Mark Wahlberg's Kids Use Him for His Celeb Connections

Mark Wahlberg's Kids Use Him for His Celeb Connections
    -From the first film, we know
    that you are sort of the cooler of the two dads.
    -Yeah. -You and Will --
    I think it comes across in the clip, as well.
    What about -- You have children.
    You had a premiere for the film.
    Do they think it´s cool that their dad is Mark Wahlberg?
    Did they come to the premiere?
    -They did not come to the premiere.
    -Really? -They basically refused
    to come to the premiere.
    -Why -- Why did they refuse? -They were like, "Dad,
    we´ll see it whenever we see it."
    I´m like, "Come on, everybody is going to be there.
    Will´s going to be there. John Cena is going to be there."
    They had no interest.
    And, of course, Will shows up with his wife and the kids
    and they´re all in suits and dressed up and --
    But, you know, they just didn´t want to go.
    The boys were watching football.
    My daughter is on the phone, doing her thing.
    -Do they just -- Do you think it´s that they aged out
    of their dad being cool?
    Do you think your heyday of being a cool dad is over?
    -It´s been over. -Okay.
    -You know, so now I´m like,
    I don´t make a point to embarrass them,
    but I´m not going to try to hide my affection for them either.
    So, they´re like, "Dad, drop us off in the alley at the school."
    And I´m like "No. I´m going to walk you in.
    I´m getting a kiss in front of all your friends.
    And that´s it."
    But, if they need something,
    if they want to meet Drake, or they want somebody that,
    you know, they know Dad knows or can hookup...
    -Yeah. -...then they´ll say, "Oh, yeah
    Dad, we think you´re cool for five minutes."
    -Gotcha. [ Laughter ]
    So they´re not smart enough, if they want to meet Drake,
    to, like, be nice for a week leading up to the ask?
    They just -- -For a week? No.
    They´ll be nice for five minutes.
    If they don´t get what they want, when they want,
    they´re just right back to not talking to me
    or just, you know, being, you know, kids.
    But, you know, they´re kids, so I understand.
    -I´m not that -- My son is a year and a half,
    and he´s just super.
    I think he thinks I´m the coolest dude he´s ever met
    ´cause he´s only met like six dudes.
    [ Laughter ]
    -Enjoy it while it lasts.
    -Yeah, I´m going to.
    -And more importantly,
    be grateful that it´s not a girl.
    And, now, mind you, the best relationship
    that I have with my daughter --
    Daddy/daughter relationship is great,
    but when they become teenagers, something happens.
    You have no idea what to do about it,
    how to handle it.
    The hormones, the emotions.
    It´s absolute torture, so --
    I mean, watch out.
    -That´s really sweet.
    [ Laughter ]
    -Yeah, it´s sweet until it happens to you.
    And like I said, we´re cool. But you know what?
    The whole thing with the boys and all of this stuff,
    I´m just not ready for it.
    -Yeah, I gotcha.
    So, I want to ask about this because Will was here yesterday
    and I didn´t have a chance to ask him about it.
    But your assistant --
    Did your assistant get a part in the film in the end?
    -He got a part in the end, but he got cut.
    -Oh, he got cut.
    -Yeah, and he only auditioned for like one line.
    One word, really. -Okay.
    He´s yelling one word in the audience
    of the -- the improv club.
    But we made him audition to Tim Hutton´s
    most emotional scenes in "Ordinary People."
    -[ Laughs ] So wait -- -And he spent weeks and weeks
    and weeks studying these scenes, learning the lines.
    Like, he emoted in front of me and Will
    and Chris Henchy for like --
    -So you made him audition in front --
    He didn´t have to audition.
    He auditioned for you and Will and Chris Henchy.
    -We are the producers of the film.
    We basically said, "Yes. You have to do this."
    And you know what? He did a good job.
    But then they -- he didn´t --
    he did a good job in the audition,
    but maybe didn´t do a good job in the actual scene.
    -Yeah, so you had to -- -So the scene got cut.
    What can I do? But I told Tim Hutton.
    Tim Hutton and I worked on a movie after that,
    and I told him, and Tim really wanted to see the footage.
    -Oh, really? Did you show --
    -I didn´t get it in time.
    And I don´t think he would have --
    I think at first he thought we were paying homage,
    but then I think I realized
    that he might not have liked it after he saw it.
    -Wasn´t quite up to Tim´s standards.
    -Right, exactly. -Won an Oscar for that part.
    -He did win an Oscar for that part.
    I forgot that.
    Now, I also heard that -- so Will -- John Lithgow
    plays Will´s father. -Uh-huh.
    -And they have a fight scene.
    And you encourage them
    not just to go for it when you were shooting it,
    but to like actually physically go for it in rehearsal.
    -John is a method guy.
    Will is -- You know how Will -- -Yeah.
    -He´s a such sweet guy, right?
    So he doesn´t want to say anything to John.
    So, like, you know, when they had to do the first
    big, long, awkward kiss, right,
    I´m like, "Oh, that was really good.
    You guys got to do that again."
    And then I keep telling John, "Do it more often."
    Then John is doing it at rehearsals,
    he´s doing it when they´re just blocking the scene.
    And Will would never say anything,
    but I could tell he was getting annoyed.
    So I would start, you know -- It was giving me great pleasure.
    [ Laughter ] And then when they started
    doing the fight scene,
    you know, John was just, like, putting him in a headlock.
    And you could tell Will --
    ´cause, like, we did 15 takes of the first scene
    where I had to give him a heart pump
    and try to revive him.
    And he didn´t say anything
    until, like, I almost caved his chest in.
    He was like, "Maybe now that you got the hard one in,
    you do one of those soft ones.
    You probably have a soft one in you."
    So I´m like, "Okay."
    So, and then John was just torturing him.
    It was a lot of fun.
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