    Of course, we do get an explanation why this is happening.
    The story follows Clare, a silver eyed witch(Claymore), and her quest for revenge.
    Initially, I thought that this was going to be a good action gory series with a simplistic
    story to push it towards its end.
    But I was wrong...
    The story while it was moving forward it got more complex, interesting, mysterious... and
    the characters that were shown to be blunt and one dimensional, they had a lot more depth
    in them.
    Also, there wasn't much world exposition at the start of the series.
    However, this can be explained.
    The author wasn't planning to make these series so long(155 chapters).
    Initially, he was planning to make only five volumes(the manga is 27).
    So if you find yourselves having a hard time at the start, keep watching.
    It picks up after the fifth episode I think.
    My biggest problem with the anime in this matter is the ending.
    Which is basically a filler.
    It's very rushed and nonsensical.
    So my advice is to pick up the manga after it because it doesn't really make justice
    to the material source.
    With that being said, it's not that the story overall is without its faults.
    The story is predictable at times so don't expect too many surprises... without of course
    taking the entertaining factor.
    My biggest problem, however, is the lack of information about many unexplored questions
    in this world.
    We get to know a lot of things about this world and its mysteries, but some are left
    I read one of his interviews and he said that this was intentional.
    Basically, he wanted the world to look bigger.
    To tell you the truth he did achieve that, but still, I was so attached to the story
    that I wanted to learn more.
    In addition, when I watched the anime for the first time, I thought that this gonna
    be a story with oversexualized females and lots of fan service kicking some ass.
    Yet, this show has none.
    I have great respect for this guy, for doing that.
    In a world that it's full of harem, moe, and fan service, he made this bold decision and
    I literally fell in love with them, except maybe one...
    Yes, for those of you who have watched the anime you definitely know.
    It's Raki...
    Clare on her journey picked up a kid named Raki.
    Although you understand his reasons, he's just so annoying.
    Not only the way he acts but also his voice.
    It's literally an ear piercing one.
    With that being said, in the manga, he's a lot more tolerable and has a great character
    development, despite him saying that he hasn't changed.
    The result was so satisfying.
    Our main protagonist Clare is seeing as a very cold and stoic person, but as the story
    progress, you learn how kind and caring she is, and without even noticing you start to
    root for her.
    Her character was handled well throughout the story and especially in the second half
    when she realized that her life goal has taken the backseat(revenge).
    What I love about the characters are the interactions they have, one with another.
    In a world that they are seen as monsters(claymores), the only consolation they have is another
    Someone who understands them.
    This was shown multiple times and I think the execution was very good as well.
    Basically, the claymores are all victims of youma tragedies.
    Usually, they have their parents eaten by Youma and they are prosecuted by their villages
    out of fear of them becoming Youma themselves.
    Even, after becoming Claymores they are still hated by the world and seen as a monster.
    Not only because they are half Youma but also because of the great risks of becoming one.
    The more they use their power the greater the risk of becoming a Youma themselves.
    The only psychological support they have in their life is another Claymore.
    I think this was executed very well in the series, and I loved how human they were.
    How realistic and believable despite all their imaginary powers.
    My biggest nitpick with some characters is that we learn so few about them.
    There are some great characters in the series, and while you get the gist of their reasons
    and attitude, the only thing that is getting explored is their surface.
    Last but not least, there is Teresa.
    A character so badass and awesome that whenever she is on screen, elevates both the anime
    and manga to a god status.
    Basically, she is the Escanor of Claymore.
    I don't want to say more about her, just go and witness the greatness that is called Teresa
    of the faint smile.
    The art is dope, and the anime did a very good job in this department.
    Generally, madhouse is excellent at grasping and creating dark and ominous atmospheres.
    Moreover, Yagi Norishiro did a very good job with the Claymores.
    Despite all of them wearing the same outfit and having the same eye color and hair, you
    can easily tell them apart.
    He only had a very little room to work, yet he did an excellent job at drawing distinguishable
    Also, the monsters are great, very detailed and different with each other.
    Except for few cases.
    If I were an RPG designer I would have hired him to design the bosses of the game.
    As far as the anime goes, the art is magnificent with detailed backgrounds, beautiful character
    designs, great colorization and excellent atmosphere.
    I think they nailed it.
    With that being said, in the manga, there are many backgrounds that are empty or consist
    of wastelands and bare lands.
    I think he didn't fully utilize the potential of this vivid world.
    He was mostly using screentones.
    But there is a reason.
    In his interview, he said that this was intentional, so as to be easier for the reader to follow
    the action sequences.
    Did he succeed?
    The action sequences are great and easy to follow.
    I doubt that you will be lost.
    Now, let's jump back to the anime and discuss a bit about the animation.
    I think they succeeded in making the action sequences as good as the manga, and some of
    them are even better in the anime.
    However, the animation is bad.
    Here is where the anime's budget starts to show.
    They hide the bad animation, behind some visual effects, clever camera work and very good
    editing tricks.
    Some action scenes are static images.
    Nonetheless, they did an excellent work at hiding it.
    You can feel the love that it was put on this show, despite having a low budget.
    To tell you the truth, I doubt the average viewer will notice it.
    The reason being, if you don't have any experience with video editing, VFX, motion graphics and
    so on, then noticing this is unlikely.
    Well, let's start with the soundtracks.
    I think the music is exceptional.
    However, some soundtracks are clearly better than others and in some cases, you could say
    that they get repetitive.
    Nonetheless, I think this is a great collection.
    Not the best you will ever hear, but still a very good music collection with a good op
    and ed.
    The sound effects are pretty good considering the budget.
    Without them, hiding the rough animation wouldn't be that easy.
    By using them at the right moment and picking which ones are best fit in a scene, they managed
    to intensify the moment and give the impression that something is moving.
    Despite not moving at all.
    As for the voice acting, simply put, amazing.
    Even the English dub is rather good and really fits the characters.
    Except for few voices that lack emotion.
    My only problem is that Raki.
    It's not that his voice is bad from a technical standpoint.
    It's the pitch...
    If you combine it with his character you get the ultimate annoying kid.
    I was ready to take the red pill, jump into his universe, bitchslap him until he can't
    speak anymore, and then return back to reality.
    Well, at least he's not as annoying as this guy.
    Despite the problems, both the anime and manga have, if I were to make a top ten list both
    of them would be in, on their corresponding list.
    Claymore is definitely one of my favorites because that much I have enjoyed it.
    If the manga ever gets a remake with a good budget, I'm pretty sure it's going to leave
    its mark.
    They can make spin-offs, at least three seasons and even expand the world if they wish to.
    Btw, I may upload the unreleased ost soon.
    I'm gonna give the anime a B- minus.
    Had it not been for that ending I would have given it more.
    As for the manga, I'm going to give an A-minus.
    I was really surprised to learn that it's a shounen when I always thought that this
    was a seinen with a few shonen tropes thrown here and there.
    A great series with mature themes, story and designs, dark atmosphere with gory fights
    and mild nudity.
    A series that really respects women, without oversexualize them and having social justice
    bullcrap undertones.
    A series that doesn't treat the reader or viewer like a little kid, as a basement dweller
    or a horny virgin teenager.
    I think Claymore is the epitome of what an action shonen series can achieve.
    Without even utilizing the potential this world has at its fullest.
    Overall, I believe the series is a must-see.
    Not because it's the greatest action shonen or something, but due to its originality and
    Anyway, that's it for me guys.
    Thanks for watching.
    Cu soon!
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