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Burger King® | Breakfast Sourdough King™ | Smoked Double Ham Review! ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿž๐Ÿณ

Burger Kingยฎ | Breakfast Sourdough Kingโ„ข | Smoked Double Ham Review! ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿž๐Ÿณ
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    hey everyone it's Ian K back again with another one for ya up at the break of
    dawn and headed into BK to check out the breakfast version of their all-new
    sourdough king and just to break the monotony from the usual bacon egg and
    cheese version let's go into the smoked double ham variant to see what that one
    has to offer right after we scoop it up through that drive thru
    yes good morning peep this out can I go for the smoked double ham breakfast
    sourdough king and that's it you got it thanks so much now if you ask me
    sourdough bread is probably one of THE best breads to have for breakfast so I'm
    super excited they've got a version of this one using it hey good morning good
    hey doing please yeah thanks so much we'll see 'ya alright guys it's a smoky sourdough
    goodness in the morning let's peep this out
    well it sure does smell like breakfast in my car here at BK this morning as we
    get into the all new double ham breakfast sourdough king and as always we are greeted
    with one of the stars of the show here on top that toasted sourdough bread
    looking pretty good let's lift this one up and see the inside this is supposed
    to have a double portion of black forest ham it looks like just a couple of
    slices there we've got two slices of cheese some scrambled egg and on the
    bottom it's probably gonna be just the bread itself again so yes a very simple
    build on this one guys we've got the meat the cheese in the egg and it is on
    the inside of that toasted sourdough so let's see what the flavors gonna be like
    on this one it's the double ham breakfast sourdough King here at BK
    let's peep out this flavor you can definitely smell that black forest ham
    along with the toastiness of the sourdough let's dive in it's the all-new
    double ham breakfast sourdough king here at BK definitely a lot of smoky flavor
    in this one and is actually a couple of more slices of ham that were folded over
    in the middle after that initial close-up but man that is a very very
    tasty breakfast sandwich guys I got to admit I'm really diggin the black forest
    ham with this the creaminess of the cheese the scrambled egg on top of it
    and the light toastiness at the top of the sourdough bread which I'm really
    diggin as well it's not quite toasted on the bottom even though it looks like it
    is but the overall flavor is tasty on this as you can see a lot more ham than
    I initially thought and while I am getting a lot more of the crunch from
    the sourdough bread from the very top of it the overall flavor on this one is
    absolutely delicious that fluffy egg on the bottom is very nice and the melted
    cheese of course goes extremely well a very hearty breakfast sandwich for sure
    fast food eggs can be a little hit or miss but fortunately these actually are
    very fluffy they've got a very nice flavor and you can actually taste them
    which is good they don't really taste artificial and I'm diggin that I really
    like the fact that it's more like an omelette that I would probably make it
    home but I have to say overall the smoke on that ham guys is pretty awesome I
    never thought to have black forest ham on a breakfast sandwich but it works
    with this and like I said the smoke is really coming through
    yes sir pretty nicely done and like I mentioned earlier the toastiness I'm
    getting is mostly from the very top layer for some reason I guess your
    mileage may vary but overall I just wish it was just a little bit toastier just
    to have more of a crunch I think that would give you just a little bit more of
    an authentic sourdough breakfast sandwich eating experience but for what
    this is guys I got to admit very very tasty and like I said I'm glad they've
    got a version of this for breakfast using sourdough because it
    just seems to make sense to me it sure is a nice portion of that smoked black
    forest ham guys it was a little misleading when I opened it up initially
    in that close up I thought it was just a couple of slices but as you can see the
    two folded over fluffy eggs on the bottom and there's plenty of cheese on
    this one to go with that and of course the sourdough bread just a very hearty
    sandwich and something I'd recommend if you're a fan of these types of things in
    general this version of it should be at the top of your list it really is pretty
    good but of course that's just my opinion what do you guys think do you
    think this all new smoked double ham breakfast sourdough king is the version
    that you're gonna start out with or are you more of a traditionalist and you're
    gonna go with that smoked double bacon drop those comments down below
    definitely let me know and that's my overall score I'm gonna have to give the
    smoke double ham breakfast sourdough king here at BK a rock-solid
    9 out of 10 this one's already got that smoky meaty cheesy eggy goodness going
    for it guys I think the only way to really improve this one is to maybe make
    sure the bread is just a little bit more toasted to give me just a little bit
    more of that crunch that I'm looking for but aside from that this is pretty
    rock-solid definitely give this one a shot and those are my thoughts on one of
    the latest breakfast sourdough kings here at BK as we close out another
    episode of peep this out guys and like I always say I've got brand new content every
    single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for the next review
    coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty if you ask me sourdough needs to
    stay on the breakfast menu here at BK permanently just sayin alright guys
    until next time I'll talk to you soon
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