How the Right Politicized Roy Moore's Sexual Misconduct Allegations: The Daily Show

How the Right Politicized Roy Moore's Sexual Misconduct Allegations: The Daily Show
    Just a few hours ago, another Alabama woman came forward,
    saying that when she was 16, Roy Moore,
    who was the DA at the time, sexually assaulted her
    after offering her a ride home.
    Now, I don't remember what book of the Bible that's in,
    but I'm clearly not the only one who doesn't agree with this.
    Many top Republicans feel the same way.
    Pressure is mounting from within the GOP
    for Moore to drop out of the race.
    Republican senators Susan Collins of Maine
    and Orrin Hatch of Utah,
    along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,
    are now among those calling for an end to Moore's campaign.
    Do you believe these allegations to be true?
    I believe the women, yes.
    (laughs) Look at Mitch McConnell's face.
    He looks like a...
    he looks like a man who made a point
    that I agree with...
    about how we should believe the victims.
    I'm not used to this feeling.
    This is... this is weird.
    And, uh, luckily,
    as a devoted member of the Christian right
    who's been accused of horrible acts,
    he knows the one place a person can find forgiveness.
    You've got to go to a church.
    And then you take a right
    and go down two blocks to Sean Hannity's house.
    You see, Sean Hannity is a man who has a season ticket
    to the wrong side of history.
    And he brought Moore onto his radio show last Friday
    to give him a chance to defend himself.
    But, as so many young women have learned,
    if you give Roy Moore a chance,
    he's just gonna make it worse.
    I don't think I've ever heard
    someone deny their way into a confession.
    Because he was like, "Did I date underage girls?
    "No, not generally.
    "I mean, specifically, yes,
    "so what I'm saying is all the time.
    "Uh, so, if it's okay with you,
    I'll pick her up at 7:00, by which I mean 7 o'clock."
    But Republican politics
    can basically be divided into two eras.
    There's BG and AG:
    before the grab and after the grab.
    Because once they made sexual assault
    seem like a partisan issue,
    it enabled all of their party members
    to use politics as a shield for their sex crimes.
    For instance, look at Hollywood.
    Harvey Weinstein. Out.
    Kevin Spacey.
    Man, we loved your show, but out.
    Louis. Goddamn it, out.
    But if you're a Republican politician,
    then the real victim of your sexual assault is you.
    For instance,
    the real criminals are the fake news.
    I am suspicious of this because of the source,
    The Washington Post, which has a dog in this fight,
    having endorsed his opponent.
    The Post has successfully put a narrative out.
    The media has been quick to convict Judge Moore
    before ever even hearing this interview
    or his side of the story.
    You can't help thinking about the timing here.
    Yeah. Yeah, that's a really good question.
    The timing. Why are these reporters always reporting?
    Someone should investigate that.
    Huh. I would love to see someone try this one day
    as a defense in a courtroom.
    "Ladies and gentleman,
    "don't you think it's a little suspicious
    "that every time I've been arrested,
    it's been by the police?"
    (imitates Law & Order theme)
    Now, another of Roy Moore's defenders' excuses
    is that time heals all allegations.
    They're 38-year-old allegations.
    This is a... This would be a misdemeanor at the time
    under the Code of Alabama.
    But again, if, you know,
    Roy Moore had stolen a lawn mower when he was 21,
    that's bad, but that's not a reason
    50 years later to all of a sudden, you know,
    uh, throw him off the ballot
    or let Mitch McConnell pick the next senator of Alabama.
    Okay, uh...
    Look, I don't know who that guy is...
    ...but someone should check his basement.
    (cheering, applause)
    Look, if anything, if anything,
    this Roy Moore story has made it crystal clear
    that there is a group of Christians
    who only use religion when it suits them.
    "Gays. Burn in Hell.
    "Roy Moore. Forgive him, Father.
    "Hillary. Lock her up.
    "Roy Moore. Send him up to Washington,
    "turn the other cheek--
    but not, like, a gay cheek, the other cheek."
    But, look, I mean, all of that
    is pretty standard fundamentalist behavior.
    The next excuse is just straight-up gangster.
    REPORTER: Republican State Auditor Jim Zeigler
    defended Moore by invoking Jesus Christ, stating...
    That may be the greatest defense of pedophilia
    I have ever heard in my life.
    "No, no, no, wait, I'm not a creep.
    "I'm trying to make Jesus.
    There's a reason they call it the Second Coming."
    But it was probably...
    it was probably an Alabama GOP county chairman
    who summed it up best when he said,
    even if Moore was proven guilty,
    "there is no option to support the Democratic nominee."
    Because, I guess, for this part of the religious right,
    a Democrat is a mortal threat,
    and at least a pedophile will stay true to your values.
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