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5D Diamond Painting --Unboxing Product Review

5D Diamond Painting --Unboxing Product Review
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    Alright so I have posted up in our Facebook group which I'll link up down
    below under in the show notes I've been posting up some of the dine and painting
    that I've been working on so I thought I'd do an unboxing and as you can hear
    I'm actually opening it up off-camera so basically what you get in a kit and this
    one's not the one I'm actually working on at the moment I'm just open this up
    it comes with a sheet that has the reference either numbers or shapes a
    picture of what it is and also it comes with an applicator and it usually comes
    with a tray which may be in there so I'm going to open this up so this is these
    are all the beads that I need to make for this one here and the the item that
    I'm working on is actually 40 centimeters by 50 centimeters and it
    comes with this this is the canvas that it's on and then you basically peel back
    peel back at the start of the corner and you can see it's split in two so you can
    just work with one half at a time so you just peel that back and it shows you
    that you can see there there's sort of diagram of the shapes that you're going
    to put on so there's letters on this particular one so each corresponding
    letter has a color and then you place that down and this is actually sticky so
    you don't have to use any glue or anything like that it's already there
    and you just keep that and you just work a little bit at a time and that way you
    won't lose your adhesiveness up up as you're working along so when I do it um
    I just basically peel it back and I just start working from there so that's what
    your canvas will look like and they come in many many different sizes you can get
    them up you can get them in like broken up into sections as well so like those
    designs that you see where they've got a small piece of the photo then the next
    canvas is a little bit bigger than theirs a larger one and then it goes
    back down again you can get them like that a friend of mine is actually doing
    an Indian head at the moment and it's in three pieces so that's
    the canvas and this as I was showing you before is the pack that you get so I'm
    gonna open that up and I'll show you what the contents has in it so it comes
    with a set of tweezers some extra Ziploc bags the little gel that you use that
    you put in the tip of the applicator and that helps you to pick up the little
    beads or drills as they're called and so that that's that there it also you also
    I can't see it in here which seems like they left that one out some of the kits
    actually come with this is from another kit of my daughter's so it comes with a
    little tray but each kit definitely comes with tweezers a applicator and the
    the gel and some of them come with this little tray so you can actually put the
    little babies or drills into that so you can open one pack of the time and tip it
    in and then they're they're ready to go so you can see here I've got a ton of
    different colors that I'm going to be using and they all come in a little
    individual packet so you don't have to open up a large packet and I don't know
    if you can see that on camera or not because it's actually gold and in the
    light sort of hitting it there's actually numbers printed on so when you
    get this sheet here and this is also this this reference guide is also on the
    side of the canvas as well okay so if you misplace the paper you've got it on
    the side of the canvas so you can see here that each letter letter represents
    has a number beside it so one five five and that is the color that you have and
    this is how many that's how many packets that you will have and then this is how
    many of the drills that you you have so I'm just going to show you what the
    little drills look like there's actually a couple of different types of ones this
    particular one is actually round and there's also square drills as well so
    I'm going to show you what they look like I'll just pack this up and get it
    out of the way and then I'll show you what the
    individual beanie look like so this is another one that you can get as well it
    comes with a clear film on it so you can actually see the picture underneath it
    these ones are flat round ones the beanies that they're using on it and you
    can see there again that's using letters and it's just sticky the background is
    already done on this one so it's just the elephant that my daughter's working
    on and you can see as the splashes come out of color they come out and then they
    just the backgrounds already already done so that one there is around 30
    centimeters by 40 centimeters and she's been working on that so I will show you
    a little bit closer you can see this sparkle that they get so these ones
    these particular ones are round you can see there and then there's the one that
    I'm working on it actually has and I'll hopefully be able to show you this one
    actually has little so this is what the the drills look like and these ones are
    actually square so you can see that they're quite and this one I find that
    the the square ones are very sparkly when you look at them so you can see
    there it's just glittering so that's just one of the colors and it may they
    all sort of have this they all have the same effect when you look at them just
    some a little bit more sparkly err than others I think there's more angles on
    them so that's the square ones there and these are the so you seen them already
    attached on there and this is ones that she's working on with the another way
    that they come they can have a little number on it that's already stuck on it
    I'll see if I can get something out
    so you can see there those ones are rounded okay so that's what they look
    like and now I'll show you what the applicator does okay so I've got a few
    in the in a little tray and basically what you do is you use this little
    applicator okay so it's got like a little hollowed end at one end and just
    and at the other end either plastic around or it might be shaped like this
    so you get your putty or your gel I'm not exactly sure what they call it it's
    all written in Asian the ones that I've got so you just poke that in and the tip
    of the of the applicator fills up with a little bit of that putty and then
    basically you have a on one side of the drills they're flat and on the other
    side it's rounded okay this is already sticky so basically what I do now is on
    the rounded side I just attach it to the applicator and then I just so I know
    that the black goes where this this is this thing is the symbol that they're
    using for the black which is a square so I just then place it in place and you
    can see there's a little square there for me to place it in
    and I just go along and keep placing them in I find it very relaxing
    sometimes I'll be doing it while I'm talking to my best friend Michelle down
    in New South Wales sometimes we get on the phone on a Friday night and we just
    chat away and and I slowly do this this is my first big one that I've done and
    this particular one is 40 centimeters by 50 centimeters and as you can see I've
    I've only done a couple of hours on it I got this I got sidetracked last night
    with the kids and whatnot so I didn't get as much as I wanted to get done and
    you just keep filling that in and you can see that it studied this is a skull
    this particular picture has a woman's face and her and their skulls around her
    and roses and stuff like that it's just very striking and I really liked it
    and you just keep doing that and follow the symbols and then eventually you'll
    have your whole picture already done and then you can get it framed or you can
    put it up on the wall whatever you like if you find that you stick one in the
    wrong place they you can't actually get them off you just get the applique you
    can see there I've just basically all I've done it's just got the applicator
    on the edge of it and I've just lifted that up and then I can just grab the
    tweezers and pick that up and then place it where it needs to go
    so if you put it on there a little crooked or anything like that and they
    don't set in place so I put that down a couple of days ago so you can see that I
    can still take that off after a while I will put once I finish doing this I will
    actually put some books on it to put some weight on it to make sure that
    they're all adhered but they don't come off you can see they're like I can roll
    the the canvas and they're not just popping off so they do stick really well
    it's a really relaxing hobby to do it's new for me and I just wanted to share it
    with you and show you what I've been up to because a few people show I'm showing
    some interest in it I'll link up a couple places where I get mine from down
    below in the show notes and then that way you'll be able to get yourself one
    and there's all different sizes and all different things that you can do my
    daughter the elephant one is actually her third one that she's done she finds
    them very relaxing as well and I found that kids that um had a couple of kids
    here that that have really focused on it as well so it is something that you
    could possibly do with your kids there's lots of cute little pictures and and all
    that sort of stuff so I'm gonna keep going with this now I
    hope you really enjoyed our little reviewer of 5d diamond painting if
    you've got any questions I'll leave them in the comments down below and if you've
    liked what you seen to today just hit that subscribe button and the little
    bell beside it and that way you won't miss out on any future posts and I'm
    gonna keep crafting and everybody have a great day and I'll see you all again
    soon bye for now
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