Why Lava is Not as Dangerous As You Think

Why Lava is Not as Dangerous As You Think
    - [Narrator] You know all those movies
    where characters sink into lava?
    Gosh, that looks terrible.
    Burning and drowning in a fiery ooze.
    Well, good news to all those afraid of this kind of death.
    It can never happen.
    Well, not like that.
    Yes, you can die from lava,
    but not in the drowny way.
    Because in case you hadn't noticed,
    lava is really freakin' hot.
    Like ranging from 1,295 degrees Fahrenheit
    to 2,282 degrees Fahrenheit when it first
    breaks the surface.
    So even if you cannonball into a volcano
    wearing a heat suit to try to trick the lava
    into thinking you were lava, well, you still wouldn't drown.
    Lava's over three times heavier and denser than water
    with at least a hundred thousand times the viscosity.
    You would most likely just shatter and burn up
    if you tried to swan dive in.
    So, don't worry.
    But still, don't do it.
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