North Korea soldier makes daring defection to South Korea across JSA

North Korea soldier makes daring defection to South Korea across JSA
    A North Korean soldier defects to the South in the most unexpected way: Crossing the border
    at the heavily guarded Joint Security Area.
    As troops stationed in the frontline are believed to be handpicked for their loyalty, this could
    severely bruise the regime's military pride.
    He was shot at by men from his side, but was picked up by South Korean soldiers and was
    taken to the hospital.
    For details on the daring escape, we turn to our Kwon Jang-ho
    The Joint Security Area -- located on the border between the two Koreas
    and the only place where soldiers from the two sides stand face-to-face.
    And at three-thirty-one PM on Monda, a lone North Korean soldier ran from a guard post
    on the northern side, and crossed over the Military Demarcation Line into South Korean
    The soldier suffered from gunshot wounds to his shoulder and elbow from North Korean forces
    while defecting.
    Upon hearing the shots, South Korean soldiers raised the alarm, but the defector was not
    discovered until 25 minutes later, collapsed on the ground, 50-meters from the border and
    bleeding from his wounds.
    (Korean) Our soldiers safely retrieved the defector,
    and urgently evacuated him to hospital to treat his injuries.
    He was airlifted by a United Nations Command helicopter to Ajou University Medical Center
    in Suwon, just south of Seoul, where he underwent surgery.
    The defector is thought to be in his twenties or thirties, and wore a uniform of low rank.
    Defecting through the JSA is extremely rare, with only two previous instances in 1998 and
    South Korean authorities have reassured that there was no altercation between South and
    North Korean soldiers, but added that Seoul will remain alert to any possible provocations.
    It's been almost two months since North Korea last carried out a ballistic missile test,
    or any other provocation, and many have hoped that this signalled an easing of tensions
    on the peninsula.
    It's currently unclear what response Pyongyang will give to Monday's incident.
    Kwon Jang-ho, Arirang News.
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