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Jim Belushi Got Arrested While Dressed as Santa Claus

Jim Belushi Got Arrested While Dressed as Santa Claus
    -Usually when I see you,
    you're either rockin' on stage or something like that
    with Danny Aykroyd -- -Oh, doing "The Blues Brothers."
    -That's right.
    Do you still do --
    -We do it all the time.
    We play corporate events, major casinos, big benefits.
    We have a ball.
    -Every single time I've seen you, it's unbelievable.
    -We're kicking and dancing and moving.
    We're soul men, baby. -The Blues Brothers!
    I know! I love it, man!
    It's the greatest. Come on. [ Cheers and applause ]
    Oh, we love you, man. It's great.
    And Dan Aykroyd's doing well? He's doing good?
    -He's doing -- [As Dan Aykroyd] Ah, Jimmy. I'm doing great.
    I'm doing great, Jimmy.
    -[As Dan Aykroyd] Jimmy, I'm doing great.
    -I can't -- I can't wait to dance with you again, Jimmy.
    -[ Laughs ] [ Normal voice ] That's what he says to you?
    -[ Normal voice ] Oh, yeah. He's like --
    You know, he's 6'4".
    He's -- You know, he's a big guy.
    -He's larger than life. I love him, man.
    -Oh, yeah.
    -Uh, well, I was talking to you backstage,
    and you were saying -- I go, "Do you love the holidays?"
    And you said, "You know, I was a Santa for a couple times."
    -I was a Santa Claus in college.
    That's how I made my money at Christmas
    to buy gifts, you know?
    -Really? -Yes, yes.
    -Like, a mall Santa?
    -Yeah, no, I did mall first. That was my warmup training.
    -That's 101. That's Santa 101.
    -Right, right. I did it turnstile.
    I don't even know the names of places.
    And then I put an ad in the paper,
    and on Christmas Eve, I would go out
    and I would play Santa in all these different houses.
    Had a schedule and everything.
    And unfortunately, I, uh -- One Christmas Eve, I, uh --
    I had a suspended license.
    -Oh, see, this is -- this is what I'm talking about.
    This is -- Again, these are Santa's helpers, you guys.
    Santa's helpers.
    Not actually Santa.
    -No, I was Santa Claus!
    -Yeah, no, I know. Yeah. Yeah. 's helper.
    -Put on a costume and a wig and a beard.
    And I was a crime rate in my town.
    I was all the statistics as a criminal.
    -You were everything, yeah. -I was everything.
    And so, they knew my vehicle.
    So, here I'm driving on Christmas Eve as Santa Claus,
    going with the bag of, you know, stuff.
    And they see my car and they pull me over.
    -Yeah. -No license.
    -Yeah. -They took me out of the car
    dressed as Santa Claus, and they cuffed me.
    -[ Laughs ] Oh, my God.
    Come on! -On the main street.
    -That is so cruel.
    -These cars are going by with kids in them going,
    [ Laughter ]
    -Santa's a criminal. He steals presents for you.
    -[ Laughing ] No, that's not true.
    -No presents for you. -That's not true.
    -Oh, it is so true.
    Those guys were so rough on me, those cops.
    -That was tough, buddy.
    Uh, let's talk about "Wonder Wheel."
    You're getting great buzz for this thing.
    Congratulations. Well-deserved.
    -Thank you.
    -You're there with some heavy hitters.
    Kate Winslet?
    -Kate. -Yeah.
    -Uh, Woody. Uh, Vittorio, the D.P.
    I mean, when I walked on the set, Jimmy, I --
    they were about 30 yards away, and I could see, like,
    a glow of Academy Awards floating.
    There's, like, five of 'em over Kate.
    Then you look at Woody,
    there's 24, you know, nominations and awards.
    And then Vittorio, there's, like, three or four.
    I mean, he -- he shot "Last Tango in Paris," this guy.
    -And I have a certificate... [ Laughter ]
    ...of and Emmy nomination... -That's what I'm talking about.
    -...for writing on "Saturday Night Live" in 1983
    that I shared with 17 other writers.
    [ Cheers and applause ] -That's what I'm talking about.
    That's what I'm talking about.
    And did you win that Emmy?
    -I did not win that Emmy! -You did not win the Emmy.
    I'm sorry about -- -It was just the certificate.
    -Just the nomination is all you really need.
    -I folded it, and I put it in my pocket.
    I put my brother, John, in this pocket,
    and my dad in this pocket.
    -That's good. -And I went...
    "How do you do? I'm Jim Belushi."
    [ Laughter ]
    -Brother, how was --
    I think there's another guy in the movie.
    I keep forgetting his name.
    -Oh, uh...
    -Justin Timberlake.
    -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That guy.
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    Yeah, he was cool, man.
    -Yeah, he's a tall drink of water.
    -He's the real thing. -He is, right?
    -Jimmy, he's the real thing, man.
    He sings, he dances, he's funny. -I know.
    -He improvises, he acts. He's terrific in this movie.
    -Yeah, he's great. -But wait until you see him
    in the shorts that he wears. -I saw.
    [ Laughter ]
    Oh, I've seen that before.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've seen him in shorts.
    -Oh. Oh.
    -It's shot so beautiful. -It is. It is beautiful.
    -How do they even make Coney Island like that? 1950s.
    -Well, it's Vittorio. I mean, he's just --
    -Just gorgeous.
    -To really risk with his lighting
    and, you know, the lighting represents
    the emotion that's going on. It's just gorgeous.
    It's really -- Jimmy, it's really a good film.
    It feels like an Arthur Miller play
    or a Tennessee Williams play.
    It is so deep, and I think it's
    the best piece I've been a part of in decades.
    I'm really proud to be in it.
    -Good for you, brother. -Yeah, it's really good.
    -Can you set up the film?
    What it's really about and how does Justin get involved?
    [ Laughter ]
    -Well, Justin opens up in his shorts,
    so he gets involved very quickly.
    -He's a lifeguard, right? -He's a lifeguard.
    -He meets Kate Winslet on the beach,
    who is very unhappy and lonely from being married to me.
    [ Laughter ] -Well, there they --
    -I don't understand that. -How does that happen?
    I don't understand, but that's -- that's what acting
    is all about, yeah. -Oh, it's all about that.
    And they have a bit of an affair.
    And then my daughter, who has been there for five years,
    she shows up, and so then the circle starts to go.
    The wonder wheel starts to spin.
    And I can't really tell you the rest of it.
    -Well, you're fantastic in it, buddy.
    And I always love when you come by here.
    -Oh, thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]
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