Michael Flynn Might Be Ready To Flip On Trump In Russia Investigation

Michael Flynn Might Be Ready To Flip On Trump In Russia Investigation
    Signs are starting to point towards Michael Flynn, Donald Trump's former national security
    adviser who served less than a month in office earlier this year.
    Signs are pointing towards Michael Flynn working with special prosecutor Bob Mueller, possibly
    flipping and turning on Donald Trump.
    The reason this speculation began is because on Monday morning, lawyers for Michael Flynn
    were seen going into the offices of the special counsel, and last week, it was reported that
    Michael Flynn's lawyers stopped sharing information with the Trump administration with regards
    to the ongoing investigation.
    Legal experts are now saying that all of this points to a possible plea bargain on behalf
    of Michael Flynn in exchange for information about Donald Trump and his campaign's involvement
    with any foreign superpowers.
    So, here's what this could potentially mean.
    First and foremost, Michael Flynn was always one of the top targets of this investigation,
    and recently, we learned that Michael Flynn's son got roped into this as well, so a lot
    of people are saying that it's likely Michael Flynn is trying to work out a plea deal in
    order to protect his son so he might be willing to turn on Donald Trump in order to protect
    his own family.
    Admirable, but at the same time, let's not forget what these guys did, which is potentially
    collude with foreign powers in order to win an election.
    Donald Trump right now is absolutely terrified about what is happening with this investigation.
    And if you don't think he is, go look at his Twitter feed.
    He's still attacking the NFL.
    He's attacking CNN.
    He went as far on Monday as to say we should have a contest to see who's the fakest news
    and give them a fake news trophy.
    He's doing everything he can to convince the American public that there are other, bigger
    distractions that they need to be focusing on.
    Meanwhile, those of us in the real world are waiting patiently ... eh, a little impatiently,
    at this point, for this investigation to come to a head so that we see more indictments
    handed down to members of the Trump administration.
    And if Michael Flynn is indeed working with the special prosecutor's office, if they're
    trying to come up with some kind of plea deal, it is going to end very badly for Donald Trump,
    his campaign, and his family.
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