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Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch

Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch
    The new area
    Fire stick tree (Abroma mollis)
    Stone blade
    stripping bark
    Fan palm
    palm fiber
    covering fire sticks with leaves
    Making hand axe
    Chopping wood for staff
    Clearing with thorn bushes
    Clearing bushes away
    Vine, useful for tying things
    Cutting saplings
    Hammering in markers for hut
    Putting in saplings
    Tying saplings at top
    door way
    frame completed
    stone flake
    Cutting frond for thatch
    100 fronds
    Splitting fronds
    tying fronds to frame with vine
    drilling hole in fire stick
    carving notch in fire stick
    stick holds base board off tinder for better air flow
    tapering spindle
    spinning fire stick
    Ember produced
    Blowing into flames
    hearth stones
    Fire keeps mosquitoes away
    Roof cap
    cutting wood for bed
    Hammer in stakes
    tie on cross beams
    Lay on boards
    Palm fiber bedding
    Fire wood stored just inside entrance
    Fire sticks on other side of entrance
    Comfortable shelter complete
    Big Bird
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