Thor Ragnarok - HISHE Review (SPOILERS)

Thor Ragnarok - HISHE Review (SPOILERS)
    Hey guys we just finished our Villain Pub episode and I just saw me some Thor Ragnarok
    SO I thought it’s about that time to do another HISHE review.. so..
    You wanna talk some THOR?
    Then Lets get to it!
    RagnaRoooooock! RagnaRoooooock!
    Thor’s come back now his hammer’s broke Gets thrown in the trash and his hair cut...
    Thor Ragnarok.
    The next chapter in the Cankled Unicorn that answers the question.
    “Hey where was thor and hulk during that whole civil war thing?
    Where they been?”
    Well it turns out while Tony and Cap were battling over Playstation Vs Xbox, Thor was
    hanging in chains on the other side of the universe and then it spirals into this whole
    giant comedy filled sci-fi adventure about the new threat, Hela, who’s come to take
    Asgard and destroy anyone who gets in her way.
    Which sounds really serious but oddly Ragnarok is a straight up comedy.
    Taika Waititi has directed one of the funniest Marvel films to date which is what will make
    you either love or hate this movie.
    It’s packed with humor throughout considering the story goes in some dark directions at
    time, but even still the tone always stays extremely light.
    So if you’re looking for some serious emotional depth then you’ve come to the wrong place.
    But if you just want to have a great time in the Cankles then Ragnarok should bring
    you loads of enjoyment.
    I thought it was extremely entertaining so I say Go Check It Out.
    It was a really fun time.
    So now that i’ve given it my endorsement… lets talk spoilers
    SPoiler Warrning Spoiler Waaaaaaaarning!
    I can’t believe Heimdall gives up his eyesight in exchange for an icecream sundae!
    I’m kidding that would be totally stupid… although I feel like we barely know who heimdall
    is so he may very well be THAT much into ice cream.
    Anyway, spoilers ahead people!
    What did you like about the movie?
    As I already said, the comedy.
    I like the new characters.
    I like the music.
    I like all de colors…
    What did you think about the story?
    The story felt just like the original Thor movie to me in that Thor gets cast down to
    an unfamiliar land, he has to live without his hammer, he meets a hot girl, he has to
    get back to asgard.
    And then he gets back to asgard and fights a family member on the rainbow bridge.
    IT’s almost the exact same movie.
    The difference is this one is REALLY funny and Hulk is in it and his hot girlfriend is
    an awesome warrior... so it’s better.
    But the parts that aren’t the same, like planet Sakkarr, with Hulk and Loki, those
    are the points where I think the movie shines.
    What did you think of the new cast?
    I liked all of the new characters for the most part.
    I liked the Grandmaster Jeff Goldblum and how he called Thor Sparkles.
    I liked Karl Urban as Skurge and how he got his two M-16s from TexAS.
    I really liked Valkyrie as the lone asgardian warrior who’s sort of
    lost faith.
    She’s also a possibly a love interest to thor.
    They give you that opportunity to maybe want that, but who knows if they'll go that direction.
    They are totally ditching all that Jane stuff which I’m actually totally fine with.
    So Bring on more Thor and Valkyrie!
    Did you like the Antler Lady Hela?
    I did and I didn’t.
    I really like Cate Blanchett so I thought she did a great job.
    I just didn’t feel like she got to be the super villain that she really deserved to be.
    I’m also not someone who knows anything about the Ragnarok comics timeline so I don’t
    know who’s being shoe horned in to this thing or who's being left out.
    So from a movies perspective Hela felt like a one time villain and I’d like her to be
    more than that.
    But I liked all of her action sequences and when she's mean, she's really mean.
    What about Loki?
    Who doesn’t like loki?
    Greesy hair sneaky trickser loki.
    He’s helping his brother while at the same time looking like he could still be up to
    his same old tricks.
    I thought he was great, and I enjoyed the few moments he and Thor shared together in
    this movie.
    Who was your favorite?
    My favorite new character is Korg Taika Waititi gets to direct and also be the
    scene stealer with his hilarious rock character.
    I found myself laughing every time he’s on screen.
    So I really hope Korg gets more screen time in the future.
    What about the hulk fight tho?
    This is my biggest complaint I have about the movie.
