I Got Transformed Into Cardi B | Beauty Evolution | Refinery29

I Got Transformed Into Cardi B | Beauty Evolution | Refinery29
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    I really like Cardi B because she’s not afraid to be herself.
    She’s super raw.
    She’s super honest.
    And she’s just dope.
    I’m a dancer so I learned to dance to her song called, “Forever.”
    And I was like, “This is fire.”
    I love her. She's great.
    I feel like I relate to Cardi with her goofiness.
    Everyone’s like, “Gina, you’re crazy.”
    And I’m like, “Yeah.”
    We come from the same culture so to see another Dominican woman
    make it to the top is super awesome.
    She’s the first female rapper to be Number One on the Billboard since Lauryn Hill so
    you know that was since the ‘90s.
    The look that I’m most excited about is the short blond hair with the all red outfit
    because I used to have blond curly hair.
    So it’s going to be really exciting to go back for a second.
    Alright, let’s get started.
    This look is definitely Cardi’s early days where she was more on the wild side.
    Definitely very boujee at the beach, but she was super confident.
    She still looked fire.
    There’s definitely not a lot of people who can pull off this look and Cardi B definitely
    rocked it.
    You know she was super confident and there’s not many people who can do this.
    And she definitely did.
    I like it.
    I kind of do look like her. It’s lit.
    I feel cool.
    I feel like I can see myself going to a bodega like this, like a little corner store.
    This is great.
    Her look here is definitely super glamorous.
    She got the silver smokey eye, a very neutral lip, and she just looks fabulous.
    So this is definitely a different approach than her first look.
    She changed up her hair.
    It’s long and it’s dark.
    It has more of an approach of elegance.
    I’m excited to see it.
    It looks so good.
    I kind of — it does look like her.
    It’s crazy.
    Oh my god!
    I feel like a boss.
    I just feel powerful.
    I feel super beautiful.
    I feel like a star.
    I feel like I should just lay out my own red carpet and just strut.
    I look like schmoney.
    So this last look is edgy.
    It’s sleek.
    It’s beautiful.
    This was at the BET Awards so there was no way you can miss her on the red carpet that night.
    She has this nice mauve smokey eye.
    Her contour in this is amazing.
    Her highlight is great.
    The hair is definitely different as well here.
    She has this short, straight blond hair and it just looks absolutely fantastic on her.
    I’m really excited to see this look.
    This is definitely the closest we’ve got.
    This is crazy.
    I feel super glamorous.
    It’s super sleek.
    It’s definitely super cool to see me this blond because I’ve had blond hair before,
    but definitely not like this.
    Doing all these looks has definitely been a lot of fun.
    It was a super dope experience to embody all of these three Cardi B looks just because
    she’s powerful.
    She’s influential.
    She’s just dope and I just feel really cool so it’s nice.
    Thank you guys so much for watching.
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