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How to Vlog | Master Class ft Amy Schmittauer

How to Vlog | Master Class ft Amy Schmittauer
    Having talent with vlogging is absolutely possible, if you take some
    very necessary steps in the process. In this video we're going to talk about how
    to be talented in vlogging. Hi I'm Amy from the Savvy Sexy Social channel and
    this Master Class is all about how to vlog. Today I'm going to be talking about
    three major pillars as it pertains to being talented in vlogging as a creator
    on YouTube. The first pillar is to Specialize. The core of specializing is
    really understanding who you're talking to.
    It's not about making your channel for everyone on the planet. But when you
    focus on who that person is it's very easy for you to specialize, to choose
    what your niche is going to be. What is the why that's going to make a
    subscriber? When you know what that "why" is and you're making content that
    contributes to it, be ruthless about it. No matter what happens, who wants to make
    a video with you, or what you might do for a partnership down the line - is it
    contributing to the why? Are you still making good on that promise that you
    made for your subscribers? That's what specializing is really all about and the
    sooner you wrap your mind around what that why is, the more your content is going
    to go in that direction and the viewers are gonna say "I know exactly what I need
    to come back to this channel for and I'm gonna tell all my friends about it".
    The second pillar is to Read. To read is to read the audience - not just yours, but
    pretty much anywhere. If you know exactly what you want to do (which is what
    specializing is), you can dig around the internet and see what's already
    happening in the space. Where are there holes? What are people doing and not
    doing? What could you do better? Read the industry. Find opportunities to make
    content that may not already be out there or may not be good enough. One of
    my favorite things to do is to go to a channel that looks like something that
    is very similar to what I would like to do or is speaking to a very similar
    audience and read the comments. There's so much going on, people love to share
    their opinion in YouTube comments, don't they? So why not use that to your
    advantage and see what you can learn from them. They're the viewers of
    someone else's video that you could learn something quickly and implement it
    into your vlogging plan. And the third pillar is to Practice. If you actually
    want to be good at video, at vlogging, at anything you need to do a lot of it. You
    need to practice. We know that the most important thing is hitting publish on
    content and building those archives that can help to build up that YouTube
    channel and not waiting for perfection. Because if you get real-time feedback on
    what you're doing, you're going to be astronomically better the next time
    around. So those are the three pillars of being talented in vlogging: Specialize,
    Read, Practice - SRP. Do it and you will be so much further ahead than many. How have
    you found your way and becoming more talented and vlogging? Leave that in a
    comment below and I look forward to seeing you in my next How to Vlog
    Master Class. Thanks for tuning in - bye! For more on the Creator Academy, check out
    the link in the description. Thanks for watching!
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