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Late Night White House Press Briefing: What Does Paul Ryan Think About During Sex?

Late Night White House Press Briefing: What Does Paul Ryan Think About During Sex?
    -White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders
    has been holding a lot of press briefings lately,
    but I don't think all the questions
    we need answered have been asked.
    So we decided to hold another one right here, right now.
    That's right, Sarah Huckabee Sanders
    and the "Late Night" press corps are here in our studio
    and ready to go.
    So without further ado,
    it's time for the "Late Night White House Press Briefing."
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    Yes, Ms. Sanders, Ms. Sanders!
    Ms. Sanders! Yes, yes, thank you.
    Seth Meyers, "Late Night with Seth Meyers."
    Secretary Sanders, what are the most terrifying
    nine words in the English language?
    -The President will still be here in five years.
    [ Laughter and applause ]
    -Next question.
    What does Trump ask for when he goes into Supercuts?
    -Upside-down and inside-out.
    [ Laughter and applause ]
    -Secretary Sanders, did you have a nice Thanksgiving?
    -I want to share a few things that I'm thankful for.
    And I think it would be nice for you guys to do so, as well.
    -Okay. I'm thankful we can use clever editing
    to make this nightmare of an administration sound silly.
    -You're not fixing the problem.
    You're only making things worse.
    [ Laughter ]
    -That's fair.
    What did Eric Trump say
    when he showed up for Thanksgiving dinner?
    -"Happy Halloween."
    [ Laughter ] -Ah.
    Yeah. So close.
    So close.
    When was the last time someone tried to drump --
    tried to jump the White House fence,
    and who was it?
    -This afternoon, the First Lady and Barron Trump.
    [ Laughter and applause ]
    -If Melania could trade places with any person,
    who would it be?
    -All of us in this room and across this country.
    -But given her choice, what would be Melania's dream job?
    -A single mother.
    [ Laughter ]
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -If I can switch the focus
    to the Democratic party for a second,
    how did a young Bernie Sanders
    first arrive in Washington, D.C.?
    -Via horse-drawn wagon.
    [ Laughter ]
    -How often does the President lie on Twitter?
    -For the third or fourth time, just today,
    as well as 10 or 15 times
    on both Thursday and Friday of last week.
    [ Laughter and applause ]
    -How would you describe Ivanka?
    -Very basic. [ Laughter ]
    [ Audience groans ]
    What does Paul Ryan think about while he's having sex?
    -President Reagan's 1981 tax cuts.
    [ Laughter ]
    -Who's worse -- Bill Cosby or Bill O'Reilly?
    -Both Bills achieved the President's priorities.
    [ Laughter ]
    -Who do you call when Steve Bannon gets loose
    and is running around the White House?
    -The Fish and Wildlife Service.
    [ Laughter ]
    -How does the President's urologist describe Donald Trump?
    -A small business owner.
    -Well, it looks like we're out of time,
    so on behalf of the rest of the press corps, have a great night.
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