Hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome
    put it on
    (Tyler loudly burps)
    Ooh good song
    Anyway, welcome to a very perverse game of truth telling...ness
    The cold hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) truth. This is the truth or wet challenge
    I hate that
    This is the truth or death challenge either way what's gonna happen is
    We've got Ethan here
    And he can't he can't - he cant hear a word that were saying so
    He is completely ignorant to everything that we're gonna be doing to him, and uh, he has no idea why he came over here today
    He's sitting in that chair
    We're gonna play a kind of game of uh two truths and a lie basically I'm gonna quietly whisper into his mouth good eyes
    basically I'm gonna quietly whisper into his mouth (nope) eYES
    I'm gonna use my lips to shoot my information into his eyes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    He's gonna
    Try to read my lips and not only does he have to determine what I said he has to judge whether what he
    He thinks I said was a truth or a lie
    Make sense?
    If it doesn't you'll see real soon. Are you ready?
    Good drums ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Yeah. Yeah ready, I guess so okay. Don't have a choice. All right. Are you ready?
    Am I ready?
    You bet I'm not but I'll do it (mood)
    Okay cool. Do you know what's happening here? Okay? Cool, so do you know what's happening here?
    Nice, yes nope nope
    Okay (shit he's good)
    He's got double layer of protection. Not only does he have music blasting, but we've got
    Industrial-strength earmuffs here, that are meant for construction sites with loud operating machinery
    so I'm gonna come up with the truth or a lie, and he's gonna judge it as such
    (confused child)
    I get three tries right? (Mark nods) Okay one more time a little bit slower slower
    Ah I grew up in a small town called Milford
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID (top 10 anime betrayals)
    Isn't it??
    Wait you can go again. You don't have to do that yet. I grew up in a smaall town called
    (Ethan slowly dies inside)
    That's all you sAAYY
    ooh~ that's so cold
    (loud moaning)
    MY ASS, it's going in my ass
    Was is a truth or was it a lie?
    (sudden realization) OH
    You idiot (Tyler laughing in the background)
    You deserve that one, so he's gonna be in that hot seat
    I completely forgot
    Is that true? I just know it's a place in Ohio.
    Yeah, so uh
    The point of this is once he's able to not get ice dumped on him
    We rotate out who's sitting in that chair, and you would have had that I would have immediately yeah
    You would've (shit) yeah, all right put it back on
    This is the worst and he has to keep getting dumped until he gets it right so until that happens
    All right, so now that Ethan was an idiot
    He has to stay in that seat
    But Tyler and I, we get to switch and now Tyler's at risk of being in that seat next so are you ready?
    Am I ready?
    Think he said something about water polo go again
    think you said I won a state's and water polo or
    something along those lines
    Which I believe to be true?
    ah aAAA NO
    I'm good. Are you ready? I can't hear what you're saying, but I am ready
    ...Y-You're very loud
    Ah! It's cold ass! (laughter)
    I got Ass! (more laughter and giggles)
    I sub my ass!
    I'm terrified
    How loud am I very you know so much about me. I gotta be very careful about this one
    summer vacations I
    Work during the summer as a carpenter
    That would be true
    Okay mr. Man time to get your medicine, okay, honey
    Ready when I was young I had a lizard named Cody that was like
    Sounds like a paragraph. That's what yours was like you can't hear me when I was young
    I had a lizard named Cody (weird screeching?)
    when I was ten I
    (more silence)
    (Markiplier making trump faces)
    (more silence)
    AH! ah
    My house ah-hah?
    False! (Ethan cuts his neck) Incorrect
    Nooo! Incorrect
    Ah! AH!
    Good, very good, very good, do you want to know what I said, no okay, What did he say?
    In college I played lacrosse
    (Mark Looks into his eyes)
    In college, I played lacrosse
    In art school, I played lacrosse
    False! Damnit!
    Why what is the gutter? I think it's good. Did I get it? I think well I think judges
    I think its good
    Ya know what I actually said was in college I played lacrosse
    Hold on I get so hairy because I got a tightening since his head's big fuck you
    You in
    2010 I was the level 8 regional champion, that's like a mile long. What is this in?
    2010 I was the level 8
    Regional champion in school. I was never a good student
    Not even close
    Not that cold all right talking like this high school
    In high school, I took ap chemistry
    Nobody's right
    God damn it. Ya know too much about me. Did you hate letters? No I didn't take I took AP physics
    Not ap chemistry god dammit. I'm in there alright ready big boy
    ready as
    a senior I
    Didn't take a math or a science. Why does you? Why does? He have a long?
