How I Make Money On YouTube

How I Make Money On YouTube
    - Let's get a few things straight about what I'm doing here
    because the comments are what motivates me.
    It motivates me to keep me going, the good comments.
    So back off.
    What's up, trainiac?
    Actually, you know what, I don't think this video
    is really intended for the trainiacs.
    You see, trainiacs are good folk
    and this video is more intended for the trainer haters
    that seem to have a lot of interest
    and a lot of opinions on how I make money on YouTube
    so let's clear some things up, shall we?
    So, now, over the last I would say two months,
    there's been a lot of growth in the channel
    with us going to KONA, with me going to Austin.
    We met a lot of people.
    We got a heck of a lot of new views.
    Hence, a heck of a lot of new followers.
    Awesome, very happy about it, thank you very much.
    I will preface all of this with saying
    that the vast majority of you, I would say 99%,
    are full on awesome, good, supportive trainiacs that I love
    and thank you so much.
    I appreciate you for spending your time
    watching and listening to me and PD likes it too, right P?
    He's a trainiac as well.
    But I think that what's happened
    over the course of the last few months
    is that because people haven't been around
    for as long as other followers,
    there's a lot of new people
    that maybe don't trust me a whole lot
    and there are a lot of assumptions being made
    now that there are a heck of a lot of products
    that I picked up at Interbike,
    that I picked at KONA,
    that I picked up at Austin,
    the companies with the growth
    and what they've seen over the last few months.
    They're sending me out stuff
    and I'm featuring a lot more products
    and people are being ruthless in the comments
    and making a lot of nasty troll remarks
    about how I make money,
    about how I've sold out,
    about how I'm being dishonest,
    about how I'm shoving crap down your throat.
    Well, we gotta clear some of this up, all right?
    Because you know what, it does hit me.
    Because you know what,
    while I don't respond to every single comment,
    I read every single comment
    because the comments are what motivates me.
    It motivates me to keep me going, the good comments,
    but the bad comments that really demotivate me
    and frankly make it really tough to keep going some days
    when I'm not at KONA and amongst all the excitement
    or I'm not at Austin and I can see the people,
    literally the people that come
    and introduce themselves to me,
    that is awesome and motivating,
    and the people that cheer me on from the sidelines
    and the people that cheer each other on.
    They're wearing the kit.
    That is so easy to keep wanting to make videos
    when I'm seeing that,
    but when I'm here alone in Winnipeg hammering it out,
    talking to an inanimate object of the camera
    and I can't see you all physically
    on the other side of the camera lens,
    sometimes almost all that rings in my head
    are those troll comments.
    So, let's get a few things straight
    about what I'm doing here.
    Let's talk about YouTube AdSense
    and that's a way that we make money.
    It's not a ton,
    but we do make money off of those skippable ads
    or those long 15-second ads that come before our videos.
    We have no say in what those ads are,
    but about 25 to 30% of the videos that you view
    have an ad before it.
    The rest are maybe ad blocked
    or they just don't have an ad before it
    or you skipped an ad so we don't make any money
    on the vast majority of the views that we get,
    but the ones that we do get,
    that 25 to 30% that we do make money on,
    we make somewhere around $7 to $8
    for every thousand monetized views.
    So, let's say it takes 4,000 views
    to get a thousand monetized views,
    we make about seven to eight bucks.
    On an average day,
    we'll do anywhere between about 10 and 20,000 views
    so we're talking $15 to $20 a day, thereabouts.
    Not getting rich here, folks.
    Next is affiliate commissions
    and this is through Amazon or all the gear that I've listed
    at with everything that I like
    and use and love on a day-to-day basis and I can recommend.
    If you click through any of those links
    and buy anything at the affiliate sites
    where they're linked out to,
    we make somewhere around 5% to 6% commission.
    It doesn't cost anyone anything extra,
    but we get a small commission.
    Now, on the grand scheme of things,
    I don't really remember anything significant
    that we've actually bought from affiliate revenues.
    That's how small they are.
