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How to Meet Like-minded People

How to Meet Like-minded People
    Probably - because you’re here - you’re one of those slightly unusual types. We definitely are.
    You probably like thinking more than most people.
    You probably need to spend quite a lot of time on your own.
    At parties you’re perhaps more the introvert
    You probably like a certain sort of book. Big ideas interest you.
    Superficial conversation sinks your spirits.
    As a result, not surprisingly, you’re probably also a bit isolated. It’s not that there’s
    no one at all you could spend time with. You have friends and places to go.
    It’s just that the kind of connections you crave, the deeper, more thoughtful ones, remain
    remarkably hard to find.
    There’s a lot of technology around of course: a whole lot of apps promising to hook you
    up with people.
    Maybe you’ve even tried a few.
    The problem is, to put it gently, the other people who are on them - and what they want
    to do and talk about.
    The emphasis quickly gets pretty basic. Looks are kind of paramount. There’s a feeling
    of slick superficiality.
    That’s why we decided to build our own app, an app to connect people a bit like you and
    we: the more bookish, introverted types.
    You can download it for free here - and connect in a matter of minutes.
    It’s always good watching films together - it’s going to be even nicer finally being
    able to meet and talk to one another.
    To download The School of Life app please go to the AppStore now; It's Free!
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