How the Texas church massacre victims are being remembered

How the Texas church massacre victims are being remembered
    JUDY WOODRUFF: Now: remembering those who lost their lives in a small town in Texas
    during the mass shooting earlier this week.
    Last night, we collected memories about many of the more than two dozen who died.
    Tonight, we remember the other eight victims.
    Peggy Warden stepped in front of her teenage grandson, Zachary, when the gunman opened
    "She is our hero," the boy's aunt said.
    "She saved Zachary's life."
    Robert and Karen Marshall both served in the Air Force, and met on a base in North Carolina
    more than 30 years ago.
    The deeply religious couple was visiting the �MDNM�First Baptist Church for the first
    time Sunday.
    His sister told reporters: "They had kids.
    They traveled.
    They had a love that lasted over time."
    Sixty-two-year-old Keith Braden had beaten cancer in recent years.
    His wife was also shot multiple times Sunday and hospitalized.
    "Braden was hoping to have a nice number of years left to live with his family," his brother
    told The Indianapolis Star.
    "That was taken away in an instant."
    Dennis and Sara Johnson celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary in July.
    They had been members at the First Baptist Church for more than a decade.
    Their grandchildren's cousin wrote that they were two of the kindest people you would ever
    Thirty-three-year-old Tara McNulty was at the church Sunday with her two children.
    They were wounded, but are expected to survive.
    A co-worker said McNulty was conscientious, engaging, and always willing to do the little
    And Lula White was the grandmother of the shooter's wife.
    On Facebook, the 71-year-old said her occupation was simply "do what's needed" at the First
    Baptist Church.
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