    We have been saving up
    our affiliate commissions for five months
    and we've got a grand total of about $300 in there,
    so not a lot.
    However, when you do that, it does all add up,
    so thank you to anyone who makes a point
    of clicking through those links, okay?
    And I disclose those.
    I will say that's an affiliate link.
    It helps us out.
    I tell you how it works.
    Okay, not hiding anything.
    Next are the coaching plans
    and I talk about how this supports us a huge amount.
    Now, the coaching plans came about because people,
    dozens of people started messaging me saying,
    "Hey, can you coach me?
    "Are you a coach?
    "Will you coach me?
    "Do you have some coaching plans?"
    It's not like I came up with this master plan
    to start a YouTube channel
    and I was gonna start shoving
    coaching plans down peoples' throats
    and I was gonna make money all over the place,
    no, people started asking for coaching plans.
    It's not like I had a resource where I could say,
    "Oh, go to this coach.
    "He has excellent coaching plans
    "because I've tried all of his coaching plans
    "and I know him very well."
    No, the coach that I knew was my coach so I said,
    "Hey Coach Pat, can you make some coaching plans?"
    And we sell them for literally less than you would pay
    for a one-page printout
    on some of the other coaching plan websites.
    In the grand scheme of everything,
    the coaching plans are actually
    probably our biggest supporter.
    In a really, really big month,
    we might sell somewhere around 100 coaching plans to 150,
    but it almost always happens when there's a launch of...
    Oh, the original launch?
    That was when we sold the most coaching plans ever
    and I did for a massive discount
    really just to help everyone out
    who was willing to help me out
    and tell me what they wanted in a coaching plan.
    So not only did we price them low,
    but we sell most of them when it's 50% off
    for $45 or $49 a piece.
    So again, I'm trying to be very upfront.
    It's no secret that we're selling it for a certain amount.
    And I'm trying to do things that people really want.
    And then in line with that were Trainiac Kits.
    Everyone was asking, "Do you have shirts?
    "Do you have schweg?
    "Do you have gear?
    "Do you have a kit that you recommend?"
    Again, I didn't have a specific kit that I recommended.
    I wanted to be able to give athletes a way
    to spot each other out on the course,
    people that were followers that liked the videos,
    and they could cheer each other on
    and that's exactly what happened in Austin
    that there were two trainiacs that biked past each other
    and one of them noticed the other one in the kit
    and they actually chatted on the bike course
    for I don't know five or 10 minutes
    and then every time they past each other on the run,
    they gave each other a high five.
    I wanted just to build the community
    and the money that we make off of that is 10% of the sales
    so some people are just buying a Trainiac shirt
    for 50 bucks and we make $5.
    Some people are buying the full kit for $250
    and we make $25.
    $25 in the grand scheme of life
    does not go a very long way again,
    but we're just trying to make things
    that improve the community,
    that I know that I can put my name on,
    that I feel confident that it's good quality,
    that I like, that I would wear every single day.
    I'm not sending people to another company
    that I don't know what their customer service is.
    I have no say in what they do.
    I'm kinda just doing little bits of things here and there
    that I'm trying to build this whole community.
    Now, one time,
    I have actually done a product review for money.
    And when I did this, I was very upfront about it.
    It was for the Lifetrak HRV Tracker
    that did your heart rate variability.
    And I told people,
    "Hey, they have sponsored a series of videos here."
    And in that video, if you go back and you watch it,
    which I will link to right up there,
    you will see that I talk about the good stuff
    and I talk about the bad stuff.
    And on that, I won't say exactly how much they paid me
    because it was a contract and it's confidential,
    it was more than $100,
    it was less then $1,500 to do four videos.
    Now speaking about the bad stuff with product,
    you do not have a clue how many products I get offered,
    how many products I get sent,
    that don't make it into these videos.
    The only products that I put into these videos
    are the ones that I like, that I know, that I recommend.
    Now, the things that I've been getting
    a lot of static about lately are because I'm sharing things
    that are a little bit fringy.
    They're new, they're unproven.
