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Male Models Decorate Their Ideal (Gingerbread) Men

Male Models Decorate Their Ideal (Gingerbread) Men
    I swear I'm a better boyfriend
    than I am a gingerbread maker, for sure.
    I hope I am.
    (upbeat holiday music)
    Welcome to Cookie Kitchen.
    Today we're gonna be decorating gingerbread men
    in our ideal man form.
    I think I'm gonna do a spin on it,
    so it's not gonna be my ideal man, but it's more gonna be
    what happens to a man in New York City.
    I'm gonna go with a post-impressionism approach.
    You know what you're gonna do?
    No, but I think I'm just gonna use my iPhone,
    and just Google some photos.
    Okay, I was gonna be creative, but it's fine.
    Can we just start?
    - [Ian] Cool. - [Alec] Yes, okay.
    I'm gonna start with the hair.
    It's important.
    I'm gonna do an unconventional approach.
    That Friday night approach?
    This is gonna be interesting 'cause
    I've not done this in ever.
    Probably forever.
    This is actually my first time,
    we'll se how this turns out.
    I'm just gonna give you your basic Smiley Go-lucky.
    Kind of like how an ideal man should be, smiley and go-lucky
    - [Man] That's some swoosh right there.
    Yeah, you need to calm down.
    'Cause it's gonna be awesome,
    and just keep eating your cookie.
    Okay, I think I'm gonna make mine
    like an 80's exercise guy.
    Really into exercising and working out and getting sweaty.
    Why not?
    I'm still chewing on this, by the way.
    Maybe I'm gonna give mine a garland-like scarf situation.
    And I could probably cut some off and then put some
    on the neck.
    Look at me being artsy, crafty!
    I love it.
    I get really competitive when it comes to crafty things.
    Oh, it's on.
    I'm not sure is this is
    an 80's work out gingerman
    anymore, it's more like Serena Williams,
    but who wouldn't want a bite of that?
    We always end up-- We always end up competing
    Every time.
    I win.
    Let's see what happens here.
    Uhh, I shouldn't have done that, I'm not good at this.
    That's sweet.
    Oh. (bleep)
    Are you tasting everything?
    Oh yeah. (laughs)
    I'm doing more of that than I am decorating.
    I like the classic approach though.
    That's how I like my guy.
    Classic with a little bit of a edge to him.
    Hence the missing half of his face.
    You can't eat that though.
    I don't care, it's more about the look.
    You guys, I'm really nailing this, for someone
    who's never done this before, look how cute.
    I love yours.
    Told you I'd win.
    When I eat my gingerbread man,
    I'm gonna want him to taste good, so the more sugar
    the better.
    Are we doing the big reveal?
    I think the big reveal.
    Do we need a drum roll?
    (bangs table) (drum roll)
    Oh, I'm not done.
    Oh my God.
    One, two, three.
    This one's mine. This one's mine.
    My Richard Simmons inspired gingerbread man.
    I think they look cute. Cute.
    I'm kind of impressed with us.
    What happens to you after you
    enter the New York City dating pool.
    You literally get eaten alive.
    And I did Kylie Minogue.
    I definitely think I went completely tangent,
    not what I want my ideal man to be.
    I don't know about you,
    but I think was really therapeutic for me.
    Yeah, I clearly won.
    Mine isn't necessarily my ideal man, but definitely fit.
    Look at those sweatbands.
    I'd kinda still wear those today.
    I love the movement.
    'Cause you really see
    the emotional journey.
    - [Man] Oh I like yours now.
    I like the hair. (laughs)
    I know. See good ideas, right?
    See he was hatin' on my side swoop, but it's good.
    I wouldn't call that a side swoop,
    I'd call that a cinnamon roll swirl.
    Maybe that'll be my drag name.
    For popping that gingerbread man cherry, I guess,
    I feel like it was a success. Yeah.
    I think they make a really good couple.
    And mine still didn't mess up, so boom.
    I'm glad that I could be here
    for your first gingerbread experience.
    Mine's a little destroyed now, but it's all about the fun
    and the character. Mhmm.
    And I'd say there's a lot of both.
    And that's how the cookie crumbles.
    And that's how the cookie crumbles.
    That's how his cookie crumbles, mine doesn't.
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