    This asshole here as a senior I
    Didn't take a math or a science in
    Something school, I didn't take math or science true true. Ha ha
    uncuff lesson
    In college I mastered in sports administration in college. I mastered in sports and education no sports administration
    In college I mastered in sports administration. That's true dammit
    Didn't lose my virginity until I was 24. That's false
    Because I said 20 years oh, you would have been like
    After you get it once it's not as cold the second time it would tell them that once you get it one
    Sure I have had four dogs I
    Have had four something I have had four dogs. I have had four dogs true
    Is it three?
    There's an ice cube
    Because I like to change the rules on the fly we're gonna start dumping on the head now
    We were gonna protect it the headphones. Don't get you know hit, but I think it's
    Grease I
    Read something about your ass
    This isn't a fair question Lili fair we first met in third grade
    You say it's sports. I say it's third
    I wasn't in Milford in
    Third grade and say I'm saying false ID you're a liar you're gonna burn for your life
    Totally an unfair one so if you want to get a free jump on me you've to go ahead and do that I
    Said that was an unfair question because I say it was third grade
    He said it was fourth grade, but because it's you it's false oh
    Oh, so you did get it
    All right I
    I got caught up in the heat of the moment
    Because I got him, but then I didn't got him
    So he gets a free dump on me
    Okay, oh you go now. It's the real time. Oh boy. Let me
    Drive my hands first. We don't have towels. Okay. That's fine. I got some dye patches around my ankles
    I need to think of something that will make me look bad
    He doesn't even remember my name
    My birthday is October 25th
    People think something something it's covered in filth
    People think
    That no
    That's it. No don't do it. You lie to me people think that Carmageddon was made by Dan and Phil
    But go ahead. No. I get another one my brother was buried in an avalanche
    dan and Phil
    Okay okay here you have one more try oh
    You have one more try keep the QI off
    I get to fill this up completely and dump it on you if you get it wrong
    No, I don't agree to that others take
    What would know they're doing it anyway. You don't get to make the shots ready?
    No, you have to answer true or false my birthday is October
    true or false
    Not Bob no no I'm figuring this out
    Wait, so you don't wait, okay, shut up shut up shut up shut up. Shut up you
    And yours no as a 19 it's some day
    All right my birthday is October 25th true or false
    Your birthday you guys both know mine January
    If you get this wrong on there oh, that's not fair, that's
    Why what what don't say it again oh?
    No first no one second no in eighteenth no 15, no second
    1324 no get on the paddler fit get on the floor that wasn't part of the deal was it part of the deal six
    Good night, now. Then side-by-side wasn't the deal?
    26 weekly chairs wait, what do you feel sitting when he fifth sit down you're great not big
    It's exactly one month from Christmas. I say that all the time
    I just shut that out
    That this is okay, you know I didn't think it was either, but here we are at this juncture
    And that's why you remember your friends birthdays
    You're getting the chair
    So we've got one last question did we
    Celebrate every day
    did we
    celebrate my birthday as a group together this year like for my 21st I
    Mean no oh
    Well, what do you mean come with us I can't walk
    Oh, we're gonna bring it. All right you stay right there. I'm stay right there, so afraid
    Dude I'm soaked
    Please don't hurt me please. I'm really
    Please don't I'm really afraid can I take you no leave it. I'm really afraid
    All right, it's time
    That's not time
    *Cheerful Music*
    It's a birthday hat are we gonna celebrate, but I feel like my celebration will cause me pain. We could just be nice friends
    Doubt it.
    All right, so this has been the truth or death challenge this has been the truth
    or wet challenge this has been the cold hard truth challenge this has been a
    horrible experience
    If there's anything that I'm gonna associate with these in the birthday from now on it's that is painting
    So anyway, thank you everybody so much for watching this was a lot of fun. Happy birthday then
    thank you to Amy and Catherine for coming up with this whole field and
    Thank you Tyler for forgiving me for not remembering his birth. So thanks again and as always
    See you in the next video bye-bye
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