    That's partly why I wanna try them out
    because if I'm just gonna do a review on
    the latest and greatest Clif Bar
    or the latest HOKA shoes, who cares?
    They're all good.
    You can go and try it in your local bike shop
    or your running store.
    The stuff that I wanna try is the stuff that is unproven
    like the Wahoo KICKR, sure.
    It's a great product, but not too many people
    have dozens of friends that have them.
    I wanna be that friend that you can say,
    "Hey Taren, how do you like it?"
    The Footbeats that I talked about yesterday.
    I was skeptical like crazy about them.
    The only reason that they made it into yesterday's video,
    the entirety of yesterday's video
    is because I've had a good experience.
    And then people get all up in my case and they're like,
    "Oh, you know the science in this is totally junk.
    "It has to be double blind placebo controlled test."
    No, how about it just makes me feel better?
    And that's all I said.
    I said that they had four peer-reviewed studies.
    I didn't say,
    "Well, because they have these four peer-reviewed studies,
    "they're scientifically proven to be phenomenal."
    No, I just said it makes me feel better
    and I talked about the science that they have, okay?
    So back off.
    And then the last thing
    is when people get on my caseload saying,
    "Hey, this has to be marked as an ad
    "even though you get it for free."
    Well, I'm gonna tell you something.
    I used to manage the social media
    and video production division
    for one of the largest tech publishers in the world
    with hundreds of millions of use a month.
    We dealt with legal teams in Canada, the United States,
    who managed IP and security and FTC regulations worldwide
    and you know what,
    I think I know a thing or two about it, okay?
    So back off.
    Now, how do I actually make money?
    Well, I make a little bit of money.
    It's like anywhere around a few thousand dollars
    between cobbling together everything around here.
    Sometimes it's selling my old gear.
    Sometimes it's YouTube AdSense.
    Sometimes it's coaching plans that people have purchased.
    But there is nowhere in here that I'm sneaking in
    little bits of money and running away to the bank I'm like,
    "Ha ha ha, did that video and the followers didn't even know
    "that I got paid."
    No siree, still Triathlon Taren is a losing proposition.
    I, Triathlon Kim, Mel who makes the videos,
    the majority of how we make this work
    is because I have a boutique social media consulting
    and content production company that's off on the side
    and we have local businesses who pay us to do that
    and that's what keeps us afloat,
    but I'm doing this partly because I've got the hope
    that it's going to turn into everyone's dream
    that I can basically do Triathlon Taren
    and I can play triathlons for a living
    and I can play on YouTube and make videos
    and live a creative life that is fulfilling
    and helps changes lives.
    And as much as the troll comments do hurt me
    and they get to me and they demotivate me,
    what keeps me going and keeps me wanting to do this
    until the point that it's all that I can do
    is when I go to a place like KONA or like Austin
    where I see trainiacs and I see them cheering each other on
    and I meet them and I take selfies with them
    and I meet the kids that watch it with their parents
    and I meet the people that have done their first race
    and I help them feel confident enough to do this
    and every single one of those cancels out
    hundreds of you troll comments.
    And that's why I do this because the life that I led
    as an investment advisor was moving papers
    from this side of the desk to that side of the desk.
    It was maybe making 7% returns as opposed to 6.5% returns
    so millionaires could be more millionaires,
    but you know what, helping change people's lives
    and empower them to be fitter, to be healthier,
    to be more risk taking, to be more confident in their life,
    this is fulfilling and you know what,
    if I've got to go and try to do things honorably
    for a year or two years and not take money
    from this company and that company and sell out
    and do things that I only believe in
    and share only the products that I believe in
    and wait until I can make a living out of this,
    that's what I'm gonna do.
    And in the meantime,
    if y'all don't like how I'm running this YouTube channel,
    you don't have to watch.
    Why do you gotta take the time to try to bring me down?
    If you really got that much time,
    start your own YouTube channel, come on.
    All right, rant over.
    We needed to talk about that.
    Thank you very much
    to the 99% of the supportive trainiacs out there.
    You are what make me wanna keep doing this.
    I appreciate it.
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