    Not about the hulk battle exactly, but more so with the trailers.
    I wish I could have watched this movie and this is sort of my fault for watching the
    trailers, but I wish I could have watched this movie without having any idea that Hulk
    was going to be in it.
    Everything about his reveal in the gladiator scene was completely lost for me and I remember
    thinking man this build up would be so awesome if I didn’t already know this moment was
    I know they did it to get people in the seats and it achieves it’s goal, but man these
    trailers make this movie feel a little predictable at times.
    I mean I didn’t really expect either one of them to kill the other but still I would
    have loved to have that initial scene be a real surprise.
    But I don't know how many people would have gone to this movie if they didn't know Hulk
    was going to be in it, so maybe that's just me.
    But I still absolutely enjoyed the hulk battle.
    Hulk’s character is new here as well and I really like what they’ve set up in this
    movie about the duality of hulk and banner.
    That scene where Hulk see’s black widow in the quinjet I felt was actually very sweet.
    I like that they are keeping the “sun’s getting real low” thing a part of him.
    Did you like the Dr. Strange cameo?
    I was a little disapointed in Dr. Strange being barely any more than his own credits
    scene for this move.
    They sort of hinted that he would be more important to this plot but instead he’s
    just like “allow me to help you…straight through this doorway!
    Alright thanks for coming...
    So… more Dr. Strange, Am I right?
    What else did you not like?
    You negative nancy!
    I really enjoyed the movie and I laughed a lot and had a lot of fun.
    I kind of drift back and forth on was this movie too focused on being funny or do I wish
    it was a little more serious.
    The two major moments I wish had more emotion where Odin’s death and Hela wiping out Asgard.
    These parts felt a little stiff at times and I thought they should be crucial emotional
    points, but When Odin dies there isn’t much sadness.
    This is probably because Thor’s too busy trying to figure out why the heck NOBODY ever
    mentioned there was a dangerous Sister in the family.
    Instead of being sad, Thor's like "Well THANKS ALOT FOR TELLING US NOW FRatha!
    This is News we would have liked to have known sooner!
    And Odin’s just all "sorry boys.
    Good luck with your franchise!
    So I wanted a little more emotion in that scene.
    And then as Hela begins to you know REMOVE every single character from the Thor Trilogy
    (except for Sif and Heimdall) You’d think this should be you know more shocking thing
    to see and sad.
    This is Thor’s home and these were his friends.
    That and the very last moment when Asgard is literally obliterated were the parts where
    I wished the tone allowed for a little emotion.
    But they pulled back and even made a joke out of the entire thing.
    The realistic side in me wants to be like “come on guys I mean your entire home just
    blew up right now.
    You don't have to make a joke of it the second it happens!”
    But then the other side in me is like “eh yeah it’s ok I don’t really care about
    any of that stuff either because they didn’t establish any kind of meaningful bond with
    asgard” so yeah it’s hilarious.
    So like i said I drift back and forth.
    Still like the movie.
    I just kind of wanted the characters to feel a little more emotion in the tense moments.
    But What was the point?
    The story seems to deal with troubled pasts and selfish rulers.
    Loki is pretending to be Odin on Asgard where he’s put up a statue in his own honor.
    The grandmaster rules over Sacar and says nobody can leave this place that’s all about
    my amusement.
    Hela Takes over Asgard and reveals that Asgards origins aren’t honorable either.
    Even Odin was a selfish ruler and his decisions have put them in this position to begin with.
    The only solution in the end is Revolution.
    They have to destroy the foundations and start over.
    When they learn the truth, then they move on as a new family.
    Because Asgard to is not a place it’s a people.
    Kind of a deep concept if you dive into what are they trying to say here.
    But beyond all that, overall i think the point was to be ENTERTAINING
    And that's not always a bad thing.
    Okay those are my thoughts on Thor Ragnarok I hope you enjoyed them and I hope you enjoyed
    enjoyed the movie as well.
    As always let me know what you thought about the film in the comments below because I always
    enjoy getting hear what you guys took away from the movie.
    We’re starting to work on How Ragnarok Should Have Ended so that will be happening in the
    near future.
    That’s all for now.
    Thank you guys for watching!
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    And we will see you next time!
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