U.S. President Trump lands in China for three-day visit

U.S. President Trump lands in China for three-day visit
    Shifting our focus to the third stop in President Donald Trump's Asia Tour.
    He arrived at the Chinese capital this afternoon.
    For details of what the leaders of the two nations will touch on during the 3-day stay,
    we turn to our Oh Jung-hee.
    U.S. President Donald Trump landed in Beijing on Wednesday afternoon,... for his three-day
    visit to China -- the third stop of his five-nation Asia tour.
    This is President Trump's first visit to China since taking office... as well as the first
    state visit Chinese President Xi Jinping has received... since the end of the 19th Chinese
    Party Congress.
    Diplomatic officials from China have been stressing that Trump will receive a "state-visit-plus"
    treatment, with both formal and informal get-togethers arranged.
    And for that, Trump's first night in Beijing, included a special evening with Xi at China's
    historical imperial palace, the Forbidden City.
    Trump first took a tour around the palace with his wife Melania... and President Xi
    and his wife Peng Liyuan.
    The two couples then drank tea and watched a performance of traditional Peking Opera.
    Trump also enjoyed a special banquet with China's first couple,... becoming the first
    foreign leader to be treated to dinner at the Forbidden City.
    The summit talks between Presidents Trump and Xi are scheduled for Thursday.
    U.S. officials say Trump will press Xi to tighten the screws on Pyongyang... by fully
    enforcing international sanctions... such as limits on oil exports, coal imports and
    financial transactions.
    (Chinese) "China is close to running out of measures
    to pressure North Korea.
    So, I think China may try to compromise... by somewhat stepping up the sanctions measures.
    But that would be still far from what Trump expects."
    In terms of trade, Trump is expected to bring up the same issues that he had with his South
    Korean and Japanese counterparts.
    (English) "We've seen great growth and trade between
    our two countries, but there are some concerns about having more reciprocity and reducing
    the balance of payments deficit between the United States and China."
    Also to watch for is how the two leaders define their partnership... and assure stability
    in bilateral relations.
    China's state-owned People's Daily reports... that Beijing will work to construct a "cooperative
    and mutually profitable relationship" with Washington.
    Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.
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