Everybody. Thumbs up, welcome clap it up. Welcome back to ASS
    Animal Super Squad, the greatest game of all time,
    which I made completely by myself. I'm taking all the credit for all the work that has been done.
    Why not just keep playing this ten out of ten game of all time?
    Critics are calling this the greatest acompliment(bruh)...
    accomplishment in humankind, and I would have to agree(chicken falls through logs) god damn it
    Oh I'm fine! How about that? There's many possibilities in this game, endless possibilities, oh there's a map there
    Here we go, just need the right speed and momentum.
    There it is, there it is, we got it. What is this? chumpy jumpy? There's just so many ways to go in the game
    look at that beautiful look at that front flip I
    I did it
    And we're back up on top, as we always are
    Come on little puffer, you can do this damn it
    He is getting his ass beat(chuckles). Oh no!
    Here we ar, oh wow. We're fine
    We're absolutely fine. Poor lil puffer. He dindu nothin. All right, thank God, a checkpoint
    I'm fine. I don't think I'm supposed to go there. Okay, whatever. (exoplodes), god damn it
    There it is, okay I get. I got to stand on the platform. My goal is to be
    Jacksepticeye. If I beat his score, then I know I have done a great job. Oh
    my god, I think I'm okay. Alright another checkpoint nice. Yeah, you know I might be a little biased, but these levels are well-designed man
    Look at that. Okay, we're going up to the top. Hey!, look at that.
    Great. Come on. I gotta be Jacksepticeye. I'm gonna check what score he gets later.
    Fuck, that's annoying
    Why does that keep happening! Alright, let's take and nice easy
    Nice and easy, you got a time it.
    You got a tie, you gotta time it
    You got it. You got a time it, you gotta time it
    For real how long did Jack take. There it is, there it is, he's there in two minutes 18. I'm there (realizes) oh no
    I gotta beat Jack
    That's all I care about now
    If I don't, then this game has been for nothing. I did it I did it
    Whoa what the heck?
    What is this?
    How does this even work
    Oh, it charges! I see, I see. You hold it down. wuuuooh!
    Look at that. I knew about that. I knew about that.
    I knew about that as well. I knew about everything because I made everything in the game. Let's get the checkpoint
    Charge it baby, come on!
    Maybe too much power. Maybe not
    God damn it. C'mon, I don't have enough time to fail, come on, come on
    Come on
    Come on. Oh, there's a flame there, there's a flame there everybody
    Look at that. Look at it
    Let's get the perfection everybody alright, then we go down we go yes
    Come on
    Come on
    The game, the levels are getting a lot harDEERR
    F*ck, come on, I gotta beat Jack I gotta beat Jack I gotta beat Jack come on come on come on come on
    Come on, yes, that's an unlock, you know what? I need the hovercraft, come on
    Here we go here we go here we go
    Come on, yes yes yes. HUH(inhale)
    What!? No?
    You @ssholes
    5:46 well well well I bet I bet you know he didn't even beat the level
    five (Jack- fuck my face)eleven
    (Jack - no don't fuck my face). Pewds- What the hell, I thought he was family friendly Christian
    I'd literally just clicked there, and that's what you said Jack.
    5:54, you got your beat buddy! Suck on that one Jack. Suck on how bout dat
    Jack, I didn't even try I didn't even try. Moving on, ooh there's a star level
    Jumpy jumpy oh, that's the thing we unlocked okay, let's try it what didn't then what I?
    Need to get oh it's like a I need to I need to jump on the thing - are
    You kidding me - how now I need to go back a little bit
    That's impossible oh I know how I know how oh
    I get it just ignore that
    Was easy that was easy we got corn dog everybody let's go to crystal and pipes come on
    Come on
    Easy, I gotta be Jake again, man. I got so much bag
    Look at that speed. Go home. You Irish something bad. Okay? Yes
    Look at it
    I'm pumping the speed I'm pumping the speed the hell are you smoking jacket? What happened to you you fell up?
    You fell off Jack
    Why am I so mean to Jack at him I?
    Have no reason to okay. You know why I'm starting toward a drama for the sake of promoting this game
    Wow, I really did it guys. I really man
    I can't see where I'm going. I'm sure it's I'm here now. I'm here now
    Nailed it no no no no miss no no no oh
    Yes, this machine is the best dude there it is
    Yes, we really went for realistic physics. You can tell right. It's so nice here. We go look at that boy
    Look at this boys easy excuse me excuse me can the game be a little more easy. What's happening?
    Okay right, you know what I'm gonna bet my youtube channel. Oh you thought you could make me fall down
    I'm gonna bet my youtube channel. I'm beating Jack in this game
    And I'm not even trying
    Get me out there it is
    Ladies, and I go hey look at that. That's awesome very nice
    219 what did Jack get three years
    The air and wave them like you just don't care
    3:55 well I think we know who the casual is. I want to play some of you guys maps
    These are my maps I sort by likes jungle escape got a lot of likes, so let's go with that one
    Let's see what you guys have made in the game. It's actually decent looking man. It's like well-designed and everything
    Wow, it's almost like you guys have some form of talent
    I'm really impressed you guys made this. Oh look at that. It's got a different option
    Oh my God look at that get the checkpoint and a front-flip. Thank you
    Wow, I really misjudged you guys I did. I thought you would make really bad levels bidding. These aren't up. Oh wow
    Oh, wow, oh wow oh?
    Oh my god. This is awesome. Okay here Brad
    Not again
    What is happening whoa whoa nope no no no too fast too fast. Oh
    My Oh No ever again, we did that was awesome that was so cool
    I gotta like that one. I got unlike that one man Supremes
    Rollercoaster zero deaths I'll be the judge of that
    What the heck what is this vehicle oh wow hey
    Come up
    Come up come on give me the speed mr. Puffer
    Wait what's happening? Oh my god? Oh my god. I'm fine. I'm fine ow
    Nice I do that on purpose
    Look at this oh
    Shit, we've burned up
    Ok we're almost there. We're almost there. Don't worry. We're gonna make it to the top
    No no no it's fine, I'll make it to the top don't worry about
    Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it ok
    Shut up
    I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. Don't worry about me
    This game is clearly bullshit this game has given up on me
    That what
    We're fine, we're fine, we're fine I missed the checkpoint are you kidding me?
    Fifty meters 50 meters, I just need to go 50 meters how
    And then we're done, okay come on come on
    Just put me down
    Just put me down here. Please oh, no we're still here
    Come on just
    ten meters
    Alright, we're fine
    We're fine. We're fine. We're fine. I actually did it
    Rake up gaming well done designing that level I really enjoyed it very hard level four very hard whamon
    I'll be the judge of that
    All right, what do we got huh? What did we get huh? All right?
    What did we get very easy level four very tough, man. It's what I'm getting in. I'm you know
    I'm not even gonna get the checkpoint cuz I know I don't need oh my god. Oh wow wow
    It's fun. Oh wait. It's the boat thing again. No wait what?
    I'll jump over any day son this machine is Opie nerf nerf this one you guys thought you could give me a challenge
    You guys are a bunch of wimps
    Come on. Seriously guys if you want to make a hard level all you have to do was ask ow
    That's fine
    happens to everyone
    That's fine that happens to everyone
    There's two speed
    skip the checkpoint no problem
    Look at the speed speed and momentum, baby
    Okay, I did that on purpose oh
    No, oh we're fine
    We're a little move not adjusted properly, but we're fine
    Okay the arrow says this way and the arrow didn't mine oh
    My god what in the world oh?
    My god what how long is this level dude? Oh? Oh wow ah
    Damn it
    There it is
    Like a marinated sauce that's been marinated look at that
    This is no sauce no ketchup
    just sauce
    Okay, we're here now. I don't know if I'm supposed to be okay. You know what the level got a little harder
    I'll give you that but that is this is my first try after all
    So I really appreciate all you got to land on the coop fuck fuck fuck fuck. Yep. Oh
    It's fine. I don't I don't need two propellers. No damn it
    You guys are a bunch of wham and disrespect her. I knew it. I knew it since the beginning
    Says, I knew it was a bad idea to like you guys make the levels. I knew it was a bad shit
    Oh, no, are you kidding me if you want to get good at this game? You got it?
    You gotta at least respect five times a day
    No Felix go back to the cloud go back to the cloud Kingdom there we go
    remember the key
    is weed
    fuck I
    Think I'm not gonna make it I think I'm not gonna make it and that's really fucking annoying
    Get the other clown get the other clown. Oh
    Yes, yes, it's all. Thank God. Okay, all right
    It's happening
    There it is oh
    Wow, this game is so hard guys wow so hard you really did me a challenge. I am so scared
    Come on
    Here we go
    Damn it
    There it is like a marinated sauce that's been sauced
    Am I right ladies you know what I'm talking about ladies the whamon all five of you that watch this channel really appreciate you
    Talking yes look at that scale the Swedish man skill
    Good someone to do a mountain climbing map with this
    But this one that'd be funny no I flew past the goal
    That's a fake goal isn't it oh?
    That's a fun level I enjoyed that Christian Channel everyone
    Well what what's happening I need to go down what happened to gravity man
    Wow what a great level
    Cristen channel everyone in credit wait the goal is in the middle. I see it I see it oh
    Wow, oh oh that's the trick. That's Oh
    No, yeah, we can do we can we can do it
    Look at that Christine. Channel everyone created level. You know what sir siren you get a life
    I just really want to thank you guys for all the support on the game so far it really means to live
    It's a super fun game. I think you guys are really gonna like it
    It's so fun to see especially the character creations
    I want to play more of your levels
    So please go ahead and make some make some
    Challenging one and see if you can beat me with the timing on them which I know you can't
    Because I know you're all a bunch of lowlife level scumbags who don't know how to play video games
    I'll leave a link to the description if you want to check out the game any support is highly appreciated
    The game is still in early access
    We're gonna add more and more and more, but it already has so much all the positive reviews
    Thank you to everyone that left a review on the steam page as well for taking the time and do that I really have thought
    a lot and
    Just sharing the good world of ass which is always
    Ass Thank You jacksepticeye and all the other youtubers that play the game as well so far even though you are god-awful at the game
    You know it's okay. You can't be you can't beat me you just can't but at least you trying
    Oh, that's cute that
    Is a big-ass checkpoint boy? Oh? Hell yeah, I'm bouncing haha
    Sorry, let me just finish his level
    That's awesome all right. Thank you guys. I'm leaving like I'll see you in the next one. Goodbye squad